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Where the Warrior Comes In

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Where the Warrior Comes In

Posted on October 2, 2014 by talk2momz

At this moment in time, as we stand on the precipice of devolution or evolution, what does ‘pay attention’ mean to us? Our hearts seek wisdom and courage, and the justified faith that attention can bring. We came into this, so is attention the price of being born… an obligation?
At the moment I’m thinking that there sure is an obligation; an obligation an awful lot of humans seem to have forgotten. Or maybe, if I am to be kind and more accurate, attention has been and is completely conditioned and programmed out, i.e. “Here are your blinders… learn to regurgitate the opinions we give you, pay attention to the rules, and have a nice day!”
We’re subjects… trapped until we insist on seeing. When we are fitted with the blinders, what happens then? We’ll get up and go to bed, go to school and grow, train for a career, procreate, take our pills, work and die without noticing that we are more than this, and life is more than what we are programmed to settle for.
Distractions help us suppress the ‘has to be more’ conviction; the ache and yearning inside to expand, to know who we are, to be liberated and creative humans who can love… for real. We are left with a scripted life in a dream. Or maybe we’ll experience life in a bad dream called ‘pass it on’: pass on damages inflicted on us, and the indoctrination and trauma.
This is where the warrior comes in.
Sometimes I am sad for us humans; that we are so deeply bound by fear and lies with such a great task before us. I’m also convinced that this is the experience we were born for… it’s a very great war we’re in, and we came here to engage. Each one, a spark of the Divine, has something to pay attention to. We are not here to complete our lives with a minus in the ‘something gained and something given’ department.
It’s obvious we can look at the subject of paying attention in many different ways. What got me started thinking about it was a video that I watched, where a reporter asked people on the street what their thoughts were about Obama bombing ISIS in Syria. The people regurgitated what they ‘thought’, the video ended, and it was truly weird… not one flicker of light… not one paying attention. But then again, if someone had stepped up to the microphone and offered a glimmer of truth, that interview would end up on the editing room floor.
What we saw was simply entertainment, with an angle. Regarding world events, even those who have researched, listened, compared the lies and sought out the facts, may not know the full story, as the rabbit hole is probably deeper than we know. But since we’re striving to go beyond ignorance, we may be in a slightly better position to watch how things are moving, if that is what interests us.
So we pay attention to the currents of the consciousness sea; where the energy is flowing, where the spirit of truth is rising, which of the deceptions are surfacing, what is causing people to overcome the ingrained fear. It’s the movement of Spirit… we watch it and listen for the sound of truth.
I find it helpful to seek an overview; to look and listen, keeping the fear at bay while watching for the sea change. I’m anticipating one, and sometimes it seems I’m seeing one. Revolution… it comes in all forms, but when it’s authentic and not manipulated, it is an attempt to turn from the lie to the truth. The question is, can any of us help to infuse it with heart as a counterbalance to hate?
If a person doesn’t want to watch, that’s ok too. Sometimes just knowing is enough: knowing that what we humans consider reality is, in fact, a system, rightfully called a matrix, with sociopathic or megalomaniac individuals at the top. It hasn’t always been so, and it won’t always be so, but it is so now.
We don’t have to pay close attention to every contrived ‘war’ and ‘fearsome event’ if we know they’re all contrived. We can pay attention to how to make a garden grow, or how to make a bucket out of wood scraps. Or maybe we could focus on how to heal ourselves, or go into the morph, or be in more than one place at a time, or help somebody, or how to have a good laugh or melt into an embrace.
Human beings are incredible and we focus on all kinds of things, from the most degrading, harmful and devolving to the most divine, resurrecting, transforming and seemingly miraculous. Since attention is something the language says that we ‘pay’, one could call it our currency. What are we paying for?
By deciding where to put our attention are we actually creating the future? Some people say so… that through our focused attention we bring our world to us. The hardest place to get to, in a state of fear, is the exact place we need to go… the seat of our Divinity. If we go to the heart how can we possibly lose?
I’ve thought about the pay attention question a lot, as you can see, and I finally came to my number one: pay attention to Feeling. We’re looking at the ‘feel’ of a thing… sensing the vibration of energy and knowing what this ‘is’ from how it feels. Another word for it would be perception.
The things we really know for sure, we have perceived. Earlier I mentioned ‘justified faith’, which I’m sure will give some readers a shudder. “Faith is for fools,” they say. I’m not talking about religious faith. Justified faith is a deeper level of trusting Self… trusting those things we know for sure. This is our power.
When we enter this world, we are not entering into the age of enlightenment. This is the end of the age of Fear and Lies. The battle is to establish Truth and Love, and these energies have a ‘feel’… everything has a feel, and we can sense it.
What we know for sure, no matter how little that may be, is Ours. It is our Truth. Faith in our truth is justified. It is our ‘something gained and something given’. From here we grow and do our part to assist the sea change.


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