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Bill Windor's Lawless America --- Movie To Expose The Real Criminals In The Justice System

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Friday, May 18, 2012
Bill Windor's Lawless America --- Movie To Expose The Real Criminals In The Justice System

Hello John: From my understanding, it wouldn't matter if Obama was from the planet Mars, because like all the other so called presidents since the 30's have not been the presidents of this country as we have all been led and deceived to believe. More like the president of the United States Inc. The dog and pony show continues. Am I right or am I deceived as well?

Also, were you aware of Bill Windor's Lawless America, The Movie in the making by Whistle Blowers Productions?
This is starting to pick up speed with over 800 victims of legal abuse across the country scheduled to be interviewed. The horror stores are staggering and they continue to add up.

You can catch one of the Talkshoe calls on Tuesday or Thursday nights at 7PM PST listed under Lawless America 115884#

This awesome project that will expose the real criminals in todays Justus system and begin to wake America up is also in need of more funding and donations as well. Mr. Windsor's 147 day trip across the country begins next month to interview and document the stories that are coming in daily from people across the country concerning the out of control bastards who continue to plunder and destroy anyone they can under the color of law disguised in black robes, suits and ties hiding behind the illusion of respectability. I too & my family have been a victim of this insidious industry called the Justus system. The title of my story will be Judicial Murder. Another story that I mentioned about with Richard Koenig, I sent you one of his write ups will expose the truth behind the department of transportation and the corrupt racketeering operation they really are. The stories are endless and many unbelievable, but true none the less. This project needs as much exposure as possible and is one of many facets in the making leading to the paradigm shift taking place in this country and around the world.

Thanks again for listening and all your time and efforts to post the truth and Intel that you do.

Blessings, XXXXXX
Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:44 AM

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