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The 2012S Interview: Cobra Part I and Part 2

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1 The 2012S Interview: Cobra Part I and Part 2 on Fri May 18, 2012 9:59 pm


The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 1/2

While we often know the name, face, gender and other more personal details about many of those we post here and who you regularly enjoy reading – or at least who their earthly channel is – one of this year’s newest and intriguing “informants” remains a total enigma.

Since launching the blog Portal 2012 – which is subtitled The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light in 2012 – on March 31 this year, the person who identifies his or her self only as Cobra has made quite an impact.

Mostly, this has been due to Portal 2012’s intriguing content mix – which incorporates an unusual blend of informational postings for readers like you and I, as well secret codes, under titles such as Pandora and Phoenix, which Cobra maintains are designed for those who work with an organisation called the Resistance Movement, led by a man he only refers to as “Michael”.

But it has also been because, if you are like me, we’re hungry for information that will take us to, help us understand, or give us some timing for the next exciting phase of this incredible year we now find ourselves in.

Yet, apart from Cobra’s own blog postings What is Cobra? and Who Is Cobra? from the Portal 2012 blog post from April 8, 2012 and one titled Resistance Movement from April 6, 2012, which gives an explanation of the movement Cobra is associated with as their messenger (both of which, I have linked at the end of this article so you can read if you have not already done so), nothing else is publicly known or available that I know of.

For me personally, my curiosity – and quite possibly also my suspicion – is always aroused by anyone who wishes to remain completely anonymous. Sometimes it’s for a very good reason: I understand that if you’re carrying out undercover work you need to remain undercover. But having worked in journalism, marketing and PR all my working life, I’m also acutely aware that creating an air of complete mystery around someone or something can also be a wonderful method of attracting greater interest.

That said, I decided I still wanted to try and find out more about who Cobra is, what his or her motivation is and where he or she gets his or her information. Especially in light of recent postings Cobra made on the Archons, which included information – or personal musings – which differed somewhat from a wealth of previously-available information and terminology.

So, over the past week or so I’ve been in email-only contact with Cobra trying to find out more. We agreed that I could pose a series of introductory questions that would be answered, where possible, by Cobra. They were.

I have not edited any of Cobra’s responses. I’ve simply re-organised my questions and Cobra’s answers into a more cohesive flow, as our communications eventually took place by email over several different days.

Today Cobra reveals:

• He or she has assisted in negotiating the surrender of some top members of the cabal.

• His or her identity must be protected at this time due to having been threatened, physically attacked and interrogated and because people dear to Cobra have been severely tortured physically.

• Blogposts on Portal 2012 are the result of “direct (not channelled) intel from the Pleiadians, direct intel from the Resistance and from information agents” inside what he calls the “occult economy” and “alphabet agencies”.

Before you read on, I ask that, as with anything that we cannot verify, you use your own discernment. In a reading I had this week, Archangel Michael was very clear to me that it’s important to be “very discerning” with regards to the information Cobra shares in this interview and on the Portal 2012 blog.

Cobra has also stated in today’s Part 1: “I do my best to give you intel from credible sources. However, you need to check my intel (and any other intel as well) with a combination of your intuition and rational mind. This combination is key (as to) how to discern disinfo”.

Finally, for the record, I still don’t know who Cobra is, his or her gender, his or her nationality, where he or she lives, is located, or anything like that. I only know what Cobra has told me in the answers provided to my questions below.

Comments are on, should you wish to make any in regards to Cobra and/or the content of this interview.

The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 1

Part 2 will run tomorrow.

Stephen: Cobra, you came onto the scene on the last day of March 2012 with your blog Portal 2012. What were you doing prior to this and what prompted you to open your blog?

Cobra: I was basically living my life on planet Earth as any other human being does, and at the same time fighting for liberation of this planet by being involved in Special Operations. I was instructed by the Resistance in late March to open my blog to inform the general public about the coming changes.

Why that particular day, March 31, 2012, to launch your blog? Was there a significant reason?

C: It was a few days before 4-4 portal and consciousness level on the planet was getting ready to receive intel I was about to offer.

In your very first post you said, and I quote here: “We are living in extraordinary times. This is the shift of the ages. The financial system will restructure itself, the matrix will fall apart and new society will be born. Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody. This world is about to enter a totally new dimension, a new reality, an end of linear time. Are you ready? This tour is not just an introduction to preparedness… It is the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. It contains information and guidance about time around 2012 and the planetary dimensional shift, never before revealed on this planet.” What did you mean by ‘tour’? And how is your blog preparing us for this ‘tour’?

C: Tour is a metaphor for our journey from third into higher dimensions. Information is power. And I give that to people.

You have said that Cobra is the abbreviation of ‘Compression Breakthrough’, and you have explained on your blog (see link below, What is Cobra?) what this is. But why did you choose that name? As you would agree, it has a slight fear element – being both a dangerous and venomous snake; a strong Illuminati symbol if ever there was one…

C: Cobra is also a symbol for kundalini, the force of enlightenment, the force of liberation and freedom. And yes, that IS dangerous to the Illuminati. It represents a slight fear element to them and they have every reason to be afraid…

Why is it necessary to keep your own identity secret?

C: Because of my mission, I have been threatened, physically attacked and interrogated. People dear to me have been severely tortured physically. I think this is reason good enough to keep my identity secret. I will reveal who I am after the Cabal is removed. I will reveal zero details about me prior to that, period.

Are you able to tell me what nationality and/or age you are?

C: No.

You have also said that what’s important is the message not the messenger, but people still need to believe the messenger? They also like real names and surnames. Plus, we have no known history of, or with you, other than these past few weeks. So what credentials do you offer that give people some certainty that what you are a credible source and what you are saying is credible?

C: For most people this war for liberty is like a video game or a good sci-fi novel they read about on the internet. For those directly involved behind the scenes, it is very real and can be dangerous. So I will not offer any credentials. I will present intel and people will have to make their own opinion about it.

Also, asking for credentials is a trap of the mind. Many high ranking Illuminati have brilliant credentials in academia and corporate world and look what have they done to the planet.

So, why have you been chosen as the messenger?

C: First, I am a good personal friend of Michael and some other senior top level people inside the Resistance. Second, I am an expert in information war and am well suited to help with my expertise in this field to assist the final victory of the Light.

But you have said you only met “Michael” once in 1977?

C: My further involvement with Michael is classified information.

And what do you mean by ‘information war’?

C: Information war is the war between forces of light and forces of darkness in the area of intelligence /counterintelligence.

How do we know you are not disinfo? Some of what you have written about has not always lined up what others may have read previously, or think they know. Where do you get such big-picture details?

C: I do my best to give you intel from credible sources. However, you need to check my intel (and any other intel as well) with a combination of your intuition and rational mind. This combination is key (as to) how to discern disinfo. With practice you can get fairly accurate.

My sources are: direct intel from the Pleiadians, direct intel from the Resistance and my information agents with connections deep inside the occult economy and alphabet agencies.

Tell me about the name Portal 2012, why you chose it and what does it signify to you?

C: The Portal was the name of Michael’s Resistance Movement intranet website once. I chose a similar name in his honour.

Why does your blog also carry secret code? I mean, that’s a bit obvious to the dark, isn’t it?

C: It is a practical way of communicating to many Resistance operatives at once. They can get updates simply by checking my blog. Sensitive intel is of course transmitted by other means.

Dark agents will never be able to crack that code and even if they would, it would not help them much. Actually, it would make them even more afraid, because it contains intel about their own downfall.

But you also appeal to the wider public as well. So it’s a strange tightrope to be walking, serving two audienceone with very public messages; the other having a top secret purpose. Kind of an unusual mix in the one blog, don’t you think?

C: It is time for the general public to become aware of the Resistance Movement.

What can you reveal of your current or previous roles in life, be they career or otherwise, that will assist people in deciding to take your word as a credible source?

C: Nothing.

You have stated clearly that you are not a military person, so what do you do/what legitimacy do you offer to a resistance movement?

C: I am cooperating with them for years and they have vetted me thoroughly as I have excelled in some Special Operations. I have for example assisted in negotiating the surrender of some top members of the Cabal.

You have said the Resistance Movement lives in subterranean dwellings in the upper part of the earth’s crust in Himalaya, near Kongka-La in eastern Ladakh, and under Bora Bora Island and that they have constant physical contact with the Pleiadian bases in both locations. Can you tell me more?

C: The locations you just stated are for Pleiadian subterranean bases. The Resistance has its main bases underneath some larger metropolitan cities.

You have talked about “Michael” and the beginnings of the Resistance Movement in 1977. You wrote as if you were there? Were you?

C: Yes, I met Michael once in 1977 in a subterranean base below New York.

And yet you have said above that he is “a good friend”?

C: Unfortunately I cannot explain this further.

Is Michael still leading the resistance?

C: Yes.

If so, then you have been working with him and this Resistance Movement for over 35 years, is that correct? If not how long have you been involved? And how did you first become involved?

C: I am not working for them. We work together.

After that initial contact, I was not involved for many years. I am more actively involved in the last two decades. My active involvement started as Resistance offered me protection when members of the Cabal attacked me after I released some sensitive intel about them to the general public.

What work did you originally undertake with/for the Resistance Movement?

C: I cannot answer this question.

What is your role today beyond being their official contact? Are you a resistance fighter or simply their main communications medium?

C: I am not and never was involved in physical combat so technically I can not be called Resistance fighter. I am more involved in intelligence, counterintelligence, Cabal surrender negotiation and other Special Operations.

What is your communications area background? Were you involved in telecommunications? Media and PR? A journalist?

C: I cannot answer this question.

Are you also an agent or communicator within some current nation’s military force or government?

C: I am not involved in any national military or government forces, although some of my information agents have contact with that on a top senior level.

The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 2/2

2012 May 18

tags: Cobra, The Interview

Posted by Stephen Cook

The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 2/2

Since launching the blog Portal 2012 – which is subtitled The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light in 2012 – on March 31 this year, the person who identifies him or herself only as Cobra has made quite an impact. Yet, to the world at large, next to nothing is known about Cobra.

This is the second part of my 2012S interview with Cobra. I suggest you read yesterday’s Part 1 first:…ra-part-1-2/

Today Cobra reveals:

• There is a plan for Ascension, but claims that “the exact plan how this will occur is classified intel until the Cabal is removed”.

• He or she had a physical encounter with the Pleaidians and is a Pleiadian, incarnate in a human body.

• Some cabal members are already under house arrest.

• This weekend, around the eclipse of May 20, is “going to be VERY intense”.

I would like to reiterate that I have not edited any of Cobra’s responses. I have simply re-organised my questions into a more cohesive flow as our communications took place via email over several days.

Before you read on, again I ask that, as with anything that we cannot verify, please use your own discernment. In a reading I had this week, Archangel Michael was very clear to me that it’s important to be “very discerning” with regards to the information Cobra shares in this interview and on the Portal 2012 blog.

As Cobra also stated in yesterday’s Part 1: “I do my best to give you intel from credible sources. However, you need to check my intel (and any other intel as well) with a combination of your intuition and rational mind. This combination is key (as to) how to discern disinfo”.

Finally, for the record, I still do not know who Cobra is, his or her gender, what nationality, where he or she lives, is located, or anything like that. I only know what Cobra has told me in the answers provided to my questions below.

Again, comments are on, should you wish to make any in regards to Cobra and/or the content of this interview.

The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 2 of 2

Stephen: Do you call yourself a Light worker, a Light warrior or something else?

Cobra: Light worker, Light warrior, does it really matter? It matters more what I do to help liberate the planet.

Would you describe yourself as an Earth Ally?

C: Yes.

You seem to be bridging the worlds between the Galactics and the Earth Allies, would you agree?

C: Yes, very much.

And why are you able – or what aspects of your life allow you – to do this?

C: I had a physical encounter with the Pleiadians and also physical contact with the Resistance.

You have also said that you are “instructed” to post certain messages. Is it only by the Resistance Movement?

C: Resistance movement and the Pleiadians.

And are the Pleiadians the source of many of your messages?

C: Yes, some of them.

Are you Terrestrial Human or Pleiadian Human?

C: Pleiadian, incarnated in a human body.

You mentioned you would soon be carrying messages (not channelled) from the Pleiades. Can you explain this in a little more detail as to what is your personal contact with the Pleiadians

C: There is a plan for Ascension but the exact plan how this will occur is classified intel until the Cabal is removed. For this reason positive ET races give no information. This has confused most channels. They connect, they feel the positive energy of their ET contact, but no intel except for general messages comes through. Then they make up the message with their subconscious mind. This is the main reason why most channels are not reliable. A few of them are, but I am not going to say who they are.

My connection with the Pleiadians in not channeling. When the Cabal is removed, I will give intel about the Ascension plan to the general public.

You have said that Operation Pandora has nothing to do with any Microwave mind-control CIA operation. And that Operation Phoenix has nothing to do with a CIA operation in Vietnam. You mention codes for both on your website, so what are they?

C: Operation Pandora: removal of the non-physical Archons.

Operation Phoenix: still classified. About Operation Phoenix, I can say only: something beautiful is going to happen.

You have written about The Event being the moment of Compression Breakthrough and that includes, but is not limited to, the mass arrests. Can you tell me more about how these two are related?.

C: Most likely at the moment of mass arrests also all non-physical negative entities will be removed. This is the moment of removal of last darkness in the universe. A big breakthrough of Light of cosmic importance.

You have also said: “before the Event, the Source will send a pulse of Light through the Galactic Confederation and the Pleiadians will instruct the Resistance Movement to use its 300 operatives on the surface of the planet to contact the key people inside the military and law enforcement and then the operation will start.” Do you have any idea when this may occur?

C: This may occur within the Window of Opportunity. (Stephen: which is May 5 through June 6, 2012)

Surely there are more than 300 operatives for such a massive mission?

C: There are only 300 operatives of the Resistance on the surface of the planet. They will not be involved in actual arrests. This is the job of positive military and positive civil authority. Resistance is just giving assistance with intel and tactical advice.

You have also talked about the current Window of Opportunity, between May 5 and June 6, but many people are getting frustrated at waiting. What do you say to them?

C: Do not wait. Get actively involved. Spread the information. Get involved in mass meditations. Do whatever else you can.

You’ve occasionally quoted information from other commentators on the net and elsewhere and you’ve described Ben Fulford, David Wilcock and Drake as being credible sources. How do you know this?

C: I have excellent information sources that have confirmed their credibility.

How do you discern who and what is “correct” and credible? How do you know?

C: I have an excellent spiritual connection with the Source.

Why did you write your open letter this week to Drake, Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Brockbrader? What’s the story? Is there some sort of disinfo campaign against you that we do not know of?

C: There were some conflicts lately between some of those people. I just wanted to get them to talk to each other, forgive, heal and then cooperate and share resources to be more effective.

Why them – and only them? Surely they are not the only people who are attempting to get messages out and assist in the changes we are all seeking?

C: Yes, that is true. You can suggest anyone else and maybe we can include them in this discussion.

You also called on your blog for others to provide you with info. Why is that? And how do you then “know” that those sources may or may not be credible?

C: Nobody knows everything, myself included, and it never hurts to have more information and to make new meaningful connections with people.

There are stories of shootouts in Washington in recent days – not sure of their veracity – and rumours that things may move along during NATO? What do you know about these things?

C: Both stories are true. Cabal members under ”house arrest” are getting a little bit “nervous”.

This weekend (May 20th) is going to be VERY intense.

Likewise there are rumours around the G8. What do you know about the reason for moving the G8 to Camp David?

C: The Cabal is a little bit afraid to have everybody in one place. So they diversify…

Do you believe President Obama is one of the good guys?

C: I have intel about Obama but it is still confidential. Nevertheless, in the greater perspective, all this drama about Obama is not needed. Obama good guy, Obama bad guy, that doesn’t change much.

You must be aware of the discussions that have resulted from your Archons’ messages, especially your comments on the Lords of Karma and the Ascended Masters; e.g. that the Lords of Karma live on the astral plane, which would be 4D by most people’s understanding (did you not mean a higher-dimensional plane?). Also, that the Ascended Masters did not teach the laws of karma (when many believe they did). So, what do you say to those who have disputed or questioned your version of certain events such as these on your blog?

C: There are no pure Ascended Master teachings here on Earth. All teachings that supposedly come from the Ascended Masters (including all channeling) are in fact teachings of their disciples. Those disciples are NOT completely enlightened and are thus susceptible to the mind programming of the Cabal to a certain extent.

Pure Ascended Masters teaching would be an Ascended Master materializing in front of a group of people and teaching them spiritual truths. This is NOT happening, as you probably know. This will be happening only after First Contact.

Apart from sending positive thoughts and visualising the world we all want, what else can we all do to help?

C: You can spread information. You can create a network of meaningful connections with people around you.

What advice can you give to Lightworkers who’ve been waiting all their lives for this consciousness shift?

C: Actively participate in the shift. Live your dreams.

Is there anything else that you can tell me right now?

C: Light will be victorious and we are quite close to that victory.

Links to Cobra’s own Portal 2012 blog postings about him/her and the Resistance Movement:

Resistant Movement from April 6, 2012:

What is Cobra? and Who Is Cobra? from April 8, 2012 – you will need to scroll down the page a fair bit to Sunday April 8:


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Thanks angels...will repost this on to the blog tomorrow. Do you have a link to both posts>..or just one?


LadyInRed... I have added the link to part 1 at the beginning of the post so now there are links to both parts.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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