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EXOGEN RV/GCR INTEL UPDATE , 4th Oct.. 2014…It’s Coming NOW.…♥♥♥…

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EXOGEN RV/GCR INTEL UPDATE , 4th Oct.. 2014…It’s Coming NOW.…♥♥♥…

October 5, 2014
GT: So the Latest Clues (Since I left)……..
The RV/GCR will blend in the background…
But it will be there!!!
It’s Beginining to Snow……AGAIN (I’m so Tired of that DAMN SNOW)!!!
But we might Have A Charlie Brown Christmas!!!
RANGER4564: Someone is holding a strong hand.
3/4 of the derivative threats have been taken out via Shanghai.
[ Alternately – 3 of 4 banks will collapse due to derivatives risk.
We’re in the calm before the storm.
Snakes in the grass think they’re dangerous, but they are not recognizing they’re fighting the dragon.
Things in Reno have been completed.
It’s a toss up whether 800 #’s will be utilized.
Time is running out / clock is ticking.
Gold’s downward move is acceleration.
Don’t blink or you will miss the operation.
There is illusion, hypnosis and concealment in play.
It’s snowing again so it’s all good, for now.
SATURDAY INTEL UPDATE!!!!   Posted by EXOGEN on October 4, 2014 at 3:03pm
Guesses to Exogens Picture Intel:
Tbone October 4, 2014 at 3:28pm   Clues so far:
*The Chinese hold the winning poker hand, the US has been bluffing
*The algorithms are being reloaded by China,
*The parallel system is taking over
*They are implementing the GCR now, quickly
*It is the quiet before the storm
*The owners of US debt and the one who are funding the GCR have stepped in to complete the job of global reset
Aloha Leslie Either exchanges or paper work being implemented behind the scenes in Reno. Hear the sounds coming from this office. It appears as if NOTHING going on, but LOTS going on. We just don’t see it.     800# coming!!!!
awakein3d October 4, 2014 at 3:41pm
1) The winning hand is on the table (winning 21 in BlackJack) (winning 7 Dice in Craps) for the Trading Platforms
2) The pillars or columns of resistance are shattering
3) Formulas or Algorithms are running via Hong Kong
4) We are in the calm before the storm
5) The Chinese Dragon has struck like lightning; taken decisive action
6) In Reno things are being processed and administrated
7) There’s been a snake in the grass (USA)
8)  It’s “heads or tails” as to whether Plan A or Plan B is to take place; 1-800 numbers or not…
9) Time is running out; clock is ticking
Vinman October 4, 2014 at 3:45pm
The Chinese are holding the winning hand and have rolled a lucky 7 winner.
To knock down and break the derivatives market via Shanghai gold exchange.
We are in the calm before the storm.
The dragon is ready to strike.
Much work going on in Reno behind the scene.
800 numbers are a toss up whether they are issued or not.
Time is running out.
Linda (AKA L.Klempke) Are we all understanding what would happen if the derivative markets are taken down?
Pat Hennessey > Linda (AKA L.Klempke) It has to be done away with or we will never have a secure and transparent banking system. Imo
h. ken  > Linda (AKA L.Klempke) Ugly!
Linda (AKA L.Klempke) > h. ken You are more than right.
Vinman  The velocity of gold drop is increasing.
Jana Gillham > Vinman So the China Massing of gold is increasing the velocity of the drop in price forcing the mommentum of the GCR to be released?

Thanks to:

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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