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Green Hilton Agreement

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1 Green Hilton Agreement on Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:30 am


Green Hilton Agreement
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By David Crayford/Whistleblower
Dec 15, 2013 – 11:28:59 PM
[email=?subject=Green%20Hilton%20Agreement&].[/email][url= Hilton]. [/url]
Dear Candace,
Would you please post the following article which I have composed based upon being inundated with emails regarding “THE GREEN HILTON AGREEMENT”
Since Karen Hudes came on the scene talking about the GREEN HILTON AGREEMENT I have been inundated with mails from all over the world, on a constant basis requesting if I can explain what is the meaning of this AGREEMENT and why is it that Hudes, Keenan, Scott, and Wilcock are all talking about it.
I have been unable to answer all the emails because I am semi-retired and need my relaxation time, so I hope that those people whose mails have not yet been answered will forgive me in responding via RMN and Abundanthope.
The “GREEN HILTON AGREEMENT” was an agreement, not an International Treaty or Bi-lateral Treaty. The actual AGREEMENT was entered into on the Indonesian side by Mr Soewarno (Code Name – Satya Darma), Mr Chaerul Pathollah (Code Name – Suring Pati), and Ms Sarinah (Code Name – Lady of Roses) all working under a Power of Attorney issued by President Soekarno. This AGREEMENT dated 14th November 1963 was countersigned by President Soekarno on 21st February 1966.
On the American side the AGREEMENT was entered into by President John F. Kennedy, Mr Hughes Scoot, Mr Robert Huglis, Mr Anthong Brian.
Within the actual document it states, quote “And, if it is necessary to change Ownership name of the Ownership Receipt, then this Treaty the Ownership is illegal and improper according to the current law”.
There is in fact two parts to this AGREEMENT. One being the actual “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE”, the other part being the “MASTER AGREEMENT” dated October 7th 1961.
It matters not who executed this AGREEMENT, or both parts of this AGREEMENT, nor does it really matter what the dates are. What really matters is whether it is legal and whether the signatories to the AGREEMENT are legally authorised to execute such an AGREEMENT.
Let me start with the latter of the above paragraph. The main point here is that President Soekarno was only the Holder or Custodian and held no power under the Custodianship agreements entered into some years previously; to delegate power of authority to any person or party. Soekarno himself, did not hold any power of signatory rights to transfer, assign, sell, dispose, or otherwise any of the Gold or other assets under his Custodianship. He claimed the power under the fact that the original ownership documents had disappeared, or were lost.
Such documents of ownership were not lost nor had they disappeared. They were, like all other documents to such physical assets, held separate from the physical assets in depositories elsewhere in the world. Those documents of ownership are still held within a separate depository some thousands of miles away from the Swiss depositories where the Gold is held.
Soekarno was not even the person known as M1, that position was held by President Marcos of the Philippines, so Soekarno held no power whatsoever other than Holder or Custodian with exceptionally limited power. Yet he wrongly claimed ownership rights on assets that he did not own.
In respect of the America persons / parties who executed both parts of this AGREEMENT, they were nominated following the Presidential Executive Order issued by President John F. Kennedy, which ultimately led to the “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” dated 14th November 1963 and finally countersigned by President Soekarno on 21st February 1966, the other part being the “MASTER AGREEMENT” dated October 7th 1961.
The question now is whether the execution of this AGREEMENT was legal, irrespective of who executed it on the American side.
Following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963, President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President within the hotel where he was staying in Houston, Texas. The very first act of President Lyndon Johnson, again whilst he was still within the hotel in Houston, Texas, was to revoke the Presidential Executive Order issued by President Kennedy, which was the Executive Order that led to the “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” and the “MASTER AGREEMENT”. As a result of this revocation the “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” and the “MASTER AGREEMENT” became null and void.
To further confirm the Null and Void factor of this AGREEMENT, and this is something that not many people are aware of, is the fact that the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Dollar Bills had already been printed. The latter Bills were coming to the end of the printing run.
The 1 and 2 Dollar Bills had been placed into circulation. The 5, 10, and 20 Dollar Bills were ready to place into circulation.
Upon the revocation of the Executive Order issued by President Kennedy, by President Johnson, the 1 and 2 Dollar Bills already in circulation were withdrawn from the market place in their entirety. The 5, 10, and 20 Dollar Bills were never placed into circulation, as applied to the 50 and 100 Dollar Bills when the printing run had ceased. All these Notes, except for a few which were held by collectors, were destroyed.
The “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” and the “MASTER AGREEMENT” being null and void, were never recognized by the United States, nor was it ever recorded and registered as a legitimate, enforceable, and legally binding document between two countries.
Now we have a situation that America is claiming this “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” and the “MASTER AGREEMENT” is legal and is relative to who owns the Gold which was the collateral to be used behind this AGREEMENT. It was never used and remains under the ownership of the Trust, which in itself is a Trust held under Foundation Divine / Collateral Accounts, which is / are owned by the International Treasury Controller, as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter as appointed by the Nations of the World (being those empowered to appoint) on January 20th 1995.
The aforementioned appointment was made to replaced the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (America, France, United Kingdom) who had committed so much fraud within their Fifty (50) year term, the Nations of the World agreed that this term should not be extended or renewed. Instead they appointed one person to legally own, control and arbitrate all assets held under Foundation Divine / Collateral Accounts and the numerous Trusts and Foundations owned by Foundation Divine.
The main point here is that with wrongful claimed ownership of the Gold, and the revocation of the Executive Order issued by President Kennedy, the “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” and the “MASTER AGREEMENT” is not valid, and never has been recognised as a legitimate enforceable AGREEMENT, either internationally or between two countries, and therefore it holds no legal standing and is totally unenforceable in law. This is a point endorsed by the Indonesia side of the AGREEMENT wherein it states “ “And, if it is necessary to change Ownership name of the Ownership Receipt, then this Treaty the Ownership is illegal and improper according to the current law”.
I really have to ask therefore why is America, or at least Hudes, Keenan, Wilcock and Scott continuing to hinge on an AGREEMENT that does not legally exist.
America have tried everything else in the book in an attempt to claim all these assets, including theft on a grand scale, and still the real legal documentation denies them, but they are still trying, along with their additional misinformation operators, to claim ownership. In addition to this they are constantly debunking the International Treasury Controller as a fraudulent operation which of course it isn’t as it is an internationally recognized Agreement of Appointment executed by those who were empowered to execute.
On a separate, but related issue, Wolfgang Struck is NOT, I repeat NOT, the signatory to these accounts, and never has been. He probably holds an illegal document of Power of Attorney or Mandate giving him that so-called and claimed legal right, but executed by Holders / Custodians who have no power whatsoever as Holders / Custodians, as was the same situation with Soekarno; there is no legal right to assign, transfer, sell, dispose, or similar.
So again, an illegal act in an attempt to gain control over the assets of the Collateral Accounts, for whatever reason, which, having seen (and now on our records) some of the illicit agreements that surround their unlawful activities, and that includes illicit and unlawful agreements issued and executed by the World Bank, only about 10% is allocated to the world. The rest simply goes into their pockets. To hell with the people, it’s us first and they can have the leftovers, is their policy.
In simple terms, you have a substantial cash deposit account in a bank. A Third Party comes along and decides he / she will use your cash deposit account and the balance thereof, without your knowledge, as collateral to enable a Fourth Party to issued some Bonds, or certificates. Whoa boy, not legally possible and you would soon be on your bank’s doorstep if something like this was attempted ……….. WOULDN’T YOU. I would and I believe most people in this world would be exactly the same. That’s how simple this is, in a Nutshell, despite all the claims of Agreements / Treaties, assassinations, false claims, misinformation, or similar.
Finally, this leads to the RESPECTING THE RIGHTS TREATY executed in Bangkok 2003. It is an illicit Treaty derived from nothing because the “AGREEMENT – GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE” and the “MASTER AGREEMENT” is not, and never has been recognised as a legitimate enforceable AGREEMENT, either internationally or between two countries, and therefore it holds no legal standing and is totally unenforceable in law.
Furthermore, it was initiated by a person on the Indonesia side, along with his lawyers, who do not hold any legal right, and who is neither a Holder / Custodian / Signatory, but claims he is the legitimate son and heir of President Soekarno.
There are very few people in this world who have access to “Top Secret” documents / archives, of which Keenan, Hudes, Wilcock, Scott are not included in that list, yet they profess and promulgate their extensive and unquestionable knowledge on such matters. I would rather believe in fairies than listen to their diatribe.
David P. Crayford.
Candace: Karen Hudes does not support OITC…not knowing much about anything in her stuff, even posting material taken of the rumormill on the net that is not factual as fact.;read=292496 I advised somebody named Anonymous to read our OITC Thread here on AH.
Candace writes:
I Think Anonymous doesn’t know what HE/SHE is talking about at all regards the statement to David Crayford…. David Crayford is MORE than an “insider” to the OITC…I would advise Anonymous to read some material starting with the very first posting under Whistleblower/OITC In the left hand menu.
Karen replied to that:;read=292775
In Response To: Candace from Abundant Hope writes in… (igots2no)
Karen Hudes writes:
After any readers who follow your lame advice are finished getting the misinformation that you have recommended, they can find out what is really going on at:
I wrote back:;read=292790
In Response To: Karen Hudes: Response for Candace (igots2no)
Reader Candace writes:
Dear Karen,,, I have read your response to me… Could you please inform ME what lame advice I give out to readers? I don’t give out any financial advice… I do have my own resources about the global financial situation which of course includes those of the OITC but quite beyond also… I have published OITC material for a few years now and have had direct contact with those that provide the information I post from OITC and another individual in particular not part of the organization… But I am not in the position to give financial advice… I am given what I need to know on a need to know basis by those I council with… so be it.
Before you sling arrows, how about letting me know what my “misinformation” is? I don’t have any that I am aware of.
Karen Hudes wrote back:;read=292791
Dear Candace,
The readers simply have to go to
and read:
“Just listen to Karen Hudes’s video when she talks about Yamashita and the Gold / Wealth which is a complete myth.”
I don’t know whom you think you are serving with this misinformation, but I call you out for someone who is sadly misinformed at best.
I chose at the time not to write back,,, and start up another long harrange against AH and OITC… but maybe in due time..I will provide an education to her.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2014 AbundantHope – All rights reserved
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