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‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle

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‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle

Chilling image of 'Grey Lady ghost' captured in archway by couple visiting courtyard at castle claimed to be most haunted in England 

  • Dean and Amy Harper had been visiting Dudley Castle in the West Midlands 
  • Pictures from the day trip revealed ghostly image of woman dressed in grey
  • Couple believe they have captured an image of the fabled 'Grey Lady ghost' 
  • They took the picture on a mobile phone from the top of the historic castle 
  • It is said to be the spirit of a woman who died in child birth along with baby
  • Legend has it Dorothy Beaumont was denied dying wish to be buried next to her daughter
  • Local ghost hunting club describes image as 'credible' compared to others

By David Wilkes for the Daily Mail
Published: 04:45 EST, 7 October 2014  |  Updated: 18:55 EST, 7 October 2014  



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She is, without a shadow of doubt, the most famous ghost at one of Britain’s most haunted sites.
But does this murky photograph show the fabled Grey Lady of Dudley Castle or something less spooky?
The image was taken by Amy Harper, 28, on her smartphone during a visit to the castle – which dates back to 1071 – with her husband Dean, 33, and their three children.
It was only when they were back home in Birmingham that Mrs Harper took a closer look.
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‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle 1412674717197_wps_10_PIC_BY_AMY_HARPER_CATERS_

‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle 1412673822666_wps_8_PIC_BY_AMY_HARPER_CATERS_

Creepy: Dean and Amy Harper believe their picture (close up right and circled left in yellow) shows the 'Grey Lady' who has supposedly haunted Dudley Castle in the West Midlands for centuries
‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle 1412675601791_wps_3_PIC_BY_AMY_HARPER_CATERS_

The blurred close-up appears to show the outline of a woman with black hair dressed in grey robes standing next to a girl in an archway in the Sharington Range, pictured
She zoomed in on the picture, taken from the castle tower, of Sharington Range, a ruined Tudor building in the grounds.
Suddenly, she saw a hazy image of a woman in grey standing inside the arch.

‘It is really creepy,’ said Mrs Harper. ‘Dean had heard about the ghost of the Grey Lady and we think it must be her.’ The photo sparked speculation on social media that it was either the result of clever editing or had been achieved by using a special app that can implant ghoulish figures into images.
But Mrs Harper denied the suggestion, insisting: ‘To be honest I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.’
Barri Ghai, lead investigator at the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, who call themselves the UK’s leading ghosthunters, said the figure is ‘too vague and grainy’ to be a hoax.
He believes the image may be the result of ‘matrixing’, a term increasingly used among paranormal investigators to describe the human mind’s natural tendency to find something familiar in complex shapes or colours. This can cause the brain to think it can see a specific person.

‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle 1412672921671_wps_3_PIC_BY_SOFIA_BOUZIDI_CATE

Amy Harper, pictured with her children Maycey, nine, Georgie, six and Scarlett, four, captured the chilling image on her mobile phone on a day trip to Dudley Castle
Mr Ghai, whose team has appeared in television shows in the UK, US and Japan, said that in the case of the Grey Lady, the shadows and light in the arch, combined with knowledge of the ghost’s fable, make us see what we want to see.
Matrixing may also help explain why people think they can see faces or symbols, for example, in clouds or burnt into a piece of toast. But Mr Ghai said there could also be the far simpler explanation for the Grey Lady’s appearance – that someone happened to be standing in the shadows when the photo was taken.
Whatever the explanation, the photograph, which was taken in August, is only now creating a stir among ghosthunters – just in time for the Hallowe’en season.


Dudley Castle is located at Castle Hill near Dudley in the West Midlands.
Historians date the ruined castle back to the Norman Conquest of 1066 and it is thought one of the Conqueror's followers Ansculf de Picquigny built the first castle there around 1070.
His son William Fitz-Ansculf owned the castle when it was recorded at the time of the Domesday Book of 1086. The earliest castle would have been made of wood and no longer exists.
Over the centuries, the stone castle was assembled and extended. Hundreds of years later it would become a Royalist stronghold during rhe English Civil War and was besieged twice but before its surrender to Cromwell's forces in 1646.
‘Grey Lady ghost’ captured in archway at Dudley Castle 1412678639462_wps_24_AB8E2K_the_keep_at_dudley

Tourist attraction: Historians date the ruined castle back to the Norman Conquest of 1066
The castle was eventually surrendered in May 1646 and parliament ordered that it be partly demolished. The present ruined appearance of the keep results from this decision.
The bullk of the remaining habitable parts of the castle was destroyed by fire in 1750.
But by the nineteenth century, the site found a new use as a 'Romantic Ruin' and parts of the site were revamped.
In the nineteenth and early twentieth century the site was used for large events and pageants and in 1937, when the Dudley Zoo was established, the castle grounds were incorporated into the zoo.
Over the years the has gained a reputation as being one of the most haunted castles in Britain.

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