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Fireflies and Misty Autumn

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Fireflies and Misty Autumn

by Elle - Oct 13, 2014
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Fireflies and Misty Autumn Lightbody

We are at the crux of a generation, at the middle point between mass extinction and a new breed of man. The renaissance of the scholar-warriors. The relentless war and violence that has plagued the last several millennia has reached a culminating point of intelligence and intensity. It’s obvious. We are on high alert. A sense of danger and a pervasive feeling of an unknown hostility lurking amongst the fabric of our visible existence has reached the forefront of our attention. Our third eyes, craving the ethereal nectar of truth for so long, have been at work, out of hibernation, finally- sorting out the common lies of the masses from the essence of what is truly real. We’ve got the upper-hand on the machines on that one. We’re getting tired of it and we want our food. It’s getting easier, quicker, faster to see what’s going on.
We saw the bullshit, the layers, the timelines, the effects. Like an acquired skill, we quickly became aware that we were living in the Matrix, and it’s entanglements were wide and far-reaching. We felt that familiar tightening in our stomachs, our chests pressing down on us. The clunking of shackles in our shadows when we walked to work. It was in-between time. We knew, deep down, that we had been lied to.
Escaping one of it’s many tentacles just seemed to give open space for another prey to come rushing in, subduing us and seducing us into giving up that open slot of submission, so that it could feed on it for all it’s worth and then tax us for the public service it provided. So clean, calculated and sterile. Such a slow murder. If you complained or said anything about this parasitic process, there was a whole other department in the Matrix set in place to either silence you, or make you feel so weak and useless that you wouldn’t have the heart to say anything ever again.
They made common labor and work into something only sightly better than prison, and a luxury to buy out and delay death for the more privileged, enjoying a wealth of luxury and material masturbation while they developed more shiny machines to control us better. They gave us things to chase after that would eat up all our time, and keep us too preoccupied with what we were doing that we couldn’t think of doing anything else.
The reason we are at such a crux, a break-point impasse, is that earth is in a cocoon-like state right now, with the masses divided amongst themselves, each with fervent beliefs and ideologies, stopping at nothing to tear each other apart in the name of being right, or for the perverse glory of fame and status. Perhaps something as primitive as survival would usher us back into another cognitive ice-age. Would we ever be in so much danger as to slip again?
Attention spans and strong wills are dwindling down, right along with the immune systems, fertility rates and creativity. The mojo, zest, and the spontaneity of existence has been beaten out in the name of conformism and political correctness. We have forgotten too much in order to start over right, so we are at the breaking point; it’s now or never. We are facing the next mass extinction event, and it would not be statistically unsound to consider it. In fact, the only reason most of us don’t is because they don’t talk about it honestly in the media if at all, and we don’t really like to think about it.
There are many scenarios that could play out and all are imminent. As a culture, we have developed a peculiar psychological denial mechanism that has allowed us to be desensitised to these troubling facts, namely, that our time is near, while the shadow government continues it’s mass poisoning, dumbing down and reducing of the population. You do know that the elite consider most human beings as cattle, right? That means that they view people as collateral, numbers, pawns- as cattle. This must be taken into consideration when examining our geopolitical and climatic situation with a fresh perspective. Many people still buy into the old chicken broth that of some governmental helping hand is making sure everything is straight and in order and to the best of the people’s intentions. It’s a comforting thought but one that all the facts point to the contrary.  It’s not economically viable to have too many people around, especially if they’re healthy. The only thing that will allow us to stand up and take action is to realise that are at an unprecedented point in history to do something about it. That, or whatever else makes you feel alive and gets your creative juices flowing.
If you’re not up to date on all that yet, now would be a good time. It’s no use to complain, though. It’s also no use to protest, or to shout, or to self-implode. It’s even less useful to distract yourself with Facebook, Twitter and how much protein you had today, or how much weight you lifted. It’s less useful still, to keep fighting amongst yourselves, in seeing who is prettier, stronger, has better moves or more creative prose. You have one other option- one last option- you can evolve.
To survive this one, you are going to need to evolve. You will have to forget everything you were taught in school and by your teachers and peers, and learn how to rely on your heart, senses and your intuition. You will need to be able to navigate the supra-conventional environment just as well as this one, and make friends and allies with the unseen world.  You will need to build your own Nebuchadnezzar vessel, your lightbody, and you will need to nurture it daily- tend to it like a garden.
You will need to monitor the input that comes in and out of your lightbody, and develop an impeccable warrior’s will and intent on how to use it to create and navigate through this reality. There is a crack right now, a window of opportunity where you can pry yourself into the void and learn a whole lot, very quickly.  Remember, what goes in is what goes out. Be true in your words and actions, or it will come back at you. Likewise, the more good you do, the more good you receive. While you’re at it, you should get in touch with your soul, and ask it what’s going on with you and what you should be doing at this time.
The forces we will be dealing with originate far outside of space and our conceptual timelines that any idea about what you think is really going on is probably incorrect. There is no immediate need for intellectual understanding here- what you need is to develop the skill, awareness, and proper usage and employment of psychospiritual tools and allies to get you through this unscattered. There were no guarantees when you came here that you would succeed, but you had to try, and that was good enough. That is the warrior’s way.
There are many aspects and layers to existence which will come back to you in understanding and awareness- for you were born equipped to handle it all marvelously. There are many among us, the majority of the masses, who’s soul purpose on this earth wanted nothing to do with any of this. These are your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, who are either unwilling or not ready to accommodate such an energetic shift in this lifetime. This does not mean that you are higher or lower than them, but rather that they have chosen another path and convincing them to do anything otherwise would be a violation of their free will. Honor your brothers and sisters who have taken it upon themselves to live out this existence in such a far-out game as the blue-pill reality, the intracellular cognitive framework of the Matrix. They’re doing what they have to do so thank them for doing so. Theirs will be another time, another place.
A good path is simple- listen to your heart. Follow it’s non-verbal language into the terrain you want to play in, and start exploring. Don’t fear the outside world too much- it’s a temporary training ground of controlled chaos, bursting in and out of coherence. There is a saying that says the whole world may go crazy but you don’t have to. Train your will and develop an impeccable, unbending intent. Soon, though perhaps not now, you will be called upon and given more of what you need to know, often when you least expect it. Things will start making more and more sense, and the knowledge of the ancients, the preverbal, all-pervading knowledge of mankind will come to the forefront. That knowledge is already encoded in your DNA.
The split-divided malfunction of an out-of-control left-brained technocratic aristocracy should not be denied. The atomic bomb was detonated with the full knowledge of over half of the professional staff on service that it would wipe out humanity and damage our solar system and it was detonated anyway. I won’t go into what else has gone on since that time, as you can find that out for yourself. Needless to say, it was a long-con, and the spirit that Hitler once upheld lives strong in the Promethean flame of the shadow government today, and their soul-controlled puppets that we see in the every-day media, with their artificial smiles plastered upon the screens, their words all meaningless, as they regurgitate well-prepared and carefully calculated low dosages of psychic opiate, to keep the masses dull and hopeful. “1984” has already happened. “A Brave New World” has already happened. It’s now up to us to make some sense of where we’re at, and where to go from here.
Remember not to impose any change on others, for their place is a catalyst to yours and vice-versa. We need as many points of awareness as possible on all levels to keep this great self evolving and as we may derive as much benefit from simply understanding others as much as we would from any change in the outside world.
Much love,

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