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1 THE INFINITESIMAL YOU on Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:43 pm




Posted on October 15, 2014 by Ines

You will never die.
You are an immortal being of light, and you live forever in a body of light. This physical body that you temporarily inhabit is not your true home. You reside in a beautiful, radiant body of luminous spheres in multiple dimensions. You have never been born and you never die. You are ageless, without beginning or end.
Many of you at some time have identified yourself as your physical body, perishable and fleeting, subject to birth, survival, growth, change, decay and death. Without a vision of immortality, you see only the shell. Without recognizing the underlying permanence of your being, you perceive only the chains of mortal life.
Beyond the mortal boundaries of your physical form, you embody luminous vibratory bodies in multiple dimensions. This claim might seem fantastic, but it concurs with the latest research in theoretical physics. Super-string theory envisions a 10-dimensional or 11-dimensional space-time in which elementary particles are like musical notes played on a violon–“excitation modes” of inconceivably tiny elementary strings.
In other words, everything in the universe is made of vibration and light in manifold dimensions–including you. Infinitesimal elementary particles are swirling, shifting waves of colliding vibrations. These subtle elements, when broken down into their primary components, are simply pure energy. There is nothing in this cosmos with any solidity or substance whatsoever.
This light being of divine radiance and glory is your true nature, beyond the physical realm of death. You are not this body. You are not this mind. You are a magnificent being of brilliant, beauteous light–a being that never dies.
Deep within your soul is a wise sage, the source of all wisdom. This “in-house counselor” is hidden deep in the recesses of your heart. Like a treasure buried at the bottom of the sea, it can only be used when brought to the surface. You have the capacity to dive deep within, recover this treasure and open it. Only it takes faith in yourself and trust in a higher power. 

By diving into the depths of that ocean you can reclaim the “pearl of great wisdom”. It is said that this cannot be gained by gold, silver, onyx, sapphire, coral or pearls, for the price of wisdom is above rubies”. Where is such wisdom found? Where is the treasure more precious than any cargo from the seven seas? It is the chamber of jewels within your heart.
You are that treasure.
You are not alone and never have been. From your very first breath, a divine, immortal being of great light and beauty stood at the bedside of your mother, breathing vital energy into your being, kindling the very spark of life. And, when it comes time to leave this world, this radiant, eternal light-being will guide you home again.
This luminous inner divine being is all-powerful. It loves you unconditionally and is with you always. It will never leave you. This divine radiance within your soul is your own inner counselor, whom you might call your guardian angel, inner guru, higher self, divine being, inner divinity, or master-teacher within.
Nothing happens without your inner teacher’s guidance. With every step you take, every decision, every move, your resplendent inner guru is always with you, guiding you, comforting you, and bringing you peace–even when you are not consciously aware of it.
Now is the time to realize your radiant, beloved inner guru. Now is the time to open the divine effulgence within yourself. Now is the time to wake up and realize who you truly are–an everlasting powerful, vast, glorious being.
Perhaps you have already awakened to profound inner realities, or maybe you think you have not. In either case, it’s time to develop a deeper understanding of the immortal nature of your being.
Eternity is your own nature. It’s not something far away, impossible to attain, or reserved only for prophets who lived thousands of years ago. You were born to live immortal life and to walk beyond death now. You have within you a resplendent being of light that never dies. This is who you are. Trust in that and place your life in the hands of that divine master of immortality. This inner guru will guide you home again to the place of perfect peace and eternal life–your true home. When you find that treasure, never will you be alone again.
I’m sure most of you reading this already know this. So, if you know this, why do you seek answers from other people? Do you feel there is a difference between you and them? Do you think they chose the same experience as you did in this lifetime?
There is no difference between us, it’s only a matter of how aware we are about ourselves and being able to access our divine self/higher self. Why are we seeking information from others when we have the same ability to get the answers? We are not all here to experience the same, we all came here for different reasons, choosing the bodies, parents and experiences that we need to in order to evolve into higher beings. The whole purpose of our existence is to experience ALL THAT IS, all that Creator created in order for us to experience.
We arrive here at this time knowing there is a veil around Earth, many of us are being recycled through the 4th dimension Karma Lords but many of us have evolved enough to know this and avoid it, once leaving our bodies.  For a long time I believed that ALL souls had to go through the soul trap, but after several dream-time experiences I learned that the Soul knows the dangers and makes the choice of going through or not.
After analyzing my NDE, I was sure that I didn’t go through the soul trap and illusion of Karma. There was no travel, no pulling, no vortex, I wasn’t greeted by anyone, I am an old soul who has outgrown the experience of karma and went directly home to Source.
There was no surprise, no adjustment to the lights/sounds, no telepathic messages of beings or communication about karma or life and death, I simply KNEW I was home, it was familiar to me.
When I first started my journey, my search for who I was, I “followed” the gurus at the time, and this is unavoidable in the beginning, as we have nothing to compare with, no knowledge of where to start and of course these people such as Stuart Wilde, David Icke, Kryon, Barbara Marciniak each gave me some of their perspectives, but at the same time as I look back, each of these individuals came here to experience something different or maybe they are part of a soul group. The point is that each of us is having a different experience here and we can read their work or listen to them as “their” experiences and not necessarily your reality.
Remembering who we are is part of everyone’s experience, as Souls and eternal beings we have the Akash inside of us, therefore we all know the situation on this planet prior to making your contracts/experiences and we all had to agree to have our memories left behind the veil, part of our soul stays behind so it can eventually when the time is right, call all aspects of itself back. I no longer support the theory that our memories were erased with ill intention, that only happens when we choose to go through the Karma Trap.
Why? The beings that fool us into believing we must return to Earth to complete our Karmic Cycles do not force us to go back and can’t because of the Free Choice. They know they can’t do this so they create the illusion for us to agree and they also know that if a soul is aware of the illusion it can refuse to go back, and the karma lords must allow us to move on. So all of this is based on Free Will and dependent on the experience we choose.
Many of us have agreed to help at this time and timeline and participate in the Event, we had to reincarnate many many times in order to raise the frequency of the planet, we knew of the veil and that we would have to go through the Karma trap.
The veil is slowly fading/lifting, the protective grid around the planet is being dissolved, this is what Cobra is referring to, he is using different terminology so that he can look important such as the Chimera Group, but it’s the same scenario, Cobra has nothing to do with the Event, and it WILL happen but not because of the resistance movement. This will be the first time I will mention that Cobra and I share a parallel life/timeline. Cobra is a huge dragon and instead of opening portals for energy, he is opening them so other entities can get in. I started having these dreams/parallel lives with Cobra long before I knew about him and one day I came across his website and felt a familiar experience, it took me a while to fit the pieces but it is him and he is not working for humanity rather against it. Cobra isn’t aware of this, as he shifts into that timeline when is asleep, he has vague memories and communications, but he’s working for the wrong side and once we figured it out, he didn’t have the courage to tell us the truth in this reality. I’m sorry, I don’t have proof for this, other than what I have written about him before, but think about it. Why would a higher dimensional being, working with different races keep guessing and or not knowing when this EVENT is going to take place?
Going back to the beginning, we are powerful, we have all the knowledge within us, but we also chose different experiences, in order to remember and learn the truth about this reality, people such as Cobra, Kathryn E. May, Sheldon Nidle, Ben Fulford and other disinformation agents also chose their roles to contribute to our awakening.
This is why I often write: “You are where you need to be and doing exactly what you should be doing”.
You old soul must start remembering who you are rather than following and chasing someone’s else’s thoughts and ideas. It was set up that way, each one of us plays a certain role or chose a specific experience, so it makes no sense following another soul that is having their own chosen experience.
So, instead of asking yourself if information you read or listened to resonates with you, you should just think “that’s a great experience he/she is having”. You will mostly always resonate with everyone. Resonating means you are on the same frequency as they are, everyone that is doing the work for the better of humanity will resonate with you because we are Unity Consciousness, it’s my opinion that we will resonate with all good intentional people, it is only the hybrids, mixed races, blue blood, reptilians and negative ET’s, those that didn’t arrive here the same way we did, so we can’t use the method of resonating to discern. Think about it.
Remember that each one of us came here to experience something different, yet with a Unified Goal: To bring in the New Age/Event/Ascension/Soul Re-Integration, to free the planet of dark energy, to bring peace and to return to being Sovereign beings.
It’s all about Free Will, respect for one another and understanding that each human is different, has different perspectives, timelines and purpose. The reality and truth that we are looking for is in us, only we know our true purpose here so instead of “adopting” someone else’s truth, or “Taking” on someone’s beliefs, we must just thank them for sharing their experience with us.
In the About Me section, I write that the purpose of this blog is to “share” information, you must find yours and soon because we are so close to the Event, the transformation, the freedom from Slavery and bondage, the raising of our frequencies along with Gaia. Our ultimate goal and reason for being here at this moment of Gaia’s journey, we are almost home. Once we anchor into the Galactic Center, and re-position, we will transcend. We all have different names for the event, but the we can all agree that this world as we know it will end soon.

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