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Dave Schmidt Update: "The IMF, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank Have Changed Hands"

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Dave Schmidt Update: "The IMF, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank Have Changed Hands"


The Sedona Connection:  Octoberr 16th, 2014

Dave Schmidt: Great News from the Ambassador!!!  You Will Want to Listen to the 1st Hour of the Oct. 15th Radio Program Which Includes an Interview with Him!

Yesterday I had a conversation with the Ambassador and we also recorded a 7 minute interview we played on the radio program. The news was great!!!

But, we were hacked again last night for the first 50 minutes of the program.  For all who wanted to listen and could not get in, it was not the radio station.  It is obvious there are others who do not want you to hear what the Ambassador has to say.

The good news.......the Ambassador and I talk about it on the radio program, you will want to listen to the first hour.  The direct link to the program or the mp3 file is below.  I also mention the news in the enclosed new video.

In a nutshell..........the IMF has changed hands, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank are being taken over by the Dragon Family.

The US controlled cabal has gone before the World Court and been denied their request to file bankruptcy.

That means they are responsible for the indebtedness they have created.  

It also means they are being stripped of most of their funds to perform there tasks and actions to control and dominate world issues.  The Dragon Family is in the process of taking over the dominant financial institutions which is also removing the Cabal's power and control.

For over a year I have been saying there would be no RV/GCR until the Cabal was neutered, taken out of control.  That process started last week and is under way right now.

Meetings are being set up with a collation of over 120 countries to work through the logistics of changing the world banking systems.

This shift does not mean we will be exchanging our currencies immediately.  Please do not ask any dates, this is a process that takes time.

This is the first step news we have been waiting for.  The shift is happening.  I'll keep you posted with new developments.

Radio Show with Interview with the Ambassador

Click Here for AUDIO PLAYER of Radio Show:


I would like to see just one definitive article validating the Fed being scraped. Just one! I would LOVE to see this happen but I find it hard to understand how the Chinese can OWN the Fed. Reserve.



PurpleSkyz wrote:I would like to see just one definitive article validating the Fed being scraped. Just one! I would LOVE to see this happen but I find it hard to understand how the Chinese can OWN the Fed. Reserve.

Because the Chinese are the largest holder of the Fed Note(worthless Fiat money).


Not a main stream article (not that we believe them anyway) but interesting to say the least. Also this article was written Jan 2014.

China to Purchase the Federal Reserve


Thanks WTF.... I love that site. Appreciate the link.

Thanks also yman...This whole construct boggles my mind. Is there any word when this fed take over will actually happen?


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