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1 POCKET CARD NOTICE OF NON-CONSENT [vaccine] on Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:13 am




Posted on October 17, 2014 by Doreen Agostino

The bottom line is this.  Dark rulers of this planet know that human beings are powerful beyond measure. The time is now to educate instead of inoculate men and women, in order to liberate our species, and advance a new positive Earth timeline.
After reading the projected death count up to June 2016 from ebola [in the billions] I posted this comment:
As I understand, the end of this world age cycle is ‘like no other’ because the Power which gives each of us breath, awareness, and freewill a.k.a. Soul, which creates worlds, stars, planets, galaxies, and universes, is taking the human body ‘as never before’ into a new world cycle, for us to remember our original blueprint, and end the lie of separation.
In other words humans are NOT powerless we are powerful beyond measure. Rather than focus on death, focus on cooperating with one another to liberate our species from the dark matrix.
Rather than fear ebola thank it for the opportunity to know what you truly are, Consciousness unbounded in form, empowered with freewill to purify debris from the past, and make way for a new positive Earth timeline; our greater destiny!
“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” [Gospel of St. Thomas]
We are divine, we are actually creators, we are in charge of our destiny, and we need to take charge of our destiny by enacting the divine in us. Words have power, and are a way of creating what happens to us, just like in the story of Genesis.  [End of comment]
In the event of mandatory vaccination I offer the following for consideration: POCKET CARD NOTICE OF NON-CONSENT
When presenting the card to a corporate statute enforcer, be polite and courteous. Sign and date it in front of the statute enforcer and hand him/her the card. Never ever become belligerent with these corporate employees. Say very little about the contents of the card other than to state that it is a notice of non-consent to be taken under advisement. In other words the card is a lawful notice and they need to talk to their attorneys prior to proceeding.
Recommended verbiage:
“This is a notice of non-consent – to be taken under advisement.”
Repeat if necessary.
When asked by the statute enforcer if you “understand”, never say yes, because it is a trick question. They are instructed to get you to agree to “stand under” their authority and if you say yes, you are consenting to their authority and agree to abide by their corporate rules and/or regulations. In other words, you will have just verbally nullified your notice of non-consent. Also, if you are asked to sign ‘paperwork’, it is most likely not in your best interest. So, either refuse to sign or write “under duress” above your signature and “gave officer notice of non-consent” under your signature.
After reading the NOTICE and the accompanying information, it will become more apparent that the pocket card NOTICE of non-consent can be written without reference to vaccines and used for other encounters with statute enforcers.
This is a notice of non-consent.

  1. Laws passed by the STATE OF, COUNTY & MUNICIPAL corporations are for

(non-human) legal “persons” . . . not for flesh and blood men and women – unless we consent or agree to contract!

[*]Executive Orders written by the President of the corporate UNITED STATES only have authority over the UNITED STATES corporation (and its employees)located in the 10 mile square of Washington, D.C. – unless we consent or agree to contract!

[*]No agency of the corporate government network can be “granted” authority to deprive living men and women of their human unalienable rights – without our written consent or willingness to contract!

[*]Enforcement of corporate statutes, rules, regulations or Executive Orders by law enforcement officers – without full disclosure and written consent – are unlawful and these officers can be held personally liable for their actions. [Supreme Court: Bond v. UNITED STATES 529 US 334 (2000)]

[*]Those who produce vaccines have been given immunity from liability should their products cause illness, injury or even death. [Supreme Court: Bruesewitz v. Wyeth (2011)] The manufacturers no longer warrant them as either safe or effective. Therefore, if vaccines are forced onto men, women or children – without their written consent – the enforcement ‘officer’ will be personally liable for any illness or injury the unwarranted unsafe vaccine may cause.

“. . . a vague law is a violation of due process because the law does not provide fair warning of a prohibition and fails to set standards for enforcement that would govern the exercise of the police power.” 
I do not consent to your request. I do not wish to contract.

Signature: first and last name Date

Witness (if available) Signature: first and last name Date

- Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal – Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent -
This notice of non-consent should be taken under advisement.
I asked someone to help create a similar NOTICE of Non-consent card for Canadians to self empower. If you  can help please email me at
You may wish to share the NOTICE of Non-consent card information with people in other countries so they can create their own card and self empower.
Learn more and please share
Thank you!
Doreen Agostino

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