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1 ASK, LET GO, LET THE UNIVERSE PROVIDE on Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:43 pm




Posted on October 24, 2014 by Ines

“Ask, let go, let the Universe Provide is a “lightworker” ideology/philosophy.
I often read about these supposedly coming “prosperity” programs and how they were either designed for lightworkers or that once these funds were released they were to be distributed throughout the Lightworker community first because they are in need, yet there is no central organisation or place where all these so called Lightworkers can gather and ‘register’ for these funds. How can this so called God or Creator; judge who needs what sooner or better? What kind of entity is this that defines the difference between one human and another?
I have also read many comments or heard on radio programs how many people calling themselves lightworkers are saying their financial situations are bad, they are in dire straits and some even on the verge of being homeless. You would think that being a lightworker means going without but to be fair about that statement, I have yet to read from a lightworker that they have abundance in their lives, as if being a lightworker requires some sort of sacrifice or it’s just a given that if you’re a lightworker you must go without to give to others. How unselfish and contradictory when it comes to taking care of yourself first.
Most of you reading this blog know that I’m not into lightworkers and spiritual hierarchies, but a few days ago a reader insisted that I was one and couldn’t do anything about it.
For starters, I can’t be a lightworker because I live in abundance, so therefore, it’s not possible. Abundance means that I have what I need, that my daily needs are met. In Croatia, we eat a lot of bread, actually we can’t eat a meal without bread, so the Christian/Catholic prayer “Our father…..give us this day our daily bread”actually means something, but my point is that my household requires 1 loaf of bread daily. Now, if I get 2 loaves, is that abundance? No, that’s wastefulness so having my 1 loaf of  daily bread is abundance for me. I lack nothing and when I need, it arrives.
Isn’t this a huge contradiction to the so called lightworker complaining about not having; I don’t  consider to be one yet have plenty?
Do you lightworker avoid negative situations?
According to; a lightworker is “anyone dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and others. This being is called a lightworker and is an evolutionary step toward a state of “lightbeing”. It also claims that “everyone”is a lightworker whether they know it at all. Just as truth is truth, whether anyone knows it or not.
I beg to differ on this. Truth is not truth even if you know it or not. Your truth sits in front of you, you see it, experience it, therefore, you know your truth, it you don’t know it then it’s not truth, if you don’t experience it, it’s not your truth. Being a lightworker and not knowing about it is the same as being a murderer and not knowing about it. This statement above makes no sense, it just further confuses the reader creating a “you discern for yourself” thought process.
According to; “The title of “Lightworkers” can only be taken by the conscious choice of each individual and is defined as “carrying light to Planet Earth”.  So here it states that you consciously choose to be a lightworker. which is it folks?
Lightworkers claim they are fighting the dark or Team Dark. Lightworkers live in a dark versus light duality, you’re either light or your dark, if you’re kind, good and are of service to others then you must be a lightworker.
Well, this is utter bullshit. Does being a lightworker  make you feel special? Just because you’ve chosen a spiritual path towards self-awareness doesn’t make you enlightened., the term “Lightworker”is an invented term in the New Cage movement to set you  up believing that if you are aware of your awareness that you were probably ‘ordained’as a Lightworker before coming here.
These people that call themselves ‘lightworkers’  see their sacrifice and suffering as just another ‘requirement’to serve the dark and play with them because the light and dark are actually the same group, so you play out the suffering Christ, as he apparently healed, helped and fed others while being poor himself or free of material possessions.
Are you feeling superior because you feel you’re an advanced soul or because you’re more spiritually awake than others? Are you then trying to tell me you are not equal to me?
It’s odd that without any large scale obvious ‘organisation’ or leaders there arises in many corners of the world people whom all hold to very similar attitudes and aspirations calling themselves lightworkers.  There are literally hundreds of groups/organizations, thousands of websites consisting of lightworkers yet not ONE organization for ALL.
Each website or group defines a Lightworker differently, you either are but don’t know it, you’re either good and therefore must be or you must choose consciously to be one. Now that is confusing, don’t you think?
Talk about non-unity consciousness, you who call yourselves Lightworkers can’t even agree on your role or job description never mind “duties” and lets not mention that very few of these groups even use the term Unity-Consciousness. The main words are violet flame, ascension, unconditional love, blessings and prosperity programs.
If you’re not unified then you’re fractured right?
The lightwork, healing, spiritual, new age presentations/messages are sinking in gross, blatant and entirely obvious contradictions which are continuously ignored, not acknowledged and certainly not discussed because the whole movement is fragmented.
Many of these self-proclaimed Lightworkers, spiritual healers, masters, channelers out there presenting black against white, light against dark, good against evil, us against them without it actually sinking in that this stance is called polarization and is a complete contradiction to Unity-Consciousness, all being ONE.
I noticed that that primary contradictions presented by many whom consider themselves as lightworkers, is the idea that they have a greater ‘awareness’while oddly this ‘greater’ awareness doesn’t notice the basic contradictions that are often presented in the new age material itself. This is unfortunate because it indicates that their beliefs, ideas, understandings and facts don’t actually ‘really’ reflect how they imagine reality to be.
They fight the dark but run/ignore it because it’s negative energy. They separate themselves as light while claiming they promote mass awareness or consciousness while claiming we are all ONE. If we are all ONE, there is no light or dark, no good or bad, there is only ONE-Unity Consciousness.
One group of lightworkers define the “council of nine’ as a wonderful set of spiritual beings while another group will say they are demons whose aim is to control humanity.
How does hijacking a plane filled with people and taking them to Hollow Earth and not disclosing this fact to humanity or at the very least their families, justify this act as an act of supreme love? They (Ashtar and Sananda) claim they cannot disclose this yet because humanity is not ready for it. Well, did these lightworkers that actually believe this bullshit ask Sananda how long they intend on holding them? Well, Kathryn E. May’s father god says: “Don’t worry about them, they are having a grand time in higher dimensions”.
I haven’t heard any of the Lightworkers say yay or nay about this? Why the silence? Why are you afraid to voice your trust or mistrust about this very important issue you are being totally brainwashed with?  By staying silent they are actually approving of the kidnapping if you can actually even accept that story.
Lightworkers run from negativity and live in fear of lowering their frequencies. Silly people, don’t they know they/WE ARE the Light and none of us need to work on raising our frequencies, but they are taught (they actually believe this) that in order to get to Heaven (Ascend) they must meditate and stay away from things/people that might lower their frequencies.
Do not call me a lightworker, it’s an insult to my Light, the Divine Light that we ALL are ; and it doesn’t need names or terms to “separate”us from the opposite.
I can’t be sure who coined the phrase “lightworker”but have read on several forums Doreen Virtue created the avatar in her book published in 1997 The Lightworker.
Doreen Virtue defines a lightworker: “If you feel called to heal others, want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems; believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation; feel compelled to write; teach, or counsel others; and know that you are here for a higher purpose”.
I have all the qualities listed above, but that doesn’t make me anything, other than a human desiring to learn and become better at being human, those are innate qualities of all humans  that strive to use this life as a learning place or an experience. The qualities above really define the ideal human and if we strived towards them we would not be in the condition we are today. But this can also be transcribed as if you like playing with fire that means you’re a fireman, or if you like placing bandages on wounds that makes you a doctor.  It doesn’t mean anything actually, it is just someone else’s interpretation of what a lightworker is, a term, nothing more or less.
These are the facts, do your own research: “Lightworkers are not unified, in fact they are very fragmented with different ideals and philosophies. They support duality of light and dark, good and evil, which is the opposite of Unity Consciousness. In order for anyone to take this group seriously they need to work towards unified goals, unified ideals, unified job descriptions and purpose to achieve Unity consciousness.
In our current timeline, all governments, countries, religions, races are fractured, lightworkers are fractured, they are a product of the New Cage movement/dogma of light versus dark, a system that actually fragments instead of unifies.
If you consider yourself to be a lightworker, you shouldn’t be poor and destitute. If you’re in tune with the Universal Energy then you know that believing what you want will give it to you, believing in abundance creates abundance as your divine right. To be of divine light means attracting all that is good in your life. What goes around comes around, you attract what you believe and you don’t need to be a “coined phrase”to help others, it is our duty as humanity and instinctual qualities to give, share and emanate light, that divine light within us that we all carry. You don’t need to call yourself anything to be of service to others.
Some channeled entity that invaded/violated another being claimed that we made agreements to be lightworkers before we got here. I never heard of such bullshit in my life. It’s no wonder you’re living in poverty consciousness and waiting for the prosperity packages so you can “relax” and use that money to help others. Since when does money define who you are and what you can do to help others? giving doesn’t make you poor, giving creates even more abundance in your life, I know this because I experience this everyday. Your false belief of being something you’re not blocks your energies from receiving, it’s another trap by those that don’t want you to wake up and figure out who you are.
Some of you reading this may not like this post, but there is nothing outside yourself that will give you answers or improve your life or give you answers. You are Divine from Source, created in LOVE, period.
Why would you want to be anything else when you already are ALL that you are?

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