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1 SEPARATION IS KILLING US on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:10 am




Posted on October 29, 2014 by Ines

What is the opposite of Unity consciousness? It’s dis-unity is it not? Is that not the same as separation? What part of our current lives are experiencing togetherness?
The master plan; put into place thousands of years ago to divide and conquer almost worked. Almost means that we are and have come to the crossroads. We have to choose very soon whether we take Unity Street or Dis-unity Boulevard and there is not much time left.
The fake channelers and gurus have kept many people from moving forward, what a shame but at the same time we should thank them I suppose for nothing ever materialized from their predictions. The recent events exposing various fraudulent and dis-empowering agents of separation proves how penetrable these agents have become, infiltrating various movements or creating them to represent divine togetherness, creating new movements to mislead people into believing love and light will solve all of our problems.
Kathryn E. May needed 3 years to realize the messages she was receiving were not credible and as a result, people that have been supporting her and her heavenly crew have put their lives on hold waiting for something to happen.
Zorra from Hollow Earth Agartha has been talking about his beautiful home and yet nothing has changed, years later he’s still reminiscing about his childhood.
Many of us are fragmented because we can’t even agree on what we want. What do we all want? Money and financial freedom; or membership to the Galactic Federation; or do we want freedom from slavery? How about Peace, don’t we all want Peace?
Let’s not judge the humans used to channel messages to humanity. Some are honest and good, some are disinformation agents, some are just ego based and would give anything to be the center of attention regardless of what they were spewing out.
Let’s just for one moment ‘assume’ they are good people with good intentions. Assuming this, have these messages unified us? Have they freed us from slavery? Have they taught us how to achieve our dreams?
No is the answer to all of the above! How many years have you wasted reading or listening to these messages, feeling special, feeling loved, feeling great that you belong to a group of like minded people, waiting on hopes of prosperity, Ascension, meeting your so called twin flame, entering Agartha and healing chambers?
Did the messages propel you to protest to your respective governments to stop arming Israel for killing Palestinians? I’m talking to you Americans; since you make up 80% of my readership. What have you done to help peace in Palestine? What are doing to stop your government from invading every country on this planet, creating chaos and murdering innocent women and children? What have you done to stop feeding the war machine with purchases of things you don’t need?
How are these channelers contributing towards Unity Consciousness when each carries different messages and not ONE is asking you to take responsibility for your condition by going out into the streets and demanding our respective governments to stop getting involved in wars.  These entities convince you that the CABAL is the one to blame, they are the bad guys and some invisible white hats, angels, lightworkers, resistance movements are going to beat them at their game. By doing this, they are disabling you from acting on anything, they are not empowering you to do something. They want you to meditate, surround yourself with the violet flame, avoid negative things at all costs and deny you your responsibility for contributing to this madness we are in.
You might say: “what good will it do me to protest my government when they don’t listen let alone change anything”?
You are so wrong my friend, you are in denial and delusional if you think that way.
When people of Ferguson started protesting and demanding about the killing of Michael Brown, the rest of the world found out there was a police state in the U.S, they found out and joined Ferguson in protesting against police brutality.
It informed many of us to the police state the US has become, it motivated us to blog about it, so do not tell me protesting doesn’t accomplish anything.
We take it for granted that when we are traveling and get to a border we must show identification and pass requirements in order to be allowed to enter another country. Imagine, our planet that was created for humanity and we have to pay to live on it, we have to ask for permission to travel?
We are separated by languages, skin color, religion, borders, countries, customs, every aspect of our lives are fragmented, how do we expect to achieve anything when our separation is so deep?
The crossroads give us two choices: Continuation of our slave race or freedom. Make no mistake, the Unity Street option is not paved and we are not wearing shoes. We will get cuts and burns, blisters and infections down that road, but it won’t kill us. We will grow callouses on our feet, they will become more resilient and we will be able to withstand and break through all the obstacles that will be put in our way.
We don’t have any options, many of you are waking up to the reality that WE are the ones WE have been waiting for. But in order to change our condition we have to actively participate in the change, we have to stand up and claim our own sovereignty together; not in groups that creates more disunity. We must join together for the common goal of Peace. Everything we do from today is towards Peace.
The people used to channel messages are also slowly realizing their assess are full of bed sores and they’ve gained a lot of weight sitting around too long. Those that follow them blindly are realizing that nothing has changed outside themselves.
Sure, you may feel powerful, special, loved and enlightened but people are still getting killed in senseless wars, we’re still getting murdered by bad medicine, chemtrail poisoning, vaccines, GMO foods and the madness still continues.
Our free will is limited but remember that free will is our divine right, we can do anything we want provided we do not harm anyone; so for those of you protecting people like Kathryn and Veronica Keen; you are just as guilty as they are because their words and actions have hurt others by ‘taking’ something that doesn’t belong to them and that is your free will.
We have to stop forming separate groups and start working towards separate goals, it hasn’t worked so far and never will.
Any movement is a Cabal setup, we don’t need movements into action towards the goal of achieving peace. Until we achieve real and lasting peace on this planet, our Cosmic Family will not and cannot set foot on this planet. Think of yourselves as parents with adult children, children that can do for themselves; are you going to help them while watching them sit on the couch all day long doing nothing about it? I hope you answered NO. Our cosmic family, our mother earth is not to bring us home until we start taking responsibility for the situation we are in.
Our problem is separation, the keyword is Unity Consciousness, what we need to work on is HOW to achieve Unity consciousness, does it come before Peace or after Peace?
I don’t have all the answers, one thing we can all agree on is that we want a better world so we need to all come together and formulate actions to achieve these goals that we want. We don’t have any other choice but to start a revolution against our slave masters, we must stop feeding their war machine: banks, Walmart, Microsoft and many other corporations listed on where you will also find companies to boycott. Money is their power, we take away their money and they are not able to fund the wars against us.
Forget the channeled messages, the poo poo goo roos like David Schmidt, Exogen, TNT Tony, Kathryn E. May, Mike Quinsey, Monty Keen, John Smallman, Linda Dillon, Sheldon Nidle, Cobra and too many more to mention, they are nothing but egocentric people that these entities chose because of their weakness, because of their desire/need for fame, some of them are disinformation agents like Fulford and Wilcock, Bailey, Webre, etc.
Anyone that claims to be in the know, claim to have sources, claim they have truth is a disinformation agent, there is nobody out there better or smarter than you are, we are all ONE, fragmented and separated because they know once we start coming together and become ONE, they lost their game, the experiment failed.
Separation is the foundation of our existence in this current reality and timeline, we cannot achieve anything in the state of separation and dis-unity.
How do we come together? How do we work towards reinforcing the foundation into Unity/One? This is what we should be talking about, solutions are needed.
We all know what our current condition is, who cares who ordered the Ebola Virus loose on humanity, it’s enough to know it was intentional, so instead of wasting time arguing over who and what; let’s send them a message and tell them we know the truth and we won’t live in fear. Who cares how many bombs fell on ISIS, we need to stop the bombs from falling. Who cares what president signed whatever executive order, the point is he signed it and we need to find solutions.
If you haven’t visited our  blog do so now, there are suggestions on how to starve the war machine, it’s up to you my friend, not Cobra, not white hats, not ZAP, not Ashtar, not ANYBODY else but YOU.  Please, for my sake, for our sake, for your children’s sake, for our future sake, please, take the time to read the blog and take action. WE are all at the crossroads, thirsty, hungry, our shoes worn out, no change in our pockets, we are desperate to get to our goal but can’t seem to move from that position. Take the road that suits you, but it make up your mind today, tomorrow may not come.
I love you all.

Thanks to Ines at:


2 Re: SEPARATION IS KILLING US on Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:58 pm


"it’s up to you my friend, not Cobra, not white hats, not ZAP, not Ashtar, not ANYBODY else but YOU. "


Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness.
Mohandas Gandhi

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