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Posted on November 4, 2014 by Ines
What is healing? The words holy, healing and wholeness originally come from the same word. Healing is about returning to the original healing impulse that made us begin our inner journey towards spiritual maturity; the impulse to heal and to be healed.
Healing is the way of the heart. Healing is to open our heart. Healing is an invitation to explore what inner wholeness means to ourselves and others. Within each of us there is a healer. Healing has always been a way and a deep source of healing for me. Healing is basically our own energy, which overflows from our inner being, from the meditative quality within, from the inner silence and emptiness. Healing comes from the silence within us.
Healing is pure love in essence. Love is what creates healing. Love is the strongest force there is. The sheer presence of love in itself is healing. It’s more the absence of love than the presence of love that creates problems.
Healing is a quality which we can freely share without any ownership. Healing is not something that we can claim as our own; healing is to be a medium, a channel, for the whole. Healing is about love—where love is, where to find it and how to develop our natural capacity to give love, to give caring.
This essay is about returning to the inner dimension, to the soul. It’s about returning to the inner source, which is always available within us and which is continuously nourishing, supportive and inspiring. But it’s very easy to forget this inner dimension, because of practical things and the ideas, expectations and demands of other people.
This essay is designed to create an understanding for how healing happens. It presents a new dimension of healing with a base in meditation. It’s about a new dimension of healing, a new way of being. It’s about helping people from heart to heart, from being to being. I want to dispel the myth that only certain have healing qualities or only certain people have special abilities to heal. It’s about developing the inner being of a person. It’s to meet that which is already perfect within a person.
Instead of constantly trying to change ourselves and trying to become “better”, this essay presents a different vision: to learn to love and accept ourselves as we are in the moment. This book presents the therapeutic principles and awareness components that are basic in working with people from love and awareness. These therapeutic principles are the same even when working individually or if we work with groups of people.
Healing is a medium through which we can develop our inner qualities of presence, love, joy, intuition, truth, silence, wisdom, creativity and inner wholeness. Healing comes originally from the silence within, where we are already in contact with the whole, with the divine. Healing is what makes us spread our inner wings of love and silence and soar high in the sky of consciousness and touch the stars. Healing is to be in service to Creator. Healing is to see another person with love and acceptance. Healing is to see that the person is exactly where he should be in order to take the next step in his spiritual growth. Healing is to see what which is already perfect within another person. Healing is to see the beauty within another person. It is an inner journey from the intellect, the dimension of logic, analysis and reason, to the heart, the dimension of unconditional love and acceptance and to the inner being, the dimension of meditation, silence and oneness with life.
The human heart is a healer, which heals others and ourselves. It is the hearts quality of love, acceptance and compassion plus communication through words, which creates healing. Words which come from the heart create healing. A silent listening with a quality of presence and an accepting attitude creates space for healing to happen.
Our heart is a transformation center, which transforms darkness to light, fear to love and separation to wholeness. People who have a quality of heart and sensitivity are naturally healing. Some people don’t understand the difference between giving and taking energy.
With some people that we meet, we become naturally uplifted and inspired. With other people that we meet, we can become tired and heavy. With people who can listen without judgement and evaluation, it’s easy to find the right words to share problems and difficulties. And with other people, it seems almost impossible to find the right words.
People who have a healing presence and quality, can support our own inner source of love, truth and silence through their presence. These people also seem to have an intuitive sense to say the right words, which lifts and inspires us. These are the people whose presence can mirror the inner truth, which we already know deep within ourselves.
To be a healer is to be a friend on the inner path, a light on the path. The gift of healing comes when we see the other person with love and compassion. It’s the quality of heart, which creates the love and the genuine caring for the other person. When our words are carried by the quality of heart, you can say almost anything to the other person and he will still be able to be open and receptive. But if our words lack the quality of heart, it also becomes difficult for the other person to continue to be open and receptive. Even if a therapist is very skillful on a technical level or has a clear clairvoyant ability and still lacks the natural roots in the soil of the heart, then his words won’t touch the heart of the other person.
In every moment, we have the choice between acting out of fear or love, to act out of separation or wholeness. Healing is to act out of love. Acts that arise out of love create healing.
The opposite of love is not really fear. The opposite of love is indifference. Love is the gate to paradise. Indifference is the door to hell. It’s very easy to give out anger, but it’s very difficult to give out love. Healing is to allow the love that is ready within a person to flower.
When I began to work with people almost 20 years ago, it was an insight for me that I really cared about the other person and that it was this love that was communicated beyond the words to the other person. One of my clients described this very nicely when he said that he was impressed by my intuition and by my way of conducting therapeutic work—but that he would rather call this giving insights into love. Love is what allows us to go beyond the surface of the other person and to touch his inner being, his inner essence. Without love, it’s only possible to reach the personality of the other person, to reach the surface and periphery of the person. Healing is a gift both for the giver and the receiver. Through the healing, both the giver and receiver become enriched.
Meditation is the way to develop our natural healing abilities. Healing comes originally from our inner being, from the inner source of silence and wholeness. In the silence, we can let go of all our problems, frustrations, fears, angers and sorrow.
Healing happens when we bring everything that we find inside ourselves out into the light. Healing is to embrace and accept everything that we find inside ourselves without judgement or evaluation. Healing happens when we discover an unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves as we are with both our light and dark sides.
Love and awareness are two aspects of the same phenomenon. The inner awareness expresses itself and is experienced by others on the outside as love. It is an inner quality that exists like a natural radiance around a person. This love and awareness creates a natural impulse to heal.
Healing is to be in the light. Healing is to light the light of our inner being. It means to become aware.
Healing is the door to love and meditation. Healing happens through love, joy, acceptance, intuition, sensitivity, understanding, humor, playfulness, compassion, relaxation, silence and creativity. These qualities belong to the natural flow of our heart and being.
Healing is not about using a specific method, healing is to invite another person into our inner light, to invite a person into our presence, love, joy, acceptance, humor, understanding, playfulness, meditation and silence. Healing means to be present for a person as a supporting presence, as a supporting light. Healing is to meet another person through our meditative presence, through our heart, through our light. Healing can also be a loving word, an understanding glance, a gentle touch, a silent listening or simply joking with someone to make them happy.
Humor is one of the best healers to see our situation and ourselves in a new and creative light. It’s very easy to give advice, but our advice is not authentic if it’s not grounded in our own experience. Anyone can give advice, but to act out of the heart gives a different quality. The heart is the healer.
Many years ago I was told that I had the capacity to become a crown chakra healer, a spiritual healer, to act as a channel and catalyst for spiritual energy from the 7th chakra through the heart. At that time I had no idea what a crown chakra healer really was and since then it has been a continuous process during the last 20 years to deepen and develop my understanding about what a crown chakra healer is. Since then I have developed my own method/technique using light as a synchronizer of energies. This way I can work with larger groups of people, although I rarely do this as I prefer to work with people on a more intimate level. It allows a person to come in direct contact with his own inner being, with his own life source. With my intellect I still don’t understand how this way of working functions. It’s not a way of working, which can be understood on a method level. It’s a way of working, which relates directly to the heart and which can only be understood through insight and experience.
The greatest teacher in healing is nature itself. To be out in nature is like being surrounded and embraced by love. Trees are also very beautiful people, who have their own innate wisdom and are already in oneness with Existence. And the sky whispers its silent messages that beyond everything, there is only one sky.
There is nothing in nature that questions each others existence like people do. Everything is allowed to exist and everything is allowed to be exactly as it is, and seasons come and go. It’s not strange that people love to be out in nature and experience harmony within themselves, because there is nothing that tries to change them out in nature. There is a quality in the air, which can be called a meditative quality. Anytime you are outdoors try to walk bare foot, we have lost our connection with Mother Earth and with that loss, we are unable to heal properly.
Once we have discovered the inner source of love, healing, joy, acceptance, understanding, compassion, silence and creativity, we will never lose it.
Healing is to be in the light of our own consciousness. Healing is an inner light, which exists as a natural radiance around a person, like an Aura. This inner light is in itself a healing force beyond words. This inner light disperses darkness like when you light a candle in a dark room and the darkness disappears by itself. This inner light exudes a subtle influence just through its presence. The more the light in our own consciousness is lit, the more it creates a subtle effect in the world.

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Posted on November 4, 2014 by Ines
How does the inner being and healing relate to each other? Love is a climate. Love is our inner being, which express its natural essence and fragrance, from moment to moment.
Our heart is the door to our inner being. Opening our heart is to discover the inner source of healing. This essay is about developing our natural healing capacity through meeting our inner being, our authentic self, the inner “yes” quality, the meditative quality within, the capacity to surrender to life. It’s about developing an understanding for the healing strength in an accepting attitude. Through allowing meditation to become the base of healing, we become filled with a new light, a new presence.
The most important healing ability is the capacity to be present with an open heart and to be grounded in our inner being, in our authentic self, in the meditative quality within ourselves, through which we can meet another person. The key to healing is our meditative presence. It’s about shifting perspective from the personality, the psychological “I”, to the inner being, the authentic self, the meditative quality within us. Working with people is basically a question of presence, energy and awareness. It is a question of developing a presence and light, which attracts people. Healing is to live from our inner being, from our life source.
A healer needs to develop the three dimensions: head, heart and being within himself to be able to meet another person in love and meditation. Developing our meditative presence, makes people become attracted to us. They enjoy being with us. It often happens to me that people think they know me although we have never met. This happens because they sense a quality of soul, which they interpret as knowing me.
The basic question in healing is what expands the inner being of a person. It is a question about what develops the love, joy, acceptance, trust, awareness, silence, freedom, creativity and sense of belonging to life of the person. This expansion of being can happen in relation to inner growth and meditation, in relation to other people, in relation to work and creativity and in relation to life itself.
The first step in healing is to discover the inner being in ourselves. The next step is to contact the same quality within another person. This quality represents the true individuality of a person. Once we have discovered our inner being, our source of healing and wholeness, we can never lose it. It exists within us as a constant available inner source of love, joy, acceptance, understanding, silence and creativity. It becomes a way of living so that our way of being creates ripples in the water.
What is it that basically creates healing? What is the difference between a “yes” and “no” attitude towards life? How do the “yes” and “no” attitude relate to healing? Healing is a “yes” to life. There are basically two ways to relate to life. The first way is a “yes” attitude towards life and the second way is a “no” attitude towards life. The first way means to act out of inner being, from our authentic self, from the inner source of love and truth, from the inner source of healing and wholeness. The second way means to act out of our ego, from our separate sense of “I”. this first way means to cooperate with life and the second way means to work against life. The first way leads to harmony, healing and wholeness, and the second way leads to fight, struggle, exhaustion and separation from life. To learn to say “yes” is the insight that we are part of life, a part of the Whole.
Healing happens when we say “yes” to the truth of the moment. Healing happens when we accept the reality of the moment with a love for how the moment is. Healing happens when we embrace the moment as we find it inside ourselves, independent if the moment means love, joy, success and happiness or fear, sadness, anger and disappointment.
This accepting attitude creates healing and makes our inner being expand. Acceptance is the way to love and accept ourselves as we are in the moment. Fear and love are two different attitudes to the same situation. Fear is a “no” attitude to the situation, while love is a “yes” attitude to the same situation.
That which has a “yes” and a support in Existence expands and develops. That which has no support in Existence changes or disappears. It’s like the continuous ebb and flow of the ocean. It is the breath of life.
In every moment we have the choice to accept and appreciate what life offers. In every moment life tries to give us exactly what we need. When we choose not to accept what life offers, we create a separation from life. When we accept and appreciate what life offers, we receive nourishment, inspiration and support. This nourishment and support comes from our “yes” to life, through our acceptance of what is, and through our unity with life. Healing is about developing an understanding for when we say “yes”, when we are open and available to allow life to flow through us, when we say “yes” to the river of life, and when we hinder the flow of life through our separate ideas, attitudes, desires and concepts.
The challenge for this century is the Heart Revolution. It’s not a revolution within an organization or a land in the traditional sense with violence, madness and bloodshed. It’s a revolution in human consciousness.
The Heart Revolution is an inner revolution from fear to love, from darkness to light and from separation to wholeness.
In our societies today; there exists a deep split between the inner and outer world, between intellect and intuition, between male and female energies, between rest and activity and between outer knowledge and inner wisdom. There is a rapid technological development in our societies, but we seem to forget the most important factor: our self.
Humanity as a whole is in-between power and the heart in its psychological and spiritual development process towards spiritual maturity. The next step for humanity as a whole is to realize that real power is love and compassion.
The power chakra is the center of the ego, the separated sense of “I”. The power chakra is about control, power, and dominance over the other people. A person who is on the development level of the power chakra wants to change people, but he does not want to change himself.
Ordinary relationships are often power relationships, which is a fight and struggle between the partners’s needs and mine. Often the partner in a power relationship has the same strength to develop the power chakra.
The society is created out of the ego, and the need of the ego to create a hierarchy with power, status, respect, position, norms, roles and conformity. Many people in the West lives in the power chakra, and is occupied with competing with others to prove that they are somebody important, and finding their place in the hierarchy.
During the 20th century, humanity was on an awareness level of the power chakra. The focus of humanity has been on power, dominance, position, money and control over energy sources. We are technologically developed and this technology governs the development of society, but this technology is also destroying our planet Earth. Energy resources are also a distinguishing theme in the power balance between countries.
Acting aggressively has its roots in fear, judgements and insecurity. Violence and aggressiveness is about control and domination over another person. To judge and to love are two sides of the same coin. Judgements about another person are really about you. When we stop judging others, our hearts will open. The heart is a healer that transforms fear to love, judgements to acceptance and separation to wholeness. The heart heals.
The 21st century means an inner awakening. It means a time to grow up. Many people talk about spirituality, meditation and inner development, but it doesn’t seem to change our lives. Our spiritual development depends on our commitment to our own development. We can use our free will to take on the challenge of life to grow or we can choose not to grow. This is the freedom that life gives us and it’s our responsibility, but it seems that it’s a few people that accepts life’s challenge to grow. The 21st century represents a choice between the separation of ego and the vision of the heart. When we follow the way of the ego, the path of endless desires, it leads to struggle, conflict, exhaustion and separation from the Whole. The way of the heart is about learning to listen to our heart, to our inner source of love, joy, truth, and wisdom. It is to be in harmony with Existence.
When our heart is closed, it creates an isolated and lonely feeling together with the attitude. “Nobody loves me”, “nobody cares about me” and “life is a struggle”, which makes us not see the love that is all around us.
A heart revolution happens when we start to care about another person, and it is a joy to put the needs of the other person before our own needs. It is on the awareness level of the heart that we begin to develop the sensitivity and awareness that makes us care about another person. The heart operates from the premises: “I am responsible” and “Only love works”.
Our heart is the door to unconditional love both for ourselves and others. Our heart is really always open, but our judgements about ourselves and others keep it closed. When we stop judging ourselves and others, our heart begins to open. The way to healing is to learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally. It means to embrace both our positive and negative sides with love and understanding. It means to learn to love everything that we find within ourselves.
We have been taught to love others, but not to love ourselves. But how can we love others without loving ourselves? The ABC of love is that we first need to learn to love ourselves before we can love anybody else.
Trust is a prerequisite for love. Without trust, love is without depth. It’s like a plastic flower instead of an alive, fresh and fragrant rose. Even if some people will let us down and make us sad and disappointed, it’s no reason to let it undermine our basic trust in life. It’s better to allow some people to let us down than not allow our basic trust in life to develop. Many people are so asleep and unconscious that they really do not know what they are doing. They make us disappointed even if they don’t really mean to. Even if we feel hurt, disillusioned and disappointed with people, see if you can give them love and understanding. A criterion for spiritual growth is that we begin to give love, rather than needing love.
Exactly as the rhythm of in-breaths and out-breaths of the physical body, the heart also has two poles: to give love and to receive love. Certain people find it easier to give love and other some people find it easier to be open to receive love. But to allow our love to become whole, we need to learn to both give and receive love.
Animals are great teachers in friendship and unconditional love. I always say that if we were just 10% of the animal behaviors, we would be a better humanity. I prefer animals before people because animals can’t hurt me in the way that people can. I myself still have difficulty to really trust that I am loved as I am. Even if I am aware about this, there is still a small part of myself that wants to contract, and which doesn’t really trust that I am loved as I am and that life takes care of me. It’s easier for me to be present for others than to allow others to be present for me.
Love and fear are two sides of the same coin. In the absence of love, fear arises. In the light of love fear disappears like when you turn the light on in the dark. Fear is a contraction of our life energy together with an attitude of loneliness and isolation. Love creates an expansion of our life energy together with a feeling of love, joy and belonging.
Love is the strongest power there is. There is no stronger force than love. Love is pure magic. Love transforms people without really doing anything. The sheer presence of love transforms people. There is nothing more holy than love, since love makes people whole.
Love accepts a person as he is. Love creates the freedom, which allows a person to be himself. Love creates the relaxation, which allows a person to relax into his inner being, into his authentic self. Love allows us to appreciate the beautiful being that we already are. Love allows a person to discover his true individuality.
Love is not an exclusive relationship with another person; love is a quality of our inner being. It is to discover the source of love deep within ourselves, which is our true nature.
In the depth of our heart, we already know that we are perfect as we are. In the depth of our inner being, we already know that life is perfect as it is.
It is on the awareness level of the heart that we begin to understand that we are not separate from life. We begin to understand that we are not small separate islands in a large ocean, but that life is one and that we are small parts of the same whole. It’s on the awareness level of the heart that we begin to understand what is important and meaningful in life. We begin to understand that life is about sharing, rather than hoarding, that life is about giving, rather than taking.
It is when we open our heart that we discover a sense of unity in love with other people, with the trees, with nature, with the sea and with the blue sky. This is the silent revolution of the heart.
The human heart is the solution to the problems of the world. The human heart contains all the answers. The human heart has the capacity to expand and embrace the whole earth.
Our heart is the door to allow Existence to guide us. Our heart is the door to surrender to life. When we open our hearts, we begin to realize that we are part of the Whole.
Our heart is the door to trust life. Our heart is the door to allow life to flow unhindered through us. Healing is life that moves through us. To open our heart is to receive the support of love. Life tries in every moment to give us what we need. To open our heart is to invite truth into our lives.
Life takes care of us. Life gives us what we need-although it’s not always what we want. Sometimes we become so identified and engaged in what is not happening in our life that we miss what is actually happening. We always have something to learn in meetings with different people in different situations. The goal of life is to be whole. It is to become one with life. It is to be one with the stones, the trees, the people, the wind, the earth and the sky. It is basically a question of seeing the situation from the perspective of the soul, to see the situation from the perspective of the Whole. It is a matter of seeing the creative aspect, to see the light and the possibilities, of every situation. It is a matter of seeing what we can learn from every situation. When we look at the situation from the perspective of the soul, it’s like seeing the situation from the top of a mountain—instead of looking at the situation from the narrow situation at the foot of the mountain. When we see the situation from the perspective of the soul, we can see that both bad and good situations, both positive and negative experiences, lead to a greater insight and understanding of the Whole.
In the depth of our hearts, we are one with life. Healing is to heal the split between our idea of a separate sense of “I” and our inner being, our authentic self, where we are already one with life. Healing is to be a medium for the Whole.
Healing is to be a channel for the light. It is the phenomenon of “disappearing” into the Whole, to become one with the greater flow of existence so that it dances and sings through us. Healing is a love affair with life. Healing is to open our hearts to the healing ocean that exists deep within us.

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