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The “Pedo Club” Icke, Cameron, Brand, NWO & Blackmail. How It’s Done

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November 5, 2014 at 4:11 pm
Sync Edu: The “Pedo Club” Icke, Cameron, Brand, NWO & Blackmail. How It’s Done. (Video Audio)

Posted by Tony Z

Here at Sync we have spent countless thousands of hours looking into all manner of topics in order to get to the truth of the matter or the “way things work.”  With the revelations of late about corruption in high places and the expose’s coming out thick and fast many more pieces of the “Puzzle” are now there for all to see (once one looks!)

With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the finer details as we go but in short, here is a basic breakdown of what it all means.  Put really simply, people in any high place of “influence” or power all have to be “blackmailed” by the higher ups so they can be “used as tools” and as such will do exactly what the “controllers” want doing, without any fear they will decide not to follow those orders.

This is one of the biggest problems society has to deal with as currently, the people in this country (and others) are all playing to the same “fiddle.”  They themselves will never dare to go against these “orders” due to this issue.  If they “dare not to do the bidding” they they face “Total Exposure” thus, are terrified they will be “outed” in public (facing prison terms and or other punishments) so they have no choice but to do as they are instructed.

Unless we as a society face up to this fact and become aware of how this works we will continue into this demonic police state and total tyrannical enslavement system once and for all.  They have plans (this is beyond any shadow of a doubt) for humanities perpetual servitude to the rich and elite for all future generations to come so please help to wake others up to the “facts” so they might (together with the rest of us) derail their “plans” and construct a wold we can all be free in for good.  Surely you see that as a good thing.

This has gone on for so long its got to the point it is looking like we have no hope but we do.  We can change this in an instant if we are just “aware of the problems.”  Lets get on with it already!

We hope you find the information informative and “empowering” but try and learn the model they “use” and you will then start to see it in many other “places” as to be the driving force for “just how, they do things” but even clearer as the driving force “behind the scenes!”

Like the wizard of Oz tells you, just “draw back the curtain” and once you do you will forever “Know” that little man on the levers isn’t as big and scary after all!  Have fun!

Published on 22 Oct 2014


Plum City – ( October 13, 2014: United States

Marine Field McConnell has linked David Cameron’s apparent deployments of tagged pedophiles as Private Finance Initiative (‘PFI’) enforcers, to Serco’s alleged use of the outsourced GPS electronic warfare clock and the Dubai air traffic control tower to impute hijacker waypoints into MH Flights 17 and 370.

McConnell claims that Cameron at UK Treasury and Serco’s National Security Adviser Maureen Baginski conspired with George Soros in the Black Wednesday (below) outsider trading fraud to fund the Private Finance Initiative which outsourced the GPS E/W clock allegedly used by hijackers in Serco’s matrix of ATC towers to coordinate tagged pedophiles at MH crime scenes.

McConnell is now inviting the Five Eyes intelligence services to test for Cameron’s deployment of Serco pedo-tagged enforcers to monetize the assets represented by MH Flights 17 and 370.

Published on Oct 29, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews journalist and film maker Tyrone D Murphy in London England about the infamous Groucho Club.

David Icke has been outed as a member of the exclusive elitist Pagan witchcraft coven known as The Groucho Club (London).

The Groucho club has been outed as having a massive Paedophile ring operating in a Groucho Club Forum – The British Police refuse to persue investigation the mainstream media members of the Groucho Club have removed all News stories about the allegation from their internet ‘news’ sites.  BBC celebrities and other BBC staff hold membership to the Groucho Club..

David Icke And Russel Brand Cosying Up at The

Groucho Club In London.


Anyone else pick up on this statement from Bill? From 4m 40s – “This is your media, this media does not speak for the People, the same as ‘The Peoples Voice’ did NOT speak for the People…”

Published on Mar 28, 2014

Child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney,of pie n mash films,with Lou Collins,talking to The Community Press Group,outside parliament on budget day,march 19th 2014.This is a different speech to the one he made with Sonia Poulton that day.

Last but not least here is an expose’ on how people in these “controlled places of any kind of power or influence are coerced into place only what the PTB (Powers That Be) have the “Goods” on the individuals to ensure they will do exactly as they are told.”

For Further Research The Following Links Are Provided

By Syncrenicity On These Tactics….

Below Is A Brief Example The Whole New World Order Setup

Works On The Same Principles…!

New World Order customer services

Peter Eyre speaking about the new world order..

Thanks to:


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