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Million Mask March rallies sweeping the globe LIVE UPDATES

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November 5, 2014 by Light Worker 29501

Million Mask March rallies sweeping the globe LIVE UPDATES

Published time: November 05, 2014 14:53
Edited time: November 05, 2014 15:37

AFP Photo / Saul Loeb
Wednesday, November 5 The Million Mask March is sweeping the globe across Wednesday as demonstrators protest against austerity, mass surveillance and oppression. Participants will obscure their faces to protect their identity.
15:37 GMT:
White House occupied! #MillionMaskMarch #MMM
— JamesFromTheInternet (@JamesFTInternet) November 5, 2014
DC Protesters have reached the White House. Police are reportedly keeping their distance.
#MillionMaskMarch happening in DC now, heading towards the White House
— Paulina Leonovich (@Polly_evro) November 5, 2014
15:28 GMT:
The mask march has started across Sweden. “Support those that daily promote the values of peace, equality, accountability, redistribution of the wealth of the few to the needs of the many and a right to privacy and anonymity,”the promo video stated.

15:09 GMT:
Unconfirmed social media reports suggest that one person has been arrested in Washington already, allegedly for carrying a combat knife. Marchers in DC have started heading towards the White House, according to Ruptly’s Paulina Leonovich who attended the march. Demonstrators carried signs demanding“PEOPLE OVER PROFITS”.
14:33 GMT:
Activists start to assemble at Washington Monument for #mmm in DC
— RT America (@RT_America) November 5, 2014
London police are on high alert in anticipation of the demonstrations, with hundreds of riot police on standby. Last year, more than 2,000 people attended the rally.
Met Police Police have obtained a Section 60 AA power which allows officers to order protesters to remove masks RT #MillionMaskMarch #MMM
— #MillionMaskMarch (@Anon_Online) November 5, 2014
14:06 GMT:
“The internet has the power to bring down regimes – that’s why it terrifies them. That’s why they now monitor all of our phone calls, they monitor our emails, and they monitor our free speech. It terrifies them,” one London-based Anonymous member told RT.
13:40 GMT:
Protesters take to the streets in Sydney, Australia, bearing signs with slogans such as :“The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us.”People also marched in Adelaide demanding that people “wake up”.
13:29 GMT:
People march in Japan
#MillionMaskMarch #Tokyo #Japan Expect Us!
— チャノロジー・アノニマス (@JapanAnon) November 5, 2014
13:17 GMT:
The march is organized for November 5 in commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day, and the event, according to hacktivist group Anonymous, has for the past two consecutive years organized “The Largest World Protest” according to a statement on the website.
“It is our aim to shed light on corrupt government in order to set people free from oppression,” the group said.

Activists have shielded their faces to take to the streets of some 481 towns and cities worldwide.

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