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The Secret the Archons Dont Want You to Know

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The Secret the Archons Dont Want You to Know – Zen Gardner
November 6, 2014 Thetawave
RJ Spina
The Secret the Archons Dont Want You to Know  Tricked
There exists a moment of awareness that every sentient energy being eventually experiences…
That to continue with their existence and evolution, they must consciously be in service of others. Even the individual mind within the hive mind actually DOES put others first, its just that the other is represented by the whole or the One Collective. They are together separately (hive mind) while we Humans are separately together (individual free will but all is one).
Everything is connected to and part of everything else. So why is the cosmic truth of inevitable selflessness the bombshell of knowledge that these entities don’t want you to know?
Because some of these entities don’t even know it yet themselves.
There is nothing that exists within this multidimensional construct that hasn’t been birthed by what Hindus call The Absolute. The Absolute is Nirvana, the very place Buddhists recognize as the All There Is. The place of no-birth and no-death; where ALL originates from and is contained within. Nothing exists outside of All There IS.
This immense, vast track of energy we speak about (the All There Is) is just beginning to become aware of itself. It is so incomprehensibly huge that it must create other beings, within the area that it is self-aware, in order to understand itself better.
If there is a singular cosmic law that our human mind can comprehend that speaks to this, it might be similar to ‘All that takes place, and doesn’t take place, is done and experienced to better understand all potentials that exist within awareness itself.’
To comprehend what we have been told is incomprehensible requires a different perspective.
The Absolute’s desire to better understand itself has led It to give sentience and energy to 12 pieces of itself, within the area that it is self-aware, for this purpose. One of those pieces of sentience and energy is Our Creator, our God. We (souls) are individualized pieces of our Creator given sentience and energy by our Creator so in turn It can learn about itself and its energies while simultaneously passing that information along to The Absolute, the All There Is.
We exist within our Creators construct (our multiverse) in order to experience learn and evolve just like our Creator exists within the The Absolute, the All There Is, in order for It (our Creator) to experience, learn and evolve.
We are individualized pieces of our Creator and so is everything else within our Creator’s multiverse.
What the Gnostics called the Archons, (the Greys and the Reptillians) must also be energy beings given free will to incarnate into a physical existence and do as they please, just like us, although the case can be made they were given a directive more so than free will.
According to some Ancient texts, the archons have seemingly played a major role in what we perceive to be evil and wrong throughout history. Why would anything or anyone willingly orchestrate/perpetuate evil when it is also part of our Creator? It’s two-fold; One reason is some beings have been TRICKED by the Demiurge and literally don’t realize there is a limit on how much knowledge, experience and illusionary power that can be achieved while in service to the SELF.
The feeding off of others energy through enslavement and suffering for the benefit of Self eventually leads to a tipping point in evolution where the ones doing the feeding cannot go any further. And they simply don’t know it yet… but for some that is changing.
This design, this reality, is the Master Class in ascension. It gets no harder than the physical world with our limited perceptions and brain washing.
A LONG time ago, before the introduction of the Archons, Earth was a paradise. This is way, way before what we have been told to believe in terms of the existence of human beings. We were lighter, more evolved and could literally create cities with thought. Its part of why there is no physical evidence of such creations. Atlantis was such a place. Beings that can project their consciousness to different realities and epochs of time know this and have been relaying these ancient messages throughout existence.
Back when the Earth was a Paradise, the evolutionary opportunities existing within that exquisite reality eventually became too limiting. It was literally too perfect. There was no spiritual growth. We, the energies that put on the skin suit to play in that physical world recognized this and so did our Creator. In our desire to experience, learn and evolve in the most expedient way possible we knew something was needed to pierce this Paradise and stimulate our spiritual growth.
An agreement with the energy and hive mind that is the Archons was made. They were introduced into the Free WIll experiment of Mankind in what would appear as an accident but there are no accidents. Some beings are genetically predisposed to control, consume and conquer. Why? Because those attributes exist but specifically in regards to us, it had been determined that something was needed to embody those characteristics in order for Mankind to work with and help speed up ascension.
Do not think in the worldly terms of this endeavor being too hard to overcome. From the energetic perspective, it is simply a challenge. A game. A game created for us, and by us, in order to experience, learn and evolve. And despite what you are being told through the different modalities of fear and control we are ascending.
Those beings that are of the required evolutionary content and want to ascend to the next frequency will and those that are not and don’t want to will not.
The Archons will tell you they created Humans but they have had only a small hand in the genetic manipulation of Mankind. Because they are playing their role of the bad guys to such perfection, they are helping Mankind ascend at a phenomenal rate. How confusing, frustrating and awful for them.
And it is here, really, where pure potentially manifests even within a scripted plan.
Their agenda to enslave mankind by manipulating the elite, and through the necessity of associating with our divine nature, has caused some of them to do the proverbial 180 and walk toward the Absolute Truth. Some of these abductions and hybridization programs have led to the process of their Awakening. Our loving and compassionate nature is God and some cannot help themselves in their desire to be like us.
Some obviously haven’t turned toward the light and never will. That is truly their choice. This is the second part of the two-fold answer. They have so fully committed to playing their character that it’s beyond method acting. They really believe they only exist as Greys or Reptilians. Just like some of us think all we are is the Human form. They have forgotten they are mere actors in a play and refuse to talk a bow.
Our universe may be long gone before some beings embrace Love.
The Hindu Vedas speak about the breathing out and breathing in of The Absolute. That captures precisely the collapse of old galaxies and the formation of new ones. After The Absolute has gained awareness of itself in one area, that area collapses (black hole) and is re-absorbed back into itself. It then moves to a new area within itself to better understand itself (a new galaxy is formed). The Buddhist ‘Form is emptiness and Emptiness is Form’ is exactly this process as well.
But nothing is ever lost. Loss is a concept perpetuated by the perception deception of this construct (our scripted reality). All that is experienced and learned is retained within The Absolute, the All There Is. Where else could it go?
The Archons are playing their part in this version of the game of Good vs Evil literally without this knowledge and maybe they need to in order for our ascension.
Be fearless. You know something many of them don’t. You know the ONLY way is through compassion. Love. That All is One. Some of them may never realize this but others are learning.
When enough players know this, old games end and new ones begin.
RJ Spina
The Secret the Archons Dont Want You to Know – Zen Gardner .

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