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Rod Class Case – Comments by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska

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Rod Class Case – Comments by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska

Posted on November 8, 2014 by arnierosner

Rod Class Case – Comments by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska
I don’t have time right now to listen or watch what went on, but this much
I can tell you— the Washington, DC Municipality is a separate
international city-state like Vatican City, the Inner City of London, and
the United Nations.  It is run as a plenary oligarchy by the members of
Congress under Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17—–and when Rod stepped foot
in THEIR jurisdiction it was the same as if he had entered Egypt or Ireland
or China.   He became responsible as a visitor for obeying THEIR laws and
they have every right to arrest him and prosecute him for disobeying their
His “constitutional right” to keep and bear arms is only guaranteed on the
land jurisdiction of the American (domestic) States, not within the
physical boundaries of the federal enclaves that operate entirely under
maritime and admiralty jurisdiction.
There are three kinds of federal “states” that we commonly deal with—-
the “federal states” that were created  as franchises of the United States
of America, Incorporated, by the Fourteenth Amendment of the
*corporate “*Constitution
“to regulate *Federal Citizens* “residing” in the domestic States of the
Union (the peaceful inhabitants of the land were specifically excluded—
that means, us, American State Citizens who fly the civil flag of The
United States of America (Major)).
Then there is the deceptively named “United States of America (Minor)” —
a consortium of “federal” states more commonly thought of as federal
territories and possessions— Puerto Rico, Guam, etc., operating as a
legislative democracy — NOT a Republic — and a completely separate
“nation” with respect to us that was created ultimately under Article 1,
Section 8, Clause 17 and the Insular Tariff Cases decided between 1900-1904.
Then there is the “District Government” within the United States of
America, (Minor) known as the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, which
is a separate international city-state carved out of the “State of New
Columbia” that is a member of the states forming the United States of
America (Minor) referenced above.
This is, from what I can see, the entity that Rod is tangling with—- and
it is run as a plenary oligarchy by the members of Congress as a separate
nations within a nation within a nation.
DC oligarchy —inside United States of America (Minor) legislative
democracy —inside The United States of America (Major)—-like a cancer
or two in the body politic, the DC government running on its own peculiar
international “laws” which are published as DC Statutes and run entirely in
international maritime and admiralty jurisdiction and the United States of
America (Minor) also run entirely in international maritime and admiralty
jurisdictions from within The United States of America a Republic
established on the land jurisdiction of the American States, which is
supposed to be functioning under American Common Law.
There you have it—- the good news and the bad news.
The only way Rod gets out of this is if 37 of the landed (E)states rise up,
send deputies to a Congress, and rewrite The Constitution contract
dissolving Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, and that requires renegotiating
the underlying Treaties with the British Crown and the British Monarch and
could take more than ten years all by itself—- OR, which seems more
expedient—- Rod gets hold of the Congressional Delegation which is
supposed to represent the state where he lives and really doesn’t—-and
explain that he was acting under conditions of non-disclosure and didn’t
realize he was entering a foreign country under their plenary control and
that it was never his intention to enter their country or break any of
their laws—-but as an American State Citizen, he is clearly immune from
prosecution and would appreciate their assistance in bringing these
accusations against him to a peaceful close ending in his release and
better understanding overall.
Otherwise they will keep him and they will throw the book at him absent him
claiming that he is a State Citizen of whatever State he was born in and is
immune from prosecution as a foreign state national under international law
and Public Policy of the United States (Eleventh Amendment of their
corporate Constitution).
But the quickest surest way out is to nail down a Congressional Delegation
or two and get them to intervene.  As the plenary rulers of DC the
rats-in-charge scramble when they see members of the “US Congress” coming.

Thanks to Anna at:


← Oh what a tangled web we weave….WAR CRIMES IN DC!

Rod Class Case – Rules of Jurisdiction that apply

Posted on November 8, 2014 by arnierosner
Rod Class Case – Rules of Jurisdiction that apply
From Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska
Arnie– I am sure you know someone involved in the rod class network that you can pass on my comments about the situation to — their email service doesn’t allow reply, but this is a reply they definitely and desperately need to read before this goes much further.
Rod has got to claim immunity as an American State Citizen of the _________State (insert whichever “State” he was born in.  Be careful to use the form “Ohio State” instead of “State of Ohio” —- “Ohio State” is the land jurisdiction and a separate “nation” with respect to the DC government.  Rod is immune to prosecution as a foreign state citizen operating entirely on the land jurisdiction of The United State of America —- flying the civil flag and therefore superior to and separate from the martial flag.

Thanks to:

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