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1 THE ART OF DISCERNMENT on Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:51 pm




Posted on November 8, 2014 by Ines

I most often of a speaker/author/writer say “please use your discernment” or read it/listen to it and if it resonates with you than that’s great.
These people are well meaning and correct in using the terms but have they ever thought about the possibility that many people are simply not able to do so; and for many reasons.
verb: discern; 3rd person present: discerns; past tense: discerned; past participle: discerned; gerund or present participle: discerning recognize or find out.
“I can discern no difference between the two policies”distinguish (someone or something) with difficulty by sight or with the other senses. “she could faintly discern the shape of a skull”
So as you can see, this is not a heart or higher self method. This is a right brain/left brain method. You are in essence determining if it’s good or bad, right or wrong, seeing differences.
We are using our logic mind to make a decision if something is true or not.
When someone asks you if this resonates with you: resonate
verb: resonate; 3rd person present: resonates; past tense: resonated; past participle: resonated; gerund or present participle: resonating

  1. 1. produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.”the sound of the siren resonated across the harbour”evoke images, memories, and emotions.
    “the words resonate with so many different meanings”US(of an idea or action) meet with agreement.”the judge’s ruling resonated among many of the women”

[*]2. technicalproduce electrical or mechanical resonance. “the crystal resonates at 16 MHz”
So what exactly does this mean? To be filled with a sound, evoking memories? Again, it can be interpreted in so many ways.
I would interpret this as meaning: to vibrate at the same frequency at each thought or truth, meaning that truth has its own frequency?
For starters, in order to resonate with something can actually mean reading the akashic in terms of events and people, many of us are blocked from accessing source energy, our higher self, the akash because of: our inability to connect, not knowing how, not doing the actual work of clearing all the junk between the body/brain and higher self-such as negative emotions, trauma, physical illness, a damaged aura etc. Then we have external forces blocking our connection such as etheric implants, archontic influence/intervention, dark entities that have a vested interest in keeping us disconnected to truth. Higher self is truth-all knowing everything that has existed up to this moment. Higher self knows and it’s recorded in the Akash. Even the folks that claim to have access to the Akash, had to work hard at deciphering the information. These individuals were already predisposed for the work and or chose that ability before coming here. I don’t know anyone nor have I ever read about someone just deciding to read the Akash and proceed to do so.
Either way, it takes practice and time, there is a method to the madness and each person being uniquely gifted; finds a method that suits them. Some download segments, some just connect; an analogy to that would be downloading a mp3 file or listening to it while online.
Back to discernment. All of us have the ability to discern, all of us have intuition/higher self that tries to communicate with us, we may not be aware at first but slowly learn to follow our first thoughts or intuition, it takes further practice to separate from ego. Ego tries to block the message coming in, so before we can do anything, we must suicide the ego.
Some will say it’s not necessary, that controlling it to a state of stasis or hibernation is enough, but I don’t agree. Ego is not necessary and it is not required to live a happy life so I suggest removing it from your existence and I can’t give you advice on how, each of you must find your own way. I can share my experience though.
I called my ego Homer Simpson, that was the first image that came to me when I decided to visualize it as an entity rather than an illusory action/feeling. I visualized him as a character living in my head constantly questioning my decisions and thoughts, wanting to be the best and right in everything. Homer was mouthy, taunting me to analyze everything, to question all my thoughts and decisions, to be selfish etc., our Ego is different to each one of us thus you should learn to identify how your ego interchanges with you, write it down and then find your method to suicide him. Homer peeked over the fence in the final stages, he was really persistent in sticking around, and he tried to convince me that I would not be able to survive without him. So those beady eyes were peeping and finally after months of saying “go away” he did disappear.
His ghost shows up once in a while when I’m faced with some life-changing decisions or events, but his voice is weak, almost pathetic, using that posture hoping I will feel sorry for him.
My Homer showed up early in my life, due to so many traumas and challenges, he actually helped me stay strong and wouldn’t let me give up, but once I got back on my feet and started living from the heart, he was no longer needed.
If your ego is dominant, it’s difficult to discern and I will explain why. The Ego wants to be happy, greedy, rich, in control, selfish and right, so when reading/hearing/listening to information it will accept only if it makes you/ego feel good, if it offers a positive outcome. Ego doesn’t seek truth, it seeks satisfaction, and this is why some people believe they will be saved by some aliens. They “like” that concept, the Ego likes that concept, it doesn’t care if it’s true or not. You can’t discern while ego is in control, you can’t access higher-self because Ego doesn’t want you to use other sources except Ego. Am I making sense?
So, removing/suiciding the ego is necessary in order to connect to higher self and source. Even just living without ego will allow you to feel from the heart and gut without any interference from Ego.
If you’re angry, ego will be destructive; it acts out what you are feeling. Ego comes with the body, the bodysuit was equipped with the nervous system and Ego so that we struggled with ourselves, our genetic creators didn’t create us to serve humanity, rather to serve them, so anything that would keep us from evolving into higher beings was implanted into this current bodysuit.
How do we discern whether Sananda exists if we have not experienced/seen this entity in our 3D reality? To say he/it doesn’t exist with confidence is to access your higher self or the akash. So what we do is think if it’s reasonable to think he does exist or do we want him to exist, the moment we start analyzing the issue, we’re not connected, ego is determining if it suits you and ego.
If you’re connected to higher self you immediately feel the vibration and gut feeling of yes or no.
Sometimes I wonder if we would be in a better place without the internet. Would we be evolving at the same pace? I think so. For starters; before internet became available to the masses, there were many New Age/Esoteric bookstores dedicated to this subject. Many magazines were also available and keep in mind that as a society in general, we were much more social because we didn’t have email and Skype and other technologies so we were normal, we met up for drinks, coffee, invited each other over for dinner, etc. Support groups were also popular so we really didn’t lack access to the information that we wanted. Perhaps it would have been filtered out better of the disinformation and fraudsters because they would have to spend money to print books/magazines and other media types to sell. Right now, one can set up a blog for nothing so anyone can do this, but also I think we would not have information overload like we do now.
So yes, it’s not that simple to use discernment if we are not connected to our higher self/and or source. As far as the term resonate, I would interpret that to mean as in the information resonating on a positive frequency or the same frequency as ours. Both terms ‘discern’ and ‘resonate’ really have nothing esoteric in their meanings. It is still using the right left brain mechanisms to determine if something is real or not. I have not been able to find the phrase: it resonates with me”. Let’s just say that my interpretation is correct, how do we know, and what does it feel like when something resonates with you?
I think that frequency/energy can be manipulated with. Remember the Archons are like us in the sense that they do not need to be over one person, nor are we one person. Our soul, the WE splits up in fragments so I can be here on Earth in different bodies, the Archons can manipulate thousands at a time. They can control a whole region and alter its resonance.
If you haven’t cleared yourself and protected yourself, you’re just as vulnerable to attack by many methods so it all goes back to the same issue and that is removing/suiciding the Ego, clearing yourself of all negative energies/emotions/thought-forms/memories and healing physical health issues.
A heart condition can interfere with our ability to clear ourselves including the aura.
Luckily, on my small island there is a man who can see auras and so every once in a while I will knock on his door, give him a big hug and without asking he will tell me what he sees, then he will send me home with one of his herbal tonics.
So far my aura is dominant pink with areas of blue 3 to 4 meters out from the body, for a few years I had some grayish spots but after I quit smoking they were no longer visible. My friend is a good person to have around, my aura is very solid and none of the dark entities or negative entities likes the vibration of Love, so they can’t get close to me. Even if that was not the case, for some reason I have yet to remember, I fear them not. In fact when I feel their presence I think to them: “You know you can’t touch me so why do you bother hanging around”, until one evening while my partner was having an episode of breathing difficulties, I came to know it’s not me they want, it’s my partner to feed off his energy, but because of my presence, they are afraid and can’t get close. Don’t ask me how I know this, I just know and feel, there are no words to define the space between me and them, I just know they are around, but I don’t fear them and they know this.
Opposing the theory of having “blind faith” (accepting answers without question) discernment requires a person to use his own judgement. Using discernment is a technique of connecting to your inner knowledge, accepting only information and suggestions given to you by others (healers, doctors, neighbors, family, etc.) regarding your own self truth that “feels” accurate. Discernment is the action of going with your gut instincts. But, if you don’t have the connection it’s very difficult to discern, if your ego is dominant, he will choose what feels best and convince you to go with that feeling.
Your soul will nudge you through your Intuition and Higher Self. It will help you live true to yourself, to your heart, to your vision, to your destiny. It is continually flowing guidance to you. What blocks the flow? The herd mentality, the shoulds, the people pleasing, the routine thinking, clutter in your life, house, mind, judging self/others, holding on to what was, worrying about what will be, powerlessness, putting more faith in others than yourself, getting stuck in WHY.
What opens the flow? Being in the moment, willingness, surrendering to life, being okay with not knowing, knowing that there is always a bigger picture, releasing anything in your life that does not fit, serve, or honor you, noticing coincidences, telling the truth and taking the time to reconnect with your higher self through breathing, meditating, writing, singing, whatever it is that is you.
We are inundated with so much information, what part of that information can you truly resonate with? Do you honestly feel that you are connected to source/higher self; or is your ego choosing the truth it wants to hear? These are things we must ask ourselves and it’s very important, why?
It’s the reason I exist and do this, because if I don’t resonate, if I don’t know how to resonate, if I’m not sure that I am resonating, then I could be stuck in a belief that might take me in the wrong direction. In other words, what if I’m wrong?
That first thought you get when reading something or listening to someone that is your resonant truth, anything after that that, Ego will start arguing with you or convince you of what it wants. Problem is, and you know this, you have experienced this is that the first thought sometimes doesn’t feel right, isn’t logical, doesn’t make sense, and in that split second of doubt, Ego will take over. This is what is the most challenging part of practicing discernment, to take/accept the first thought and hold on to it no matter how stupid it sounds, how unbelievable it might be or how ridiculous it could be.
This is why we are not always connected, if we lose contact, we can’t hold on to that thought for very long, the longer you are connected, the more relaxed you can be about your choice/decision, this is something that we all need to be aware of, nothing more or less.
Discerning and resonating all come down to the same thing: feeling. Each one of us is different/unique, therefore our experience of discernment or resonating with truth is different, but we often fool ourselves by not paying attention and often enough it’s really the Ego that likes what it hears and we just accept that as something that resonates with us.
This is my way, it’s not your way, it’s my truth not your truth, but it has worked for me for many years, and when I’m not sure, I know I’m disconnected and wait until I’m connected again and then ask again.

Thanks to Ines at:


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