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Posted on November 9, 2014 by Ines

The matrix structure is designed for us to believe that we are merely bodies being shuffled from a cradle to a grave and what happens on the conveyor belt in between is called ‘life’. In mainstream society we’re given the choice of believing that at the end of this life we either cease to exist or we become subject to some patriarchal God who loves us so much he is quite prepared to send us into the fires of hell if we don’t bow the head and bend the knees.
I rejected both choices from an early age, they just seemed so ridiculous and it was after my journey began in 1990 that I found answers that made sense. I realized that what we call Creation is made up of infinite frequencies and dimensions all sharing the same space. They’re like the radio and television stations broadcasting to where you are now.
They are around you and inside your body, but not consciously interfering with you or each other because they’re all on different frequencies. These different worlds can share the same space because they are resonating at different frequencies.
The matrix power structure wants the population to perceive only the world of five senses, and our societies are almost entirely aimed at entrancing the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.
People are much easier to control when they are detached from higher sources of information, intuition and inspiration. This was the motivation behind the creation of this Matrix, the one that dominates the schools and universities to this day.
Animals don’t experience this process, watch television or go to school and university so they retain their ability to see beyond the frequency range of human sight. We will often see cats reacting to what appears to be ‘empty space’ . What’s wrong with the cat? people ask. Nothing is wrong. The cat is just seeing something you can’t see in a frequency range beyond your five senses. They have sixth sense, they know when things are happening. But this potential is suppressed in most humans.
After my awakening in 1990, I began to regain some of the abilities that lie dormant in humans until they are triggered, and these have continued to expand. One aspect of this is to know something. You don’t know how you know, you just do. It’s not arrogance that says, “I know everything and you don’t”. It’s a state beyond mind, thought or emotion. You just know from somewhere very deep. When I have that feeling of just knowing, my body resonates in a particular way. I have thought things that were not right, but thought is a much lower level of perception, as we shall see. A ‘knowing’ has never let me down and this has proven invaluable in charting a path through all the disinformation that comes from all sides as I seek to uncover the truth of what is really happening behind the veil of mass media, and news for the masses.
How many people who dismiss all this illusion stuff as crazy know they don’t even see with their eyes? They ‘see’ with their brain. That’s the only place the ‘world’ you think is ‘around’ you now exists. This is mainstream science and not just my opinion. Our eyes only transform light into electrical signals that are constantly delivered to the brain for interpretation. This ‘visible light’ is confined to a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum which is, itself only 0.005% of the matter/energy in the known universe.
It is within this tiny frequency range that we decode light into ‘physical reality’ . The eyes don’t send images to the brain of 3D street scenes or forests or children playing in the playground, or anything else that we think we are seeing outside of us. They send electrical signals. Only when the brain decodes these signals into a 3D reality does the world we believe is ‘around’ us actually exist.
There is no world around us as we perceive it, everything is all happening in our brains, or at least at one level of the illusion it is.
As you look at the monitor it certainly appears to be outside of you, but it only exists in your head-and as a ‘physical body’ so do you. The way the monitor looks are electrical signals decoded by your brain and it’s the same when you hear, smell or taste.
The ear, like all the sense organs, converts vibrations into electrical signals that are sent to the brain for interpretation into sounds. Noise is in your head. There aren’t even any colors, except as neurons firing in a certain way. Colors are just different wavelengths that the brain decodes from the ‘white’ light in the electromagnetic spectrum. We only see what the brain tells us that we see and as experiments have shown, that is decided by what we believe we see.
There is no such thing as ‘the’ universe because there’s a universe inside every brain, each with a different perception. The electrical path of a single thought can now be tracked by the latest scanning technology, and what we believe dictates which path is taken.
Note that word ‘believe’. We can now begin to appreciate the deeper reasons behind the matrix of domination and control of the ‘education’ and media, especially television. If they can implant in human minds a set of programmed beliefs about the world and what is real, those beliefs will edit, via the brain, what people ‘see’.
This editing process will create reality to match what they believe they should be seeing. What we think we see is dictated by preconceived ideas and that’s why the system is constantly seeking to implant them. The Matrix system implants false beliefs that cause the brain to decode electrical signals to fit the beliefs.
So what is real? Whatever you believe it is or can be manipulated to believe it is. For instance, we’re programmed to believe in the scarcity of food, resources and water. But how can there be scarcity in an illusion? Only if you believe in it.
Albert Einstein said that we don’t observe nature as it actually exists, but nature exposed to our methods of perception. The theories determined what we could or could not observe. But he could have gone further and said that there is no nature as it “actually exists”, except as illusion.
We’re in a hypnotic trance every bit as much as any subject sitting in front of a hypnotist, even more so, in fact, because you only have one hypnotist working on you for a short time. In everyday life, we’re all being bombarded with hypnotic implants.
We don’t have to seek enlightenment and truth, we’re already enlightened. We just have to wake-the-fuck-up, break out of the trance and remember who we are.
R. D. Laing said: “If I do not know I know, I think I do not know” or “We forget something; then we forget we have forgotten”. My partner tells me I should write everything down into my journal so I don’t forget, problem is; I forget to write it down into the journal.  This basically sums up how our consciousness got caught in the illusion.
In one of the books of Carlos Castaneda, he quotes his shaman source; Don Juan as saying: “We are perceivers. We are awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity. We are boundless. WE, or rather our reason, forget and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.”
I didn’t study physics or science but even I can see a contradiction here. How can something that is not solid be the building blocks that construct this ‘solid wall’  I am looking at now?
It can’t–our brains do it. With the emergence of quantum physics, science had to concede that atoms are not solid. The atoms that are made of ‘physical’ matter are overwhelmingly ‘empty’.
If an atom was the size of a stadium, the nucleus would be the size of your thumbnail. The rest is empty to the perception of the five senses because it consists of energy vibrating on wavelengths higher than the ‘physical’ , and even the particles are found to be empty as you go deeper into the subatomic realm.
Nothing is solid, not the buildings, cars, mountains or your body structure, it’s all an illusion.
If you find this hard to swallow, think of your dreams. You dream in 3D images yet no one claims they are solid do they? This reality is the same–a dreamworld that we believe to be real.
Oneness is Infinite Possibility with a limitless imagination to manifest anything and everything.
Soon, the veil be lifted, the matrix of domination and control will dissolve, until then we have to know of our abilities and true selves. We are a computer with a virus running to keep us believing/seeing a certain way, once the veil is lifted from this prison planet, and the virus is removed, we will be able to imagine and create anything we desire. This implant in our brain is like malware, your computer still functions but the malware keeps taking you to certain websites or insists on inserting programs to suit it’s agenda.
Until then, everything you do not want in your life should be thought as: “This is not part of my reality”. It’s called overwriting the program because currently we are not able to in this matrix, the main program is running for everyone in a collective, but we as individuals can overwrite the program so as not to cause the progression to our blindness and belief systems. We’re basically plugged into the reality they want us to believe, but the good news is that the veil is thinning, the grids are being removed one by one. Some call this ascension, the event, the tsunami of love, I like to call it reintegration of our fragmented parts together and become the gods that we are, always have been and always will be.
Wake up, time to party, get out the balloons we’re about to go on a wild ride home.

Thanks to Ines at:


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