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ROGER ON THE BAT PHONE : Heads up … New Karen Hudes Interview

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ROGER ON THE BAT PHONE : Heads up … New Karen Hudes Interview

Posted by HATTER on November 10, 2014
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Great info, but do we trust Karen ?

1. Self confessed Kharzarian.
2. 20 years on board of World Bank.
3. Admits to be working to ‘keeping on tract’ works and plans of Jacek Kuglar. (Author and architect of ‘the War Ledger’ ….and ‘Power Transmission Models’ (the original blue-prints for orchestrating all wars and Geo-political hireracy ) since the 1950s till recently.
Kuglar was Working for US DoD and with Kissinger! (The prince of darkness himself)-
– wow , great company u keep Karen.
Listen how she reveals her knowledge of how, they in the DoD used their supercomputers to simulates wars and ‘power transition’ in 300 different scenarios.
Do we believe some poor soul has recently donated a heart to her ?


Karen Hudes brings us breaking news in the two part radio interview shown below where she joins Flow of Wisdom Radio to announce new information from a China source which confirms what she has been saying over the last months, verifying the “new coalition” to bring back the rule of law.

 Hudes discusses correspondence she has just received from her sources in China, specifically the assistant to president of the WCT foundation who is involving the Governor of Taiwan’s Central Bank. 

 This is definitely a must-listen to interview.



Thanks to Hatter at:

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