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Hey Judge Anna…Give me a break!

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1 Hey Judge Anna…Give me a break! on Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:18 pm



Hey Judge Anna…Give me a break!

Posted on November 11, 2014 by arnierosner

Hey Judge Anna…Give me a break!
On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 11:03 PM, Arnie Rosner wrote:
Dear friends…
Was it something I said?
It would be so refreshing if we could all take the time to profit from the point of views expressed so we can formulate a strategic approach to resolving this matter.
If you can hold off for a moment…let us review what we have.

  1. There is a mostly foreign owned corporation pretending that Washington, D.C. is the seat of the government of the American people.  This corporation, chartered in France, is currently defunct.  As I believe understand this, the members of Congress are all members of the board of directors.  However, the company involved is still defunct.
  2. This defunct company is currently controlled by another mostly foreign controlled corporation by the name of the United Nations, INC.
  3. Neither of these companies are the lawful governments of the American people.
  4. There may be various entities posing as lawful governments but at best they can only be called de facto; they are in place under threat of force of arms.  Their actions carry no force of Constitutional law.
  5. I must conclude from the above, America has been invaded by foreign agents who have succeeded in over-throwing the lawful government of the American people through unconstitutional means.  The Americans in the jurisdiction of the land, are either a captive nation of a foreign or criminal entity or we have no lawful government.
  6. If we the people have no lawful government, we need not be concerned about taking lawful actions to address unlawful behavior of criminal impersonators, acting as part of the judiciary.  However,
  7. Before selecting such a choice, would we not be better advised to at least test the theory the Army is obligated to protect the American citizens.  To extract Rod Class using military intervention.  Should this not be addressed by the Provost Martial General,  Major General David E. Quantock – Provost Marshal General of the Army
  8. We are the civil authority regardless of outcomes described above.  Are we not incumbent to call for military intervention?
    My 2 cents.
    The truth,,,,takes so few words to express!
    Available 24/7 -
    714-501-8247 – mobile

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Hey Judge Anna…Give me a break!


Common Law Grand Jury

The fourth and independent 

branch of government. 

Wrong.  The United States of America, Inc.chartered in Delaware is defunct --- the UNITED STATES, INC. which is a French corporation has just applied for bankruptcy (for a second time) and the World Court is considering whether or not to grant its petition --- and yet another version, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,INC. organized under the auspices of the United Nations city-state and the UN CORPORATION is just getting started.  
The "Congress" will be whores and function as a BOD for whichever corporation pretends to be the successor to the commercial contract for governmental services. 
You are getting confused again.  
The "lawful government" of the American People hasn't functioned since 1865.  That is the last time that members of Congress assembled and acted as DEPUTIES of the People--- that is, as individuals liable as fiduciary officers---and conducted business in behalf of real people.  
Ever since then, members of Congress have eschewed the public offices that they are elected to serve, and have instead occupied look-alike, sound-alike private corporate offices as "REPRESENTATIVES" of the People---- a completely different role in which they bear no fiduciary responsibility and wield no power as a sovereign government.  They have ruled over a kingdom of en legis entities, and via "statutory law" imposed on all these "citizens made of paper". 
They act merely as officers of a corporation --- a governmental servies corporation that is claiming to be the literal owner of all other "US corporations" --- including all the citizens made of paper-----and successor to the services part of the equity contract penned by our ancestors over two centuries ago known as The Constitution for the united States of America, by which nine of the original 13 and eventually all the "States" agreed to receive nineteen enumerated services from a governmental services company they set up to provide those services.  
The original service company dba the United States (Company) went bankrupt in 1863, the second went bankrupt in 1933 as you know, and the third is trying to go bankrupt as we speak, and a fourth has appeared ready to take over the reins of what POSES as our government.
The problem is that Americans have not seen through this ruse of semantic deceits based on similar sounding names and offices, and have failed to force the Congress to occupy the offices they are elected to serve--- as DEPUTIES.  We've slept on and on and let imposters operating foreign jurisdictions take over and we've let them rule the roost.
At the close of the Civil War the Southern States were under military occupation and the Northern States were bankrupt.  The Union Army was in control functioning under the Lieber Code.  President Andrew Johnson declared three times that the American States on the Land were at peace, and so we are, but the United States which represents the jurisdiction of the united States on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways NEVER declared peace. It is still at war.  And as a result, the Union Army has NEVER retired from the Battlefield--- our nation.  
This situation led to the Hague Conventions after the First World War.  The Grand Army of the Republic and its modern-day successors are required to protect all the non-combatant civilians and to leave our property unharmed until such time as our civil government resusitates and a "general peace" is declared.  Our true civil government couldn't recoup because the People haven't been able to tell the difference between the government they are owed and the "government" they've got.  The People haven't organized and fronted a sovereign government entity for 150 years, mostly because of bankruptcy fraud and fraud based on similar names that has kept everyone thinking that their "government" is constantly being bankrupted.  The thing being bankrupted is merely a governmental services corporation, NOT our government. 
Those people sitting in "Congess" are not OUR deputies, they are not acting in any public office whatsoever.  They are acting as elected Board Members who are supposed to represent the various States and oversee the operations of the governmental services corporation. 
Can't you see the difference?  One head, three hats.  The public office is never occupied, only private offices since 1865.  They only call themselves "Congressmen".  They operate entirely under the jurisdiction of the sea, not the land.  They claim to "represent" us, not act as our deputies.  
To "represent" can mean almost anything.  They could hold our proxy, if we ever knowingly gave it to them.  They could "represent" us like actors on a stage.  They could be servants acting under our direction to pay a bill. 
A representative is free to "represent" however he or she will.   A deputy has the burden of accountability and fiduciary obligations.  
So the Congress has simply slipped the noose and refused to do its job for a century and a half and all those that we have trusted to run our government have instead run amok. And the People, mistaking this THING, this corporation in DC as their "government" have failed to function appropriately in response. 
AS for the Provost Marshal, unfortunately, he is an attorney and a Bar Member--- the same people who have brought all this muck and deceit to our shores----and your cries will go unanswered until you start calling upon the District Coast Guard Commanders and complaining that the lawyers are acting as foreign predators---pirates invading the land jurisdiction of the American States wrecking havoc upon the peaceful civilians that these same Coast Guard Commanders are supposed to protect us against. 
But in point and fact, Rod Class hasn't even claimed to be an American State Citizen ---- yet.  He is letting THEM "interpret" him and his standing as that of a "US CITIZEN" --- and a corporate officer merely "representing" chattel belonging to the "RODNEY CLASS ESTATE" which they formed under Washington DC Statute Chapter 2 Vital Statistics Section 7-201, paragraph 10, and which they are now prosecuting to the fullest extent of their law. 
Make no mistake--- if he doesn't object and claim his birthright and object to any idea that he is in any state of "rebellion" or "subject" to their law and object to any idea that he is an officer responsible for administration of the "RODNEY CLASS ESTATE" ---- they will chew him up into little pieces, spit him out into their federal penitentiary system --- hit his ESTATE for their expenses to do this, and profit from his imprisonment.  
This is how it REALLY works---- and this is the only REAL answer --- to stand upon the truth and who you really are. 
The living man "rodney class" is absolutely immune to any prosecution under any statutory law whatsoever and he is not responsible for the existence or operation of any Washington, DC "trust" merely named after him.  He did not knowingly consent to its creation, doesn't condone its existence, doesn't own it, doesn't profit by it, doesn't operate it, and since he was never fully informed about any aspect of the ESTATE they created "in his name" he could not possibly knowingly function as an accommodation party in behalf of the RODNEY CLASS ESTATE, either. 
Instead of weaseling around and lying and pretending to be a "US citizen" owed "equal civil rights" --- that is, pretending to be a slave owned by the UNITED STATES, INC. ---- he needs to claim his Natural and Unalienable Rights as a peaceful living American State Citizen flying the Civil Flag of The United States of America (Major) and standing on the land jurisdiction of the united States of America.  
As such he is immune from prosecution as a foreign state citizen. 

He can also by-pass the whole court process and appeal directly to Congress and expose this whole baileywick.  

That's what I would do in his shoes. 

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