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MUST SEE VIDEO:"Bannered Death Warrant"(VIDEO)

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Bannered Death Warrant.

11/11/14   Jim's Rant For The Day.


I have just listened to the 40 minute reading of the Quo Warranto as served by the National Liberty Alliance to all U.S. Courts and judges today. WOW! This is what we have been waiting for. It is a death warrant for all those that are served one and ignore it.
Until this day all awakened Americans were awake alone. We were not united. I guess that we were afraid, and rightly so, that if we organized the Cabal would infiltrate our ranks and destroy our organization from within. This has long been their tactic. Under normal times, a unifying group would form from the masses and then come together to record on paper all of our grievances and plans to overcome those grievances. But in the past sixty years or so the Cabal would destroy the organization to prevent the recording on paper step thus leaving the organization time to fall apart from lack of movement.
However, in the case of National Liberty Alliance, they have taken a much different tack. They remained at a minimum number of members and pounded out their “Declaration of Independence” in the form of a slow fused Death Warrant, and it is a Death Warrant that all awakened Americans can rally be behind.

Most major societal upheavals have sprung up under some sort of banner: our own Declaration of Independence, the image of the Alamo, and the resounding “Let them eat cake” of the French Revolution. But the most organizing banner is the written document that invites all that read it to be immediately prepared to face death in order to support it, such as Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, being nailed to the church door in 1517, inspiring many to risk eternal damnation in their revolt against the all powerful Catholic Church.
Not only is the Quo Warranto a beautifully restatement of our present grievances against our government, it is also backed by the leading case sites that legal people have ingrained in them. That is hard to overcome even if you receive a paycheck that pays you to overlook those cases. I highly suggest that all of us view this document as it will become most important in our lives. Perhaps loved ones may die for this document! We at least owe them that.

Earlier I said that the Quo Warranto was a “slow fused Death Warrant.” It is a death warrant because the receiver must either respond and refute it or is bound by it under law for not responding. It is a slow fuse in that if the Ntional Liberty Alliance does not have the muscle to initiate arrests then the next more powerful organization that comes along will most assuredly pick up their Quo Warranto banner and continue to carry it until the force is put behind it. You don't throw away a masterpiece; it lives on it's own.

Things are really heated up now.
       Quo Warranto        45 Minute Video:





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