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Posted on November 14, 2014 by Ines

The word ascension to some means freedom, to others a process that requires raising our vibration to higher frequencies and thus Ascending to higher realms, some even believe they will leave the planet and that 5th dimension is another reality.
It can get really confusing for those just starting their journey. For a newbie just discovering they have been duped and are trying to fit all the pieces together, the word discernment is foreign. How does someone just starting their journey resonate with truth when they are still saturated with dogma, programming and false beliefs?
Perhaps we should start thinking about giving Ascension a different name because the word Ascension actually means going upwards, and we are not going anywhere, we are staying here on the planet, at least I know I am.
According to Wikipedia: Ascension may refer to:

  • Ascension, moving upwards in climbing and mountaineering
  • Right ascension, astronomical positions in the sky
  • Religion

    • Ascension (mystical), the belief in some religions that there are certain rare individuals that have ascended into Heaven directly without dying first
    • Ascension of Jesus, the bodily ascension of Jesus into heaven
      So there you have it, going to heaven without dying. We are not going to heaven, we are creating Heaven on Earth, there we really need to stop using this word, but for the sake of this post, will continue to use the word here.

Many people have fears and misconceptions about what Ascension really is, hell, I can’t say for sure either but I know that my soul, the Soul that I am; took me on a trip to Source during a Near Death Experience in 1985 during the delivery of my son via C-Section. My heart had stopped for 12 minutes and it was then I learned that I am not my body; I am Soul and for a few brief minutes existed as a multi-dimensional being, fully aware and knew that I would always return when I wanted to.
It’s that ‘just knowing’ I often talk about, so that feeling of experience in an Ascended state is familiar to me. Some people think that Ascension means rising up with their physical body, but this is not the case. We have had thousands of years in this bodysuit to Ascend that way and to this day I have not heard of anyone ascending to another place, if they have you would certainly hope they left a note behind: “Dear loved ones, my time has come and I chose to Ascend, please don’t worry, and see you soon”.
Two thousand years ago, people could have ascended that way because the vibratory level that we contained could not sustain the frequency of Light, but we have evolved since then, believe it or not.
Ascension is about re-integrating the higher self together with the body and soul. As we were genetically tampered with over time, the bodysuit could no longer hold the higher self so the separation happened. Was it done on purpose through genetic manipulation? I can’t say, but the Wingmaker material points to modifications of the bodysuit for the purpose of keeping us ignorant and disconnected from Source.
That re-integration/Ascension will happen when all the factors come together such as Gaia choosing the right time, her trajectory and position in the Galactic Arm/Center, our awakening and removal of the veil.
Once this happens, we will experience the instant feeling of joy, unconditional love and unity consciousness. In a blink of an eye as higher-self returns to the body/being we will remember everything, the past, the present, our purpose, who we are, who we were and everything in our personal akash, planetary and galactic akash. In other words we will create our own heaven on Earth. We will be in planetary service so our needs and desires will no longer be as important as our desire to serve All that is.
Not everyone will stay here. According to Dolores Cannon and other soul regression therapists: billions of souls volunteered to come to Earth at this time when the call went out, but only a few million were allowed. Souls that were highly evolved and that could handle the extreme conditions on Earth along with the darkness, the lower densities. We knew we would have to reincarnate many many times to raise the frequency of the Planet, but something went wrong with the plan and quarantine was placed around Earth and we became trapped.
Michael Tsarion explains this very well and once I do the research, going to put something together about this quarantine and how it came about.
People here on the planet are not yet aware they agreed to come, those of us that volunteered came from different parts of the multi-verse and it is my understanding that once we complete the work and Gaia brings us into the 5th dimensional reality, most of us will return to our homes. Of course, we all have free will and that means we choose if we want to stay or leave.
People often say to me that they are not doing what they came here to do, but out of necessity must work in a job they hate or they will tell me they are not happy in their relationships and know it’s not right for them but they don’t have the courage to leave or change their situation.
I answer back by saying that we are all doing what we should be doing. Some of us came to create chaos, some to bring unhappiness, some to bring massive earth changes and destruction to the planet, not all of us agreed to come here and do good work. It’s part of our agreement, we had to create a problem in order for someone else to create a solution, this is what our governments do when they want to create more stricter laws. We have to do whatever it takes to get people to wake up.
Without wars, we would not be motivated to fight for peace. Without the chains being placed on us we would not fight for freedom.
I realize that many people still have a problem accepting that some souls came to be part of genocide, to be victims of wars. I still have a problem with that too because of the suffering they have to go through and because it just seems crazy that we would agree to this, but we must realize that we are souls using these bodies here temporarily and without the conflicts and constant wars we may never have started to question why. It is through the conflicts and wars that many people found out the truth about the Matrix and the system of domination and control so we must know and understand that things are evolving as they should.
At Ascension/re-integration the body will turn into light, a sort of matt finish light, some call it this crystalline body as all matter disintegrates going into the higher frequencies.
I had a lucid dream last year where I was transforming and looking at myself, first lifting one hand and watch it change into light, and then I would look around me and watch how objects started to fade in and out and eventually just disappear. Everything that was inorganic or man-made disappeared. All that was left was natural objects, plants, trees, stones, people and the rest of living organisms.
This is the time when we should be preparing for the changes, as the quarantine around earth starts to fade out or thin out, we will be closer to or have better access/uninterrupted access to our higher selves. You may get messages incoming and it may be from your higher self or a fracture of your Soul. Part of our Soul stays behind the veil, a highly evolved soul can fragment into many parts and live out parallel lives but part of us remains on the other side to ensure we come back or ensure that we will remember to come home. Archons want to steal our souls as they are soulless, they are jealous of us because of that.
According to John Lamb Lash, the archons are a celestial error, while Aeon Sophia plunged into the Pleroma so excited about her creation Earth, she dove into the Pleroma wanting to become Earth and while she plunged some sort of energy burst happened and the Archons came to be. It makes sense, but can’t prove or disprove this theory, but I have been following Johns work for almost 10 years so he’s pretty good at interpreting the Gnostic texts.
Our challenge is to prepare, but we don’t know what to prepare for. Nobody knows for sure how the events will take place, will there be a great earth shifting, shaking, we don’t know, so it’s good to be ready in case of a power outage or some natural event that will shut down everything. I have prepared for 1 year of food, water, medicine, basic items needed when there is no power, seeds, some indoor lights in case volcanos block the sun, I hope I never have to use it, but it’s a nice feeling to know that should something happen we can survive for a while.
Someone said to me once: “You know, this is actually hell. We are fooling ourselves and in denial that we are living on Earth, this is hell and not a place where humans can find happiness”.
Maybe he’s right! The illusion is far reaching, maybe this is hell, maybe there is a place where our challenge is to turn this hell into heaven?
We can do this if we want to bad enough, but the one event that will happen is our graduation into a higher density and dimension.
The 1% not only have all the money and power, but all the evil. 99% of us against them sounds so simple doesn’t it, but they did a great job of separating us, before anything happens we have to unite. Didn’t John Lennon sing that song “Let’s come Together?”
The joke is on us, we’re gods, everyone wants to be like us in the multi-verse, we’re royalty in the planetary scheme of things, when are we going to wake up and realize this?
I was listening to a presentation that Omnec made in Norway at the UFO Conference a few weeks ago. She claims to be here for the purpose of educating us, her story is contradictory or opposite to what Yellow Rose for Texas is saying, Tolec from Andromeda Council predicted that we would ascend in the January of this year, then in spring, then there was a problem. We have hundreds of people explaining Ascension and more predicting when it will happen, yet most of these people already failed their first predictions. So which is it?
Who is trying to confuse us? Who are the disinformation agents? If there is only one truth and one way out of this mess, then who is the one that is telling us the truth? I am putting forth these questions to you, I have my own theory and belief as explained above. I have been having dreams and visions for years, my higher self-sending me visual images for me to interpret. The date isn’t important to me, I am ready for it today or in 10 years, and my only challenge at this current reality is to stay as healthy as I can because I want to live through this exciting period. I feel it’s very soon and I mean soon before 2017, but something big is about to happen by the end of this year, whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we prepare for everything.
The Cabal is burning up as they lose their dark connections, they may go for broke and put out the worse of weapons, anything is possible, but remember this: You are a Soul, an immortal soul using this bodysuit to have an Earth experience.
Something that I wanted to mention about Omnec and what she says about our evolution. Her version of our evolution is really hierarchical, meaning we start at one point and work our way upwards. She claims that we must be everything before we become humans, minerals, rocks, trees, every single plant, every single animal and that once we have completed ALL those experiences that we can only then incarnate as humans. I have a problem with this, it reminds me a lot Buddhism and if we are free will souls and have the right to choose, I just don’t see how this law would apply then, in essence we are not controlling our destiny.
Just wanted to add that in, look her up if you have not heard about her or watch her recent video from Norway.
On November 11, our cat and dog were acting very strange. Typically they are very vocal when they need something, Leo our cat will meow when he needs fresh water or food or clean litter. Max our dog as well will go to his bowl and whine or park himself at the start of the stairs signaling he needs to go outside. On that day, our pets did not eat or drink all day. In fact, we were worried half way through the day because they were not even drinking water. Both slept most the day and were very lethargic, I know it had to do with incoming energies, but I would go as far as saying that they were in essence filtering that energy for us.
Did anyone else have any interesting experiences on that day?
I love you all.

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Posted on November 14, 2014 by Ines
It’s time to change the process we are about to go through and it’s not Ascension. We’re not ascending or leaving this planet, rather it is here we are creating heaven on Earth. Anyone that wants to Ascend go for it, but I don’t plan on leaving.
Hell, we in the truth movement can’t even agree to what happens to us (the soul) after it leaves the body. So many theories and smart assess abound and each channel gets different information from their contact as well.
We can agree that we are SOULs. We can agree that the soul leaves the body at the moment of birth or shortly before. It may go directly back to source or join it’s other parts if you believe the soul (I AM) can fragment into many entities and exist in parallel realities; so you can be exist as more than one human on this timeline. I have lucid dreams and see myself in different situations, which I have concluded that they are parallel lives and that I AM exists in many different experiences.
Some believe that the soul gets trapped in the 4th dimension or the astral planes and for many years I believed that but more and more I am inclined to think that the soul cannot be trapped or fooled. The soul in it’s purest form is light/energy that contains all of it’s existences, how can it be so dumb to get stopped by false light entities or greeted by people we knew while alive in our physical bodies.
For instance, Cameron Day writes that upon leaving the body we enter the astral plane where we hang out for a few days as we shed our earthly energy and start forming new light bodies, and here someone familiar or Jesus if we are Christians greet us so we are not shocked by the death experience. If we left body as a soul and took our physical brain with us, I can see how that might make sense.
We are not actually leaving the body, we are freeing ourselves from the burden of a lower density body, but once we are free or back in our original form of light energy; we also freed ourselves from the limiting beliefs we carried while in that body. As a light/energy the soul (I AM) is no longer in forget mode, our memory at soul level contains all the knowledge of ALL that is, it is only when we take on form such as a body or mineral or animal in lower density that we are not able to take our soul memories with us because they can’t exist in a lower dimension or density.
It’s like an alien from higher 5th of 6th dimension could not appear on earth or land here without having to make some kind of adjustment to their body form. They have to take on some kind of form because most of us can’t see them.
Michael Newton in his books quite vividly describes his patient’s journeys once they die and leave the body. All souls are completely aware of who they are and once they leave the body. Younger souls do get greeted most often by people they knew on Earth in different lifetimes because they are new at it, and depending on how they died, their soul is traumatized or in shock for a while, so they go through a clearing process.
These souls all talk about going home, a place to recover after they have been greeted, they can pick another lesson/journey, take a vacation from experiencing anything; but in essence the process he describes is the same for everyone.
Assuming all 10,000+ of Dr. Newton’s cases were telling him the truth, this doesn’t sound like a karmic trap at all. None of his patients talk about anyone greeting them and encouraging them to come towards a light or returning to Earth to clear their karma.
In fact it’s the opposite, the only help a soul gets is as soon as it arrives as some may be disoriented, but from there they are given choices and most just know the routine. Of course there is a purpose for reincarnating and that is experience ALL that is, to get to know god and the more we experience, the higher we evolve and get closer to god. Dr. Newton doesn’t mention souls choosing to reincarnate as plants, animals or any other living organism.
Edgar Cayce never mentioned past lives as animals or any other living organism either. Omnec Onec speaks about our evolution that she came here to teach as a systematic process that every soul must go through. According to her, a soul must go through all the dimensions of experience and must experience every living organism before being able to experience a human body. She says that once we achieve being humans, we have achieved the highest form of soul evolution.
The soul separates itself from the body, we call this death. Death becomes the starting point of another life/existence. Death is like sleep. Birth is like waking up.
If you can free yourself from birth and death, you will become body-less. According to Sami Sivananda: “If you free yourself from likes and dislikes, you will be free from Karma. There are two souls: the human soul and the supreme soul. It’s the human soul that leaves the body and passes through the Central sun for cleansing then merges with the Supreme Soul. The supreme soul is self-consciousness, self-awareness, self-delight, self-knowing and self-existence. It is self-luminous and illumines everything. The supreme soul is formless, attribute-less, all-pervading, indivisible, decay-less, timeless, space-less. It is infinite, eternal and immortal.”
If the soul (I AM ) is all of the above , how can it be fooled by Archons and other dark entities, trapped into their dimension or some astral plane, buy the bullshit and return back to Earth?
This is the question I have been posing myself for a long time now. If the soul (I AM) is consciousness, self-aware, then it would know if it was being fooled would it not?
My NDE didn’t lead me to any astral plane, I didn’t travel through any vortex or have a feeling of being sucked up like most of Dr. Newton’s patients describe. I wasn’t greeted by anyone. According to Dr. Newton, old souls are not greeted by anyone which is cool because it confirms what many people have told me and what I have been feeling. I didn’t get messages of “review your life, look at your mistakes, you still have lessons to learn, you must go back to work on your karma”. I was fully aware of who I was and where I was, it was home, the place of my creation, a familiar place where I return each time I end a life experience. I didn’t travel through any vortex, I simple went from body to being in that state of bliss.
Is it possible that I was able to evade the Lords of Karma? How is that possible if the Earth is quarantined?
Dr. Newton’s patients were greeted but only to those that had sudden or very cruel deaths and the Soul was traumatized in shock or contained energies that needed to be purified. Everything after the greeting was based on choices so there is no evidence in his work that any of his patients were “told” that they must return to pay off their karmic debts.
Another version is that once the soul is entrapped, it is cloned and returned to Earth with it’s memory wiped; and it is recycled for food/energy. This theory is preposterous because you can’t clone a soul and you can’t erase a souls memory because the soul is consciousness of source therefore the soul is untouchable, only Source can end it’s existence.
I do respect Cameron Day’s work, but I am starting to question his explanations. If I can remember correctly he is in contact with higher dimensional beings and can astral travel so this is how he obtained the understanding/knowledge of the Lords of Karma; but how does he know for sure, how do I know for sure that that the entities he connects with are from source? How do we discern something out of our dimension and reality?
Even George Kavassillas was fooled a few years ago. He was really pushing Ascension and claimed to be in contact with beings that told him about this. It turns out, and he admits this that he was compromised and fooled by false light beings.
What is evident to me is that all of the information and theories presented here are not consistent.
One issue with Dr. Newtons work is that he claims he never encountered a patient who had past lives as a bad or evil person and we all know they are good and bad people in existence. Did he choose to only write about the good ones or was he afraid to say that we choose evil roles as well? If we are to experience ALL that is, does that not include killing, murdering, stealing, cheating, lying and a host of negative actions? So his work is either incomplete or dishonest.
Earth is a duality, we set it up that way as an experiment, a planet of free will, we wanted to see how long it would take before we figured out who we really are. How do we learn to love if we don’t learn what fear is? How do we learn humility if we don’t learn what arrogance is?
Maybe we didn’t set it up that way, maybe our alien ancestors that visited and altered our DNA set the negative traits in the DNA to keep us from learning about our true nature and so that we would kill each other and save them time?
If there is a quarantine placed around the planet like Michael Tsarion, David Icke and many others in this field of knowledge claim, then I must ask why Creator would allow this to happen, especially since this was not part of the plan that we agreed to?
It’s my understanding that somewhere in our past, the reptilians defiantly entered  into our solar system and placed this quarantine/veil/grid around the planet and this is how our plan went wrong. We became entrapped; but if this was the case, why didn’t our cosmic family remove the veil?
Soon, all of this will be a moot point, not because it’s irrelevant, far from it; but because regardless of the situation we will eventually free ourselves.
When the soul (I AM) frees itself from this physical body during the process of transmutation, we will immediately become connected to source and will remember everything. All of the questions we currently have will be answered.
If we are powerful as humans and can create our own reality, then how much more powerful is the Soul (I AM) free of this dense body and existing in a higher frequency light body?
Is it possible to entrap the soul in a false reality? Does the soul existing in it’s authentic form not ‘know’ truth from false reality; is it not more intelligent than the Archons?
There are some that claim we have already ascended and that it is a matter of time for the body to adjust to the new dimension. That’s utter bullshit. We are not ascending. Ascension means entering heavenly realms without dying. We are not moving upwards. Why would Gaia exist and go through the trauma for millions of years only to die or be deserted? She’s kept us alive by providing us everything we need for millions of years, why would she do that if there was not a higher purpose to all this and it surely is not departing and leaving her.
Those that want us to Ascend or teach that we will ascend are not of source and do not wish us well. Gaia is the most beautiful planet in this omni-verse, many wars have been fought over her to capture and control, why in the hell would we want to abandon her?
We are in the process of transmutation. Ascension is an action, transmutation is a process. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, transmutation means:
a) an act or instance of changing
b) the evolutionary change of one species into another
c) the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially
As Gaia travels towards the galactic center and goes through the most energetic part of the photon belt, she will trans mutate in a higher dimensional being. We will also trans mutate out of our dense matter bodies into light beings, we will re-integrate our entity with our higher selves and in that moment of complete transmutation we become all knowing consciousness. For starters we will get crystalline bodies so that we can identify ourselves with something we are used to until we get /trans mutate into light beings. Depending on our soul maturity, we will choose to stay on Earth and continue our evolution or return to the places we came from. As we get used to our new bodies it will then according to our soul maturity evolve into light bodies and we will become light with color by which we will identify each other from newborn souls to ancient souls.
We will no longer exist in a hierarchical system but we will have elders/mentors teaching the less experienced.
How divine is that?

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