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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : This place is designed to drive people insane

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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : This place is designed to drive people insane

Posted by HATTER on November 17, 2014

“Azazel” Alexander (planet Mars) created the human avatar as a mix of man’s dna and ‘hugga’ snake. (aslo called : Nuwa, Nagga, Amorite) He created the Vatican (Covens of Azazel) who by coven law, promoted him. When promoted, by coven law the name is changed. (“Saul became Paul”) He is “Arch Angel Michael” now. This is why he’s over the chakra system that he implanted into us as a entrance point for the parasites to easier possess or feed off of us. When you meditate, you are in service to self, and are speaking to the reptile implant in the brain. “Kundalini” makes the snake rise and take over the vehicle. So, to answer your question, none of it is good.
Many are allies. The problem was the ‘org’s’ which were built to be the tool of the Vatican. Doesn’t matter which ‘org’ you go to, it is connected to the company store system. Its a dual operation. On the face, it would appear ‘good’ but on the back side of things, it was heavily controlled by the e.f.
“Lilith” was exiled from the underworld because she removed the real esoteric laws. Q. Elizabeth is her avatar here. They’ve been pulling books, since the early 1900′s. Its been a long road. We’re almost home now, though.

It makes the most sense that its depicting EVE in the middle of the earth!!!!
I saw that face too
cool, huh?
Yes, we’re close. Just hang in there. They are unsoldering.
What are you doing when you meditate? Whom do you serve? No one but yourself, is the answer. What is service to self? Serving no one else but yourself.  Here, though, you have a reptile brain. It is what you connect with when you meditate. So, If you meditate for hours each day, you ‘feed the snake’ for hours each day.
No, I’m not the gospel, and you’re right people should investigate things themselves. However, when they “investigate” with the only tools here given which are the enemy’s propaganda books, that is when they get caught back up in the bs of ’92% sacred light” and “Zen” and all the rest of their bs. It was virtually impossible, to get all the information all the time all correct and thats even when being told things point blank simply because of the sabotage to the mind. Although in this last year as the enemy’s mechanisms have broken down, it is better than it was.
As for knowing what is what, that is actually something that occurs when the veil lifts. You want answers now, many of us do. But the most important message is being sidestepped. Which is : You are leaving. You will know at that time.
This place is designed to drive people insane.
I’ve been here for years, its ending. A grand fanali. The enemy is attempting to rally their forces but there so infighting, that even that doesn’t work for them. Their ground forces, rome, elites, high level gov.’s and corp exec’s are just now catching on, that they have lost. Ed will nova on them. Cant get much more ‘over’ than that!
He (pope) also came out and told people they had lied about the adam and eve story. Then next, he said they lied about Jesus. All the religious people are screaming at him about this. They want their myths. So instead they say he’s evil and their myths are true. Interesting thing here in this prison, is some of our ‘myth’ was history and our ‘given’ history is ‘myth’. Twisted place.
It appears that Coven Ant finally caught on, that the sun is about to NOVA. They are all sh*ting a brick right now. There was word that the state bankers and their crime org’s were having the same response.  Surprised at some of the individuals like Thomas, who don’t catch on that this is an ‘end game’ move. But, they had so many wrapped up in their nets..well..ALL of us wrapped up in their nets…and so few could break through the entrainment programs. The Ashtar command and Nordics got busted the other day, again. I also found out that the ‘allah’ worshipers were worshiping “Baal”. Again, all the name games. “Ba-el King of Hell” is how the hebrew text wrote it. And only a few months ago, did I get another name for Jupiter/Enlil..its “Zule”. “Pazazu” was the Babylon name. Same criminals, different alias’s.

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