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Thrive – Elizabeth Warren – Revisited & Thrive – Caught promoting Elizabeth Warren – Conditioning Americans?

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Thrive – Elizabeth Warren – Revisited

Posted on December 7, 2014 by arnierosner

On Jun 9, 2013, at 12:16 PM, Thrive Movement <> wrote:
Hi Arnie,
There are many issues that are urgent and there is only so much time in the day.  You should check out more on the Thrive website regarding the Thrive position on government in general and I think you will find that the particular’s regarding Obama are only a sub-category.  
Removing Obama only puts in another president, effectively curing the symptom, but leaving the disease untreated. 
Kind regards,  
On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Arnie <> wrote:
Hello Mitch,
Thank you kindly for your courtesy.  
Listen Mitch, not to appear as ungrateful but if Foster and Kimberly do not recognize the critical nature of what is going on, then I have terribly misjudged them. 
You know Mitch, time has pretty much run out. Obama has recognized the people are on to him.  The thugs with whom he works and that includes many members of the de facto government have dramatically accelerated their plans to implement a full take-over of the American Republic by his Marxist regime.  In fact Mitch the situation is reminiscent of what we were told was going in in Nazi Germany as Hitler took power:
and there was no one left
Obama Guilty…Reports the National Report
On second thought Mitch, if this is something Foster and Kimberly have to even think about, then just forget I raised the subject.  I must apologize for even thinking Foster and Kimberly would take such an unpopular stand with the people.
Please wish them both a pleasant day.  You too Mitch…you too.
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Thanks to:

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Thrive – Caught promoting Elizabeth Warren – Conditioning Americans?

Posted on December 7, 2014 by arnierosner
Attention Mitch:
Mr. Rosner’s comments should not be ignored…..All of his opinions are RIGHT ON!!!    We must stop the Treasonous offenses against our Constitution and Obama and his Appointees continuous efforts to destroy our country, our constitution and the lives of all the individuals residing in America, except the Muslims.  For the sake of our country and your fellow Americans use your powerful resources fruitfully.
God Bless and Protect our America.
One man with courage makes a majority.  ~Andrew Jackson
If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.   Thomas Paine, 
The American Crisis, No. 1, December 19, 1776
Suzanne Short

From: “Arnie” <>
To: “Thrive Movement” <>
Sent: Sunday, June 9, 2013 9:37:32 PM
Subject: Re: Good News Update..IS IT?
Dear Mitch,
Thank you again for your cordial response.  Please be assured the complexity of the situation about which you mentioned is well understood.
I accept full responsibility for my failure to convey the seriousness of this matter.  Attempting to rectify my short comings, Perhaps I can now cut to the chase and get down to brass tacks….
Mitch, this is just my opinion, mind you, but the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),
working on behalf of the British Empire’s Financial System placed Obama in office (he was not elected) so he can act as the key in the lock to control American resources, disarm Americans, promote the Islamic Caliphate, and force the entire global population to bend to the will of the one world government, using the US military as the whipping boys.
All of this being carefully  orchestrated through the auspices and under the cover of the United Nations and based upon the political model of collectivism.
Confident of this assessment, the first order of business is to stop the imminent destruction of the Republic.  This must be done by prominent Americans with credibility to expose Obama for what he is…our domestic enemy and our foreign enemy.  
The responsibility to act remains with Congress. Just as soon as Foster and Kimberly step forward and reveal the truth, to the American people, Congress will have no choice but to act.  I will personally take immediate action to call my representative to fulfill his commitment (see letter below). Just to illustrate the point, here is a letter from my Congressman promising to act when this matter comes before the Congress:

Well Mitch…Bottom line…If Foster and Kimberly are the people I think they are, then there is little doubt left as to what must be done.  Certainly by adding their voices to people like this Congressman…

How can we fail?

On behalf of a grateful nation, we ask your assistance and support. 
We ask you to do the right thing for what we all know to be
…the right reasons!
Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

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Thrive – Recognition of corruption and misinformation in Washington. What about fraud?

Posted on December 7, 2014 by arnierosner
On May 28, 2013, at 6:34 PM, Thrive Movement <> wrote:

Elizabeth Warren and Thrive – She does have a nice smile!

Hi Arnie,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.  While we do recognize that corruption and misinformation are rampant in Washington, it doesn’t help if we criticize even if they get it right.  It doesn’t require considering someone one’s friend, or even an ally, to be able to acknowledge a just act. As the old adage goes, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”  But, we do keep similar thoughts to yours in mind as we evaluate work that comes out of the government.
Kind regards,MitchThe THRIVE Team
On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Arnie <> wrote:
One must begin to examine the motives of the Thrive movement.
Regardless of Senator’s appearances as a crusader for justice, her history does not support her current narrative.  Just my opinion mind you, but to me it appears she is being promoted as meriting more responsibility and for higher office.  Isn’t that just so in keeping with the manner in which the NWO folks sell us these defective products?  Marco Rubio sure comes to mind.
Until Americans are mature enough to recognize we have no friends in Washington, then the Muslim take over and the Communist domination of our seats of power will place our future in the hands of these small number of radicalized and immoral individuals.
If you find my comments to be too stark to accept I submit to you the following comments made to Obama with regard to his latest speech of this dater?
One of the world’s most prominent political activists – Medea Benjamin – was escorted out of the room for saying this incredible quote to Obama immediately after he gave a speech today.
Are not these comments of a seemingly helpful well known advocate?Yet in which version of reality is the thinking expressed based?
Do you identify with the visions of our today’s society as described above?
If so…I suggest you look more deeply at the current events as they are and not as represented by the controlled media.
How much more are you prepared to swallow?
At what point will you be prepared to act instead of talk?
Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
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Thrive – Foster’s giving credit to Elizabeth Warren

Posted on December 7, 2014 by arnierosner
On May 28, 2013, at 11:47 PM, Thrive Movement <> wrote:

Elizabeth Warren and Thrive – She does have a nice smile!

Hi Arnie,
Your question was about Foster’s giving credit to Elizabeth Warren credit for one of her acts.  He won’t give her further credit than she’s due, but nor will he deny her credit when she’s doing the right thing.  While the issue of Obama might be a worthwhile narrative to follow, it’s a different issue from Sen. Warren’s single act.
Kind regards,MitchThe THRIVE Team
On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 11:14 PM, Arnie <> wrote:
Hi Mitch,
Good to hear from you.  The courtesy of your response is appreciated.
If times were normal…I would agree with you.
Do you consider times normal when:
The unknown individual acting in the role of president and commander in chief is a usurper?  The most serious responsibility of the president of the American people is to protect them…instead four people lay dead at the hands of this usurper when I believe he gave the order to the rescue crew to stand down.
Per their own statements, the most important role of the FBI is to deal with corruption.  Yet this complaint, with over 3100 signatures has been ignored.  And it is still being ignored. Instead, the FBI is out kidnapping true patriots who are taking on corrupt judges for the benefit of others who could not defend themselves.
What makes this set of circumstances so special Mitch, is In this case, a patriot who was not only illegally kidnapped, but also incarcerated for about 30 days with no due process in an effort to intimidate and coerce him to withdrawal the civil right complaints he filed on behalf of others against corrupt judges.
Mitch, how many people do you know who, just on principle, would go to jail to protect the rights of others?  You call this normal times?
Now Mitch, not meaning to bore you, the list goes on…and on…and on…but come on….! Do you really consider these events and behaviors to represent normal times?
With no disrespect intended, Foster and Kimberly have embarked on what would appear to be a marvelous adventure.  One that has the potential to elevate mankind out of this prison in which many of us find ourselves, by no fault of our own.  Do you not sincerely believe they both also have the responsibility to call a spade a spade?  A liar a liar?  A usurper a usurper?
Fair question?
To his credit Foster did step forward to publicly address the issue of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).   For that, many Americans are grateful.  However, the matter of corruption is so severe too few of any of our recognized American icons, like Foster, will even dare to mention it.
Well I believe Foster is more than a cut above all of the others.  I believe he has the heart and courage to stand with real Americans and to publicly dress down the corrupt complicit media, a Congress which is committing treason with each passing day and an individual I believe is not even an American let alone qualified to lead our nation.
At no other time in recent history has our republic been so threatened.  Is this not the most appropriate time for men of honor, good faith and character to so distinguish themselves?
Is not Foster just such a man?
Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
[url=tel:714-501-8247]714-501-8247[/url] – mobile

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Thrive – Where Does Foster Stand? – Elizabeth Warren; She does have a nice smile!

Posted on December 7, 2014 by arnierosner

Elizabeth Warren and Thrive – She does have a nice smile!

Thank you for your message.  I really appreciate your persistence, tolerance and patience with an old man.
Please accept my apologies for failing to communicate effectively.  I am not an educated person so perhaps I must revert to a very basic level of expressing my thoughts.
The most critical crisis to face our generation is the usurpation of the presidency of the American people by Mr. Obama.  What is even more troubling is that the Congress, aided and abetted Obama in committing this egregious crime.
Congress, supposedly representing the people of America, failed in honoring their oaths of office and have violated their basic fiduciary responsibilities as trustee’s of the public trust by not acting to protect the Constitution.
As a result, the members of Congress are engaged in committing treason against the American people…every day!
However, as bad as it may seem it is actually worse…In investigating this strange set of circumstances, we have learned that in about 1865, during the presidency of Mr. Lincoln, the Lieber Code was implemented; the people of America were placed under martial law.  We the people have been under martial law ever since.
Now if I may, permit me to put the ‘good‘ Ms Warren accomplished about which Foster and you, on behalf of Thrive, elected to recognized as something worthy of commendation, in perspective with, what seems to me to pale in comparison.  You see Mitch, the execution of the gross criminal attack on the liberty of the American people by Obama and rest of what we believed was our lawful government seem much more significant.
And you see Mitch, many of us have come to understand the American people have been deliberately mislead and deceived about people in Washington DC.  We now understand they for the most part are actors, and impersonating the lawful officers of the American people’s government.
Mitch…they are committing treason against the American people.

Looking at the bigger picture, the ‘good’ Foster chose to highlight is like the line posed to Mrs. Lincoln…

“Aside from “that” Mrs. Lincoln…how did you enjoy the show?” 
What do you say Mitch…exactly what was Foster’s role is standing up for the one good deed Ms. Warren did right?
The question begs to be asked because we have seen this manipulative tactic used over and over and over again.  Fox News, Many of the talking heads…Glenn Beck….
People who had earned the respect of the people as a result of creating the impression of telling the truth.  Then we we thought it was safe to trust them…like Mr. Beck and the ‘birthers,’ Mr. Beck fooled few with his antics to discredit them.
Mitch…I may be a slow learner…I may be uneducated, I may be old and way past my prime..but one thing is for sure…I did not just fall off of a tomato truck.
So the question still stands….just where does Foster stand?
Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
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Thrive – Congressman Bridenstein

Posted on December 7, 2014 by arnierosner
On Jun 9, 2013, at 9:08 AM, Thrive Movement <> wrote:

Elizabeth Warren and Thrive – She does have a nice smile!

HI Arnie,
We’ll do our best to review this material in a timely fashion.  We receive a lot of requests to focus on particular issues and will have to consider this in relation to the many other issues we are looking at.
Kind regards,MitchThe THRIVE Team
On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 8:17 AM, Arnie <> wrote:
Hello Mitch,
Today being the 7th of June, 2013, I am following up to our previous exchange dated June 3rd.  Perhaps I missed your response?   If so…I must apologize for my ineptitude.  Maybe my message was not too clear?
It goes without saying that Foster and Kimberly have already established themselves as being sensitive to the issues facing the global population.  Tyranny is being imposed by the forces of the NWO in an effort to systematically murder or enslave the population of the planet.
Foster and Kimberly have already raised issues of importance.  The mysterious building incidents associated with 911, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) and many other issues of political importance.
Speaking for many global citizens, we appreciate The Gambles lending their substantial credibility to bring focus to these matters.  In that same light, what more nobler gesture is possible that the folks behind the Thrive Movement to ensure that future generations of humanity THRIVE?
Now if it is not asking too much, it would be critical for Foster and Kimberly to also recognize the significance of the most important threat facing humanity today.  We must all take the time to address the cancer that has infected the government of the people of America.
In many people’s minds, Mr. Obama has been established as the clear and present danger to the security of the globe.  It is time all people of respectable reputation and influence; all recognized individuals of honor and integrity, to denounce with outrage the attack on free people with tactics like murder, intimidation and coercion.  With the constant stream of scandals that rock this current administration, there can be little doubt as to what must be done.
Please review these video’s as I expect they will add the insight needed to satisfy any doubts Foster and Kimberly may require to understand the request for them to act in this regard.
Congressman Bridenstine Questions President’s Leadership
Couple arrested at Liberty Bell!
Many people across the globe will appreciate any consideration afforded them in this matter.

Thanks to:


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