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Hobie Responds to Questions About ZAP’s Latest Update

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Hobie Responds to Questions About ZAP’s Latest Update

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2014 by Light Worker 29501

Hobie explains the RV/GCR in easy to understand English. Thanks, Hobie! -LW
So what does any of this have to do with those of us who are not recipients nor are involved in any of this? Hopefully the death of the Corporation and back to the Constitution. I am sick of Obama and his minions.
How does this affect the rest of us?
(hobie here.) I’m not any kind of official spokesperson on all this, but I’ll share with you what is my best impression:
The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar (and other currencies, some apparently in the same ‘basket’ and some not) is the tip of the iceberg on all the other changes you have in mind.
We are apparently about to see new substance-based currencies in a new more transparent global banking system. “Substance-based” means the end of the Federal Reserve System as we have known it, and the dethroning of the folks back of it. With that should come the end of inflation and the end of taxation as we’ve known it.
“Best rumors” have told us that the Federal Reserve was foreclosed on some years ago – Poof said this in his January 15, 2012 newsletter: “As of last night, that was IT, tho the Fed was foreclosed upon 2 years ago, the end came contractually.” And from other sources we’ve heard that the Corp. US charter came to its end and is not being renewed.
Our best impression (from rumors) is that arrests of the bad guys’ lower level minions have already been occurring, leaving the higher level ones without support – and additional arrests, some of them perhaps to be quite public, are coming. Poof had always said that the good guys want announcements and full disclosure of all that’s been done to the people by the bad guys, so that it will never happen again. It remains to be seen whether at some point such disclosures will be an “all at once” affair or whether they’re taking place more piece-meal to minimize the shock to the people.
With Corp. US no longer involved, we may (should) see a return to Constitutionality in America, with similar changes in countries around the world. Poof also had always said we’d be surprised by who turns out to be the bad guys and who turns out to be the good guys. :)
Some unknown number of people may soon be stewards of some very large sums of money, which will begin to flow to everyone as those stewards make purchases, fund projects, make charitable grants and donations, start or invest in companies, etc. Long-suppressed technologies are expected to become available, with sufficient funding to benefit everyone and not just the few.
Hard to imagine because we’ve never seen it, but we may soon experience the end of artificial scarcity. Said differently, we may be about to experience a time of abundance and prosperity, worldwide. Will wars then cease? Will rumors of overpopulation and ‘peak oil’ and such, disappear? Will there actually be peace on earth and love one to another? We may be about to find out. :)

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