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America…Focus… This demands your full attention! No excuses!!!!

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America…Focus… This demands your full attention! No excuses!!!!

Posted on December 10, 2014 by arnierosner
All Americans who are of the same mindset and supportive of Terry Trussel, need to stand and be counted.
We must call out the pirates of criminal cabal who has launched attacks on peaceful non-combatant Americans of the land jurisdiction, who are asked to provide service to the public.

On Dec 10, 2014, at 2:32 AM, Terry Trussell wrote:
May I answer? The charges are FS 843.0855 violations (impersonating a public officer, simulating legal process, intimidating a public officer under color of law). I was the Statutory Grand Jury foreman for my county, duly seated and sworn. The State Attorney corrupted the jury. (I can provide details). When I reported it, the presiding judge, the chief judge, the Clerk of Court, and the Sheriff, ignored my plea for help. I presented the case to the county’s common law grand jury, they returned a true bill presentment, I signed it and submitted it to the sheriff. I have 24, third-degree felony charges, am threatened with 120 years in prison, a lawyer offered to plea bargain me down to 10-12 years (in return for $100,000), and there is no criminal complaint filed.
I have nothing but truth and God to defend me. Any suggestions?
From: Arnie Rosner []
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 5:11 AM
To: George M Miller
Cc: Roger Dowdell >; Terry Trussell
Subject: Re: Important Court Appearence , your presence is requested
Thank you for your question.
In this case…can’t speak directly to your question.
Rear Admiral Servidio, a Matter of National Security!
Posted on November 29, 2014 by arnierosner
Admiral…The above American citizen of the land is being attacked by pirates of the admiralty of the jurisdiction of the SEA.  This is your clear cut responsibility to protect this citizen!
protect those on the sea, we protect America from threats delivered by
sea, and we protect the sea itself.” –Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr., 24th
Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

Dear Rear Admiral Servidio,
My compliments of the day sir… And permit me to thank you for your service to America.
purpose in writing you, is in the spirit of your motto expressed above
by Admiral Papp; to make you aware of some serious issues involving
national security and under the provisions of 18 U.S. Code § 4 –
Misprision of felony.
nation of which I speak is our beloved, the united States of America.
Since there are various permutations of the name, I hastened to specify
the 50 States of America. The 50 independent states of America that fall
under the jurisdiction of the land.
order to keep this message as short as possible, I will skip over much
of the details. However, should you have interest in a deeper level, all
the related information is available, at your request.
Going on 78 years of age in January, I was not prepared to learn what was revealed just quite recently.
in 2008, it began to appear to me that everything I had come to believe
about America up to that point would seem to be a lie. It was then I
began to investigate in earnest. I was driven to understand the truth
and how our nation had reached such a point of confusion.
plus years later I believe I have my answer. And it’s not a pretty one.
But even more recently, the picture became a lot uglier. And this Sir,
is where you come in.
one of the people, also known as an American state citizen, I have
become witness to multiple criminal actions on the part of people who
are misrepresenting themselves as public servants.
evidence has surfaced, to reveal, in court documents themselves, that
the government that has been represented to the American people is a
fraud. It is being deliberately misrepresented for the purposes of
extortion, intimidation and coercion. This is in direct contradiction of
the purpose and intent of the founders of the united States of America.
does this affect you? Because you, commander, are ultimately in charge
of protecting citizens in the land jurisdiction from the resulting

elements of the jurisdiction of the Sea. Elements of the jurisdiction
of the Sea who have begun to act as predators upon the peaceful American
citizens of the land.
here is a brief video clip that explains my concern:
More details at the following links:
Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.
New Earth Media | PRESS RELEASE: War Crimes Drama in Washington, DC Courtroom
was Class who forced the North Carolina Courts to admit, on the public
record, that the Administrative Agents posing as “Public Officials” are
NOT. The ruling from the Judge was clear: They are “private entities, in
make sure he understood what the Judge meant, Class asked for an
Administrative Review. He placed evidence from the Governor’s website
listing the various offices of “government” for North Carolina.
ruling by Judge Ridgeway, 11 CV 1559, in 2011, proved what Class had
uncovered through his research: The “Agencies”, including the elected
Governor, are NOT ‘Public officials responsible to the people. They are
not organized under the Executive Branch.’
now had the proof he needed: The Administrative Agencies posing as
government answered to the United Nations and the International Monetary
Fund. An unscrupulous International Banking Cartel under the thumb of
the Vatican had taken over every function of government in the United
States and forgot to tell the people. (And at least 118 other countries
DC case has revealed the dirty little secret the Cartel has taken great
pains to hide for 100 years. The War Powers Act of 1917 as amended was
used by the Banking Cartel to set the people up for an extortion racket
that makes the Mafia look like Sunday School teachers.
Based on hostilities of the war of 1917 certain treaties and agreements were finalized.
Under the Hague Conventions especially Hague IV, Article 55, which is a restatement of the Leiber Code Articles 31 and 38, the US Army is the Usufruct benefiting from this situation and is the one responsible for paying all expenses including maintenance and mortgages owed on the conscripted property and is also responsible for returning all the property to the rightful non-combatant civilians to whom it belongs at the close of hostilities.
Also be aware that since 1917 (War Powers Act) the “corporate Congress” has illegally conscripted all
American property “for the war effort” — and has retained a claim of
controlling interest via the repeated “declarations of national
emergency” and “declarations of war” — “War on Drugs” and “War on Poverty” and “War on Terror”, etc., etc., etc. As a result of this pathetic fraud being carried out against the American People by the members of Congress, the US Army has been an army of occupation on our State soil since 1917. War powers act.
The county sheriff along with with the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor of each state has the obligation to enforce the Hague Conventions. They are all LIABLE for the continued predations and impositions of federal employees and the “federal government” as a whole.
Just so we are absolutely clear— we, the People, stand on the land jurisdiction of the landed (E)states, and we fly the Civil flag of The United States of America Major. We are American State Citizens.
They are employees under contract to provide enumerated public services, and while employed by the UNITED STATES, INC. or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., they are “United States Citizens”—inhabitants of the foreign jurisdiction of the sea operating on the land.
have documented my personal efforts to resolve these matters peacefully
and through reasonably lawful processes. I believe every effort has
been made to resolve these matters in the most expeditious manner
write to you, because I feel I have exhausted all reasonable attempts
to remedy a proper solution.  Given that all previous efforts have
failed, I am now bringing these matters to your personal attention for
Your immediate attention to these matters would be seriously appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you by December 15, 2014.
Thank you kindly,
just as one with the people,

American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874
The truth,,,,takes so few words to express!
Available 24/7 -
714-501-8247 – mobile

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Americans…Just what part of this fraud on the people do you still not get?

Posted on December 10, 2014 by arnierosner
On Dec 10, 2014, at 2:40 AM, Terry Trussell wrote:
Dave, thanks for all you’re doing. I share your frustration. Since my arrest, I am hearing from people all over the country with similar stories. Here’s mine: (Not that you don’t have enough of your own, it just helps me to vent. Thanks.)
My charges are FS 843.0855 violations (impersonating a public officer, simulating legal process, intimidating a public officer under color of law). I was the Statutory Grand Jury foreman for my county, duly seated and sworn. The State Attorney corrupted the jury. (I can provide details). When I reported it, the presiding judge, the chief judge, the Clerk of Court, and the Sheriff, ignored my plea for help. I presented the case to the county’s common law grand jury, they returned a true bill presentment, I signed it and submitted it to the sheriff. I have 24, third-degree felony charges, am threatened with 120 years in prison, a lawyer offered to plea bargain me down to 10-12 years (in return for $100,000), and there is yet to be a criminal complaint filed or a valid warrant issued, and I am being denied my right to defend myself.
I have nothing but truth and God on my side. 
From: Dave at Comcast [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 12:57 AM
To: Jim Porter
Cc: Steve Curry;; Roland Hinkson;;; =?utf-8?Q? Maupome_L=C3=B3pez_Aguado; _Javier_Antonio ?=; John Darash; Steve Langford; Anna Vonreitz; Pat; Rico Giron for San Miguel County Sheriff; Joe Hoagland;; Charlene Schlesien "Charlie; Steve Price; John Porter; Mairi Knopp; Andrew Napolitano; Terry Trussell; Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III; Ron Branson; Terry Rapp AZ alipac Coordinator
Does anyone care? 
If any real news agencies what a live story to report to the nation what is going on in Colorado then stop on by. 
We’ll leave the light on for ya!
David Lynn Coffelt
2000 W 92ND Avenue #85
Federal Heights, Colorado 80260
[url=tel:720.206.8717]720.206.8717[/url] Cell
[url=tel:303.853.9914]303.853.9914[/url] Res
FREEDOM in this Country? LAND OF THE FREE – WHERE?  
Fraud, Forgery, Cover-up, Corruption & Obstruction committed all under COLOR OF LAW by ACTORS of Judicial & Executive State Officials. SOS purposely forged the back of a County Count Judge’s County Oath of Office 3.5 years later as a District Court Judge in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. § 505 § 506; FORGING A JUDGES OATH OF OFFICE – GOV’T EMPLOYEES FORGING A JUDGES OATH OF OFFICE.  

Mr. Coffelt directly.
“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…
Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
Confidentiality Notice:  
This private email message, including any attachment(s) is limited to the sole use of the intended recipient and may contain Privileged and/or Confidential Information.  Any and All Political, Private or Public Entities, Federal, State, or Local Corporate Government(s), Municipality(ies), International Organizations, Corporation(s), agent(s), investigator(s), or informant(s), et. al., and/or Third Party(ies) working in collusion by collecting and/or monitoring My email(s),and any other means of spying and collecting these Communications Without my Exclusive Permission are Barred from Any and All Unauthorized Review, Use, Disclosure or Distribution.  With Explicit Reservation of All My Rights, Without Prejudice and Without Recourse to Me.  Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or ALL Intellectual Property Rights or Reserved Rights U.C.C.1-308.  NOTICE TO AGENTS IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPALS. OTICE TO PRINCIPALS IS NOTICE TO AGENTS.
On Dec 5, 2014, at 3:19 PM, Jim Porter <> wrote:
Second send for documents.

From: Jim Porter <>
To: “” <>; Steve Curry <>; “” <>; Roland Hinkson <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “Maupome López Aguado, Javier Antonio” <>; John Darash <>; Steve Langford <>; Anna Vonreitz <>; Pat <>; Rico Giron for San Miguel County Sheriff <>; Joe Hoagland <>; “” <>; “Charlene Schlesien "Charlie” <>; Steve Price <>; John Porter <>; Mairi Knopp <>; Andrew Napolitano <>; Terry Trussell <>; “Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III” <>; Ron Branson <>; Terry Rapp AZ alipac Coordinator <
Sent: Friday, December 5, 2014 3:15 PM
Subject: Document Dump for Security in Numbers….
Please accept these documents.
People in other areas can use them for assistance in discovery for documents in their local area.
In the event I an prevented from continued communication with the People, use these in good faith and with respect. These evidence my attempt to expose corruption and expose corrupt.
The required bond is the most important fraud, or actually the lack of a bond. 
Poor drivers can not purchase insurance, and it seems corrupt government employees can’t either.
Here is part of my thought on that. I have taken the liberty to edit the thoughts of and unknown author for economic reason to expose fraud. I will finish the editing and send the rest of the document in time.
Fact)    the advent of powerful computers, has provided the ability to analyze data much more quickly and thoroughly, and in terms of the general economic principles.
Fact)     In the modern system of wagering, as applied to insurance and malpractice bonding, several political-legal-economic factors including Legislation, Judication, Execution (enforcement) and the behavior of the general public are treated mathematically as separate industries within the legal system. The result is these industries can be interrelated by a system of feedback equations and computations. The individual workings and behavior of each industry can be much more closely monitored, and the behavior of the government and public can be predicted and manipulated.
    This leads to feed-back computing on the economic success or outcome of any given statute or legal process.  It results in a scientific bonding system, resulting in the transfer of the power and authority of corporate government to the bonding companies, where it belongs, if governments do not want to behave themselves.
The Bonding Problem
    As any American, or take the human, population increases and mutual human tolerance decreases, municipal corporations tend to become less sensitive to individual human needs and tend to become more antisocial toward the public.
    It has been put crudely that municipal corporations become slaughterhouse operations with law enforcement officers running the sledgehammer department.  Judges ignore the rights of the people and legislators create laws, without perfecting the ones already existing to make them fit for bonding.
    Defective statutes and defective legal processes become an invitation for every sort of official malpractice and malfeasance including economic oppression, causing the public, in retaliation, to begin suing for every injury, putting the heat on the bonding companies.
The Solution
     In order to survive in the commercial marketplace, the smaller bonding companies have had to become more selective and scientific in their bonding practice.
     In the past, bonding was based on marketing a bond which covered a broad aggregate of “bondable” objects, acts and persons.
     When a large claim was made against a small bonding company, the claim could bankrupt the small company, especially if the company could not collect its corresponding funds from the parent bonding underwriter.
     By partitioning the coverage better, and by excluding persons of an antisocial disposition, the claims could be minimized, thus favoring solvency of the bonding company. This also exposed corrupt individuals due to their antisocial exclusion, while simultaneously establishing a perfected claim for relief to the bond company by all injured persons represented by the antisocial government employee. 
     In the old aggregate system, an antisocial enforcement officer operating on an unbounded statute using an unbonded enforcement process could create a monstrous civil rights or constitutional claim against the bonding company which was underwriting the general bond on the municipal corporation for which the elected or appointed officer worked. In order to maintain credibility in the bonding marketplace, the bonding company would have to pay off the claim against the bond even though the official act was criminal instead of civil. When the bonding company demanded a criminal prosecution of the state Law Department, to recapture shareholder loss for criminal activity, other unknown yet related criminal actions could be exposed causing additional loss and not the intended return of payment. 
     If in addition, the municipal corporation was operated by an antisocial office staff, it would tend to support, and retain in employment, the antisocial enforcement officer rather than the more civilized officers on the staff, if for no other reason than because an antisocial officer was more likely to bully the public into dropping malpractice suits and paying revenue into the corporate coffers, and thereby keep the corporate paychecks coming.
     When such an antisocial corporation would get sued, as inevitably would happen, the bonding company working under the old system of aggregate bonding, would get ripped to shreds, perhaps requiring bankruptcy. Of course, the injured bonding company would tell the municipal corporation to take its business elsewhere, and the next bonding company, being somewhat more cautious, might refuse to bond the corporation, or ask a larger premium to cover the gambling risk.  Ultimately the municipal corporation would not be able to buy a bond due to its “track record”, with the result that the municipal corporation would resort to what is called “self-bonding.”
     In the past, the state incorporation laws have required all corporations engaged in business potentially hazardous to the public safety, health and welfare, to be bonded against public accident and the malpractice of their officers, but more recently “self-bonding” has become a state-condoned option extended to municipal corporations to insulate them against prosecution for violation of the general state incorporation laws which demand public hazard licensing and bonding for all corporations.  A corporation that is “self-bonded” is a limited corporation (ltd.) with a low ceiling of limited liability.
    The term, “self-bonded,” is a fraudulent misrepresentation of the corporate liability status. It says in effect that the payment of the commercial debts of the corporation will take second place to the payment of the malpractice obligations of the corporations. Furthermore, “self-bonding” cannot possibly be expected to cover the anti-civil rights and anti-constitutional malpractice potential of today’s modern antisocial municipal corporations.
    Simply put, “self-bonding” is “no-bonding;” it is corporate limited liability misrepresentation and fraud.
(Bonding is valid only when it is provided by an independent third party money wagering pool with no conflict of interest and no possibility of the bonded party dipping into the till.)
     In order to pull out of the municipal corporate bonding rat race, the smaller bonding companies have had to adopt a set of bonding policies aimed at segregation, partitioning, while making more certain, their liabilities in the bonding marketplace.
Jim Porter
Ridgway, Colorado

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