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12.13.14 – Last sequential date in our life time

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12.13.14 – Last sequential date in our life time

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Rising. Painting by Greer Jonas
Coming up on Saturday, we see the last sequential date in our life time 12.13.14.
Many weddings have been planned around 12.13.14 because it feels so lucky! There might be something to it, as it is a brilliant day of connection.
As a numerologist, I see the 12.13.14 progression as a potent energy that can shift us forward.  And no surprise in less than a month, we will be moving into the 15 (2015).
As we head into 2015, the year of the powerful 8 (2+0+1+5=8), we are wrapping up our inward business, the 7 (2+0+1+4=7) and beginning to take action into our future.  Read more about the energy of 2014 here.
This auspicious day 12.13.14 can be a time for you to take the next step in achieving your goals. Kind of like stepping up a ladder. Each of these numbers have a 1 (one) — new beginnings and the spark to make things happen. Let’s break it down.
12 is the mind -the 3
The first rung is the 12 = 1+2 = 3. One is the spark. Two is relationships and balance. Three is communication and creativity. So in a 12 month we have the initiative to create and connect.
13 is the body – the 4
Next step is 13 = 1+3= 4. Thirteen, an often misunderstood number with a bad superstitious wrap, is actually a very lucky and inspired number. It is considered a karmic number of upheaval in order to restore new grounds. 1+3=4. The one is the spark. Three is communication and 4 is the expression of building and grounding. It is the energy of the physical body and the sacred earth. So on a 13 day, you can connect to your own source, create and build.
14 is energy – the 5
Final step is 14 =1+4=5. Many numerologists feel that 14 is the karmic number of freedom. One is the spark, Four (4) is the builder and 5 is the energy of movement and emancipation. This number depicts change. So the 14 vibration will help you move past your own limitations and achieve balance.
Let’s add it all up 1+2+1+3+2+0+1+4=14. Yes it is a day of karmic freedom for all of us. How will the powerful combination of these numbers affect you?

What can you do?

So on 12.13.14 we all have an opportunity to connect in a very high level and take the steps up to discover a new way to communicate and create, build and restore, and have an energetic epiphany towards change and freedom.
Perhaps you could meditate on the numbers to help you find some answers to a problem you are having. You could meditate every day till Saturday on 12.13.14. See what comes up in your dreams.  Write in a journal what your findings are. Saturday is a powerful day of connection—body, mind and spirit. Enjoy!
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