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Bermuda Legalizes Pharmaceutical Forms of Cannabidiol (CBD)

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Bermuda Legalizes Pharmaceutical Forms of Cannabidiol (CBD)
By Barry Bard on December 24, 2014 International News

CBD-legislation swept across America in 2014, and now, similar types of legislation have begun making international waves.
Last week, Bermuda’s Senate voted in favor of a bill that will legalize three drugs that contain CBD (cannabidiol): Marinol, Cesamet and Sativex. The bill stipulates that patients must obtain a prescription for these drugs in order to purchase the cannabidiol-infused medicines.
Unfortunately, other forms of medical marijuana were rejected. For example, cannabis oil, a natural marijuana product was kept out of the market. While the pro-CBD bill represents a step in a positive direction for Bermuda, the bill stops far short of providing overarching access for patients by limiting CBD to three prescribed forms of medicine.
The bill has met some criticism because it doesn’t clearly dictate which medical conditions qualify patients for a prescription.
Likewise, many of Bermuda’s liberal Senators have voiced displeasure with the bill, noting that it’s merely “an important first step” in the right direction and not a proper long-term solution.
Bermuda’s new legislation may only be a baby step in the right direction, but it goes to show just how widespread cannabis reform has become.
[The Royal Gazette]

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