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The People’s WAR on Taxation without Representation – Agenda 21- Regionalization

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The People’s WAR on Taxation without Representation – Agenda 21- Regionalization

Posted on December 29, 2014 by arnierosner
All the following information regarding how to deal with the unlawful taxation, sounds great. However…If I may…with your permission, I would like to intereject a comment though for your consideration.
The folks imposing these taxes are not those empowered by the people to do so.  Essentially, they are a gang of hoodlums in suits who have cleverly inserted themselves into our lawful governemnt infrastructure, and have replaced the lawful representatives who did operate with the delegagte authority of the people.  Most of this occured in about 1932 under FDR.
Now most of these criminal acts of overthrowing the lawful government happened before most of us were alive, but a lot of clever folks dedicated a lot of time and effort to research these matters and dug up the truth.
And that truth is…
The American people have had no lawful representative government since about 1862.
Something is Wrong! I just can’t put my finger on it!
Here is just a few irrefutable examples:

Please accept my apologies for this interruption but if everyone will focus on the following…We the people may be able to resolve most of the major issues we face today…including dealing with the criminal acts of taxation without representation.
You see my friends…with Regionalization..ala Agenda 21, this is what our good friends, our local politicians, our city councils and our county commissions are attempting to implement.
We know Nothing!
And wouldn’t you know it…right under our own very noses.
And they will brag about balancing the budget…too.  Really?

What about the fact that the budgets mean nothing!
What about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that every government corporation must publish once a year by law?
Oh yes…remember all of the city and county organizations are for-profit corporations.   And your money is sitting there in investments controlled by this fraudulent set of corporations that not only manipulate the stock market, the Congress the administration, the state governments, (all franchises of the federal impostor government, as well) and the people.
Bottom line…all of this comes to a head in Georgia on January 7, 2015.  Henry County to be specific. Any of you nearby may wish to attend.  It should be quite spectacular
County Commission to be Charged: January 7, 2015 – Sedition and Treason

Thank you for your indulgence.
714-964-4056  Please feel free to call anytime.  24/7 encouraged.
And now about those pesky taxes which are imposed by criminals in suits, impersonating your lawful public officers.
On Dec 29, 2014, at 12:59 PM, scott michaels wrote:
by Scott Kyler                                                     12-29-2014
As I’ve shown in previous writings many times, property taxes are unlawful and unconstitutional. The Constitution provides for direct taxes, which property taxes are, to be apportioned among the several states. If they are NOT apportioned among the several states, which current property taxes are not, then, they are unconstitutional, and, thereby, as per Hamilton, null and void. The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that property taxes in Ohio are unlawfully applied as they are the primary funding for public schools. (  DeRolph v. State ) Even according to the Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio property taxes are improperly applied to public schools, the court did not specifically examine the question of the “constitutionality” of property taxes per se, and, so, should be easily challenged and defeated, at least in Ohio on this specific point.
With property taxes being against the Revealed Law of God, the land is owned by God Himself, therefore, the land cannot be taxed, and, property taxes being the first plank of the Communist Manifesto, while property taxes are blatantly unconstitutional as well, it seems incredible that at the end of this year 2014, a year which has seen unprecedented numbers of communist-fascist take-over ploys being implemented all across America, that there still does not appear to be any significantly large anti-property-tax movements gaining momentum in any of the states on even any local levels. This is a shame to the Patriot-Freedom Movement. WHERE are the voices? Such a strange silence would not have been tolerated by the founding fathers as their voices would have been loud and clear.
Hopefully, more voices like Mr. Dan Ball will become audible on youtube and various web sites. Here’s a link to Mr. Ball’s comments.  (Maybe I should produce my own video and add it to the youtube postings.)
Ultimately, according to the Revealed Law and the Common Law, all natural persons accused of crimes are to be informed of their infractions and what law or laws were violated. This is part of Due Process under the Revealed Law and the Common Law. In other words, the alleged violator must be informed of the law or laws he violated when he requests the explanation, sometimes even through a writ of mandamus. If such explanation is not provided to the accused, after, usually thirty days, under the Common Law, it is then assumed that the charges are null and void and no longer can be engaged for prosecution.
Even though the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does NOT generally address rights or responsibilities under the Revealed Law or Common Law, it only addresses “privileges” under admiralty law, or, under mercantile equity jurisdiction, it STILL insists that Due Process be provided for the accused before any seizure of life, liberty or property is initiated. The 14th Amendment Section One reads as follows:
“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without DUE PROCESS of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” (Emphasis added.)
Wikipedia says the following concerning the Due Process Clause:
“The Due Process Clause prohibits state and local government officials from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without legislative authorization. This clause has also been used by the federal judiciary to make most of the Bill of Rights applicable to the states, as well as to recognize substantive and procedural requirements that state laws must satisfy.”
Of course, property taxes, which are direct taxes, MUST BE “apportioned among the several states” according to Article One Section Two of the Constitution. Since current property taxes are NOT apportioned among the states, property taxes are unconstitutional, and, therefore, are NULL and VOID. This is true despite what the Supreme Court has said because of the local and state principle of Nullification. (See Jefferson’s writings.) (We got along fine in America without property taxes even into the 1940s.)
Ultimately, however, property taxes must be resisted because they blatantly violate the Revealed Law of God, for, God’s Law does not allow them. No where in the Commandments, Statutes and Judgments are property taxes permitted. In fact, they are plainly prohibited. Read Leviticus 25:23, Exodus 9:29 and Psalm 24:1. The earth is God’s property, not man’s.
One of the hallmarks of any totalitarian state is its refusal to allow Due Process for its inhabitants. As we continue to roll into the second decade of the Twenty-First Century, we are seeing more and more institutionalization of the denial of Due Process, like with asset forfeiture “laws”, along with many other God-given, unalienable, rights and responsibilities, in America.
How many times are properties in America simply stolen from property owners and sold to the highest bidder because someone failed to pay the property taxes, for various reasons, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS? Once the government refuses, or, fails, to answer the pertinent questions of what law was violated and by what authority the law is valid, posed by the accused, then, the government loses its claim to prosecute. After all, in America, under the Revealed Law, or, Common Law, a natural person is assumed INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. That has been one of the GREAT principles of America ever since her founding. HOW can a natural person be convicted of ANYTHING without PROVING guilt first? Such a sinister system where the accused is assumed guilty before being proven so is an obvious facet of the communist paradigm.
So, how about it, you Patriot Activists out there? Why don’t we start DEMANDING of our public servants real Due Process by asking what law has been violated and by what authority it is valid for various tyrannies, like property taxes, under the Revealed Law? Remember, we can take care of two birds with one stone when we roll-back property taxes in America. Not only will we be removing the first plank of the Communist Manifesto, but, we will be restoring our God-given, unalienable, Revealed Law-protected, rights, responsibilities and liberties upon which our nation was built.
Let’s get those web sites and youtube videos posted as well as organizing our local and state groups. We gain political momentum and influence when we organize. Let’s start networking and talking to our local and state public servants about these matters. Showing up is half the battle. We CAN do this! Defeatism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Let’s make 2015 a Watershed Year.
Proverbs 28:4.
Scott Kyler
Richland County Common Law Study Group

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