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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Leo Wanta: All Bush family members are prevented from holding ANY public office due to the treason of Prescott Bush!

Leo Wanta: All Bush family members are prevented from holding ANY public office due to the treason of Prescott Bush!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Leo Wanta: All Bush family members are prevented from holding ANY public office due to the treason of Prescott Bush!

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All Bush family members are prevented from holding ANY public office due to the treason of Prescott Bush!

Leo Wanta worked as a secret agent for President Reagan and was privy to many secrets.  Leo dropped some major bombshells in the last month on Veterans Today Radio.  One of them is perhaps the biggest of all!  Leo knows for a fact that every Bush family member is prevented by law to ever hold public office!  This happened when the Bush family grandfather Prescott Bush was convicted of treason and Trading with the Enemy for helping to fund the Nazis.  As part of this crime and to protect the United States from future treason, a document was signed by Prescott that prevented any of his family from ever holding public office in the future!  This document was storied in the Congressional Library.  Somebody with the Bush faction actually tried to steal this document but was caught.  According to Preston James and others at VeteransToday, this document still exists and will surface again in the future.

Leo Wanta discusses this as well as the fact that every President since Reagan has been totally illegal and was done as part of a master plan to destroy the United States!  They even changed the oath of office for the President!   Learn the true history from somebody that was part of it – Leo Wanta!
Go to the 1:20 Mark to hear how by law, ALL Bush Family members were never allowed to hold public office because of the treason of Prescott Bush!  The evil forces tried to steal this document from the Library of Congress but were caught!  This document still exists and will surface again in the future according to those in the know at VeteransToday! Posted by enerchi at 12/29/2014 03:07:00 PM

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If that is the case, how were they allowed to be put in office as presidents? We'll see if that is true, because as of now, Jeb Bush, our former governor is going to run for president- If he by chance, he IS elected, we know the info we are reading now is, well, you know-B.S. question


I don't think there is is any question to Prescott Bush's Nazi war crimes. It is well documented. But since when did the truth matter in this this or any country?? Now that is the million dollar question! What is important is there are no viable candidates as they are all crooked!!!! People need to wake the hell up if they think that all of this shit is not scripted!


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