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Georgia Launches Cannabis Oil Trials in Augusta

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Georgia Launches Cannabis Oil Trials in Augusta
By Barry Bard on January 2, 2015 Features, Marijuana News
As Georgia’s legislators ponder two separate proposals for legalizing medical marijuana, the state began its cannabis oil trials with the CBD-based product Epidolex made by GW Pharmaceuticals. The trials with Epidolex began on Tuesday and will continue to take place at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta.
The first beneficiary of the trails is epileptic seven-year-old boy Preston Weaver, who suffers 60-80 seizures a day without the aid of CBD.
Starting on Tuesday, Preston began receiving two daily doses of Epidolex to hopefully cease the seizures. No local news outlet has yet reported if Preston’s seizures have begun to subside, but we can only pray that he and future participants find benefits in Epidolex.
Moreover, the trials will likely expand to include another additional 50 individuals at Georgia Regents University and could expand to include Savannah and Atlanta residents.
While Georgia’s patients who require cannabidiol (CBD) oils need far broader access and access in the forms outside of pharmaceutical CBD, these trials represent a pivotal starting point for the state.
Only time will tell if these trials reveal GW Pharamceutical’s Epidolex as a viable solution for patients in need of a solution.

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