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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » For those of you interested in Poof Sunday articles....

For those of you interested in Poof Sunday articles....

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chattyk wrote:For those of you interested in Poof Sunday articles....

Happy New. The year of the dragon on the chinese charts, read up about it and
you may get a clue of what's up. Whether this means nothing to you, there's
significant number of people on this planet, that it does and will live
accordingly. Dragons sleep on their pile of treasures and guard them fiercely. I
see now that the details of what the dragons have done is getting out onto the
net. In their view point, this is humanity's money. I know of the man who was
commissioned by nixon to recover the philipine us gold stashed in the vaults,
who was jailed for following his mandate, returning the us gold to the treasury.
It was not in the interest of the fed personnel to have that gold returned here.
Remember when eisenhower left office he alluded to being 'beware of the
military/industrial complex'? Long as they had the 'print what you need' game
going, who needs real gold, except the 'eccentric'. Gold shower curtains or
toilet seats.....

30 yrs ago, I started walking down this road and I have never taken side paths.
When they start dropping mankind's wealth on it, they will do it quickly and
folks will know it, they'll be no doubt. Lives will change in a moment. The rvs
had to get posted in all the right spots because that was part of the over all
change over. For they who doubt the rvs are real, go to the us treasury, last
time I looked they were selling them! The folks in the rafters said Maliki, was
the problem getting that thing done. But they gave him an offer he couldn't
refuse.....mohammed took a back did the 72 virgins all on their
monthly. (Sorry, couldn't help it). Everybody wants to go to heaven but no one
wants to die, go figure. I don't say certain things because the cockroaches
listen too, so let them figure out what's up, they are the one's fighting for
survival. They Know this change over is happening, you Think it Might...there's
the difference. They know the best way to work on you is tell part truths and
keep you confused. They explained to me then, they would do what was necessary
to make sure the cockroaches wouldn't touch this money, I've watched how they
made that pledge a reality.

There is no confusion in the ranks of the dragons but let me tell you there is
a difference between chinese dragons and japanese dragons....Remember that as
you read everything out here about this stuff. And some folks need to clean off
their antennae as they process information being given. Most stuff given is
tainted with fear because the truth scares the crap out of them. The breath too
high in the chest when they talk. Folks keep your feet down on the ground, this
is no time to be flitting about in the ethers. What is taking place at this
moment in time, will rock the world to it's foundations and I love it. Peace and
freedom for all. Real freedom, not that canned stuff the candidates talk about.
Wait'll the dirt about Romney and ghwb starts to hit the main stream news. Hey
fellas, 'all that was once hidden shall now be revealed', these are the times we
live in. World leaders of all stripes are having to face the inevitable. Putin
is trying to hang on and be somebody, dude just walk's handled. The
world must move on now.

I must thank you all for suffering thru my vague statements thru the years but
taking the hint and doing your research, give yourselves a pat on the back, for
making it and not getting caught in the illusion/spider web of disillusionment.
The war is over. But you will hear the dying death rattles of the cockroaches as
they fade into their second death. Not your concern, walk away and go have a
wonderful future, there are d9's to clean them up and salt to dry them up from
the stench of decomposition. Have a marvelous future and forget about the past,
just don't repeat it. That should be like a deja vu thing incase you do.

You'll love this as we have some of the best of the past leaking back into now.

Who needs chinese 'coolies'?

Love and Kisses you all,


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