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January 11, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

I thought about this post long and hard. I had to think about what the purpose was of this post because I don’t like writing about people for stupid reasons, but this time I have no choice. When someone LIES and attacks me I have to defend myself.
This whole story started when I asked the owner of the blog to send me an email so that I could send her some questions because of a project we were starting. Instead of just answering back “Sorry Ines, not interested, he/she decided to write a 4000 word attack on me. The link provided will explain it and also the original post I started here:
I was angry because this blog owner allowed all the readers to comment and insult me, but I was not allowed to answer to certain people to try and explain some things. It’s this double standards, two faced community that talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. If you are going to attack anyone, at least give them opportunity to hear their side of the story. My regular readers will never tell you I have ever “not allowed a comment”, even the ones that were nasty, or insulting me because everyone has the right to express, and it’s up to me how I am going to respond. Since I don’t give a crap what people think about me, I don’t get offended and just thank them for their comment. When people are afraid of something, they moderate, they control, this is what I call domination and control: Controlling the content to suit the owner and create a false sense of “love and light”. You either let everyone comment or you shut down that feature.
A few days later, a few of their readers asked me questions about Donation Detectives and I tried to explain to a person calling herself Demitra, but my comments were not posted and this is what the blog owner posted:
Update: Jan. 7, 4:17 pm.: Ines Rodman left several vitriolic rants of her own in the comments section and I had to delete them. They weren’t fit for my sensitive readers’ sensibilities, LOL. I can’t take her seriously as a Lightworker the way she throws thunderbolts at people who disagree with her. She’s volatile and her true colours were flying for all to see. Readers shared some astute observations and raised valid questions so I urge you to read the comments, below.

I doubt if their little project will get very far.  As some pointed out, the true goals of the DDT don’t sound rooted in a source of upliftment of the blogosphere for ALL bloggers. The intent is questionable. Aside from that, anyone who calls Veronica Keene a thief and a liar whenever they get the chance is just not someone I care to share the Internet with.  ~ BP”
I don’t give a crap what they think about me, they have a right to their opinion, but I get upset when people LIE, I’m not a Light worker and I don’t claim to be one, in fact, I even question people that call themselves Light-workers especially the owner of this blog because Light-workers don’t get into negative situations and they should not act so righteously, so I have no idea why the owner has lied because any of you can go through my blog and you don’t find one mention of me identifying myself as a light-worker. I am  Service to Others, PERIOD.  I am not a light-worker I do not recognize them as being of the light because all I can see is them doing nothing, and I would like these so called light-workers to tell me what it is exactly that they do and what they have accomplished in the last 20 years? I might be naive or really stupid, but for the life of me, I can’t see anything that would contribute to their calling, just a fractured community, each to his own and each blogging/reposting/copying content they feel they have a right to ask for donations. So, if anyone can enlighten me, set me straight, I would love to hear what it is exactly they do.
So, as you can see, they would not publish my comments and all I did was try to explain the new blog we were starting, but I guess Light-workers shy away from truth, afraid of the light because they still believe they are on the good side.
Now look at the comments after the owner used 4000 words insulting me and attacking me:
Starship Earth: The Big Picture
January 7, 2015 at 3:50 PM
“Demitra, Ines left several venomous and accusatory responses befitting a she-devil and I trashed them without reading. It’s counter-productive to allow her to post here. If she’s going to respond to your very valid queries, she’ll have to do it on her own blog. Sorry. You see, this is a lie, I tried to answer to her, but my comments were not published, and again I was accused of leaving venomous responses. Is this a light worker? Not willing to hear both sides to the story? Nope, he/she judged me and that’s that, nobody has the right to hear my side of the story. So, I would like the owner to post those “venomous” comments and prove it.

Nancy C/Seattle says:
January 6, 2015 at 9:21 PM
it isn’t just the money. Ines goes after anyone who has a different spiritual view than her. Ines posts she is hoping the DDT will be able to actually shut down WordPress blogs asking for donations that re-post any other authors’ material, not just limit their donations. She closed her From Croatia With Love blog and opened a new one. Like her old blog, Ines uses the language of the self-righteous intimidating bully and it really shows in whatever she has going on re Cobra, altho her comments on Veronica Keen were also rather ugly.” So Nancy, assuming Starship is correct claims that I am a self-righteous intimidating bully, and that my comments on Veronica Keen were rather ugly. I never used an ugly word on Veronica, in fact, I was very kind after she tried to lie and collect 1/2M euros for her villa in Ireland. All the posts are on this blog and show All the evidence of her deceptions and lies, yet I never used any language that was ugly. I suppose UGLY and VENOMOUS  is something Light-workers use when they don’t want to see the truth (light). These people call themselves light workers.

“Starship Earth: The Big Picture
January 6, 2015 at 9:48 PM
Holy crap, Nancy! I’m glad I haven’t been to her blog for awhile. That’s just nasty. And to pick on Veronica Keene? WTH? Maybe the archons have been giving Ines a workover. “
January 6, 2015 at 7:21 PM
Here, Here Molly! Ines Radman obviously has too much time on her hands. Did some one call for a Blog Nazi? I, too, went to her blog once where I found her tearing Veronica Keen to shreds…Ines’ brand of light-showing needs some ‘lightening’ up.” Dee, I do have time on my hands, I have that luxury because I am not in need, and I don’t know where you get my blog being NAZI. I didn’t tear Veronica to shreds, I exposed her along with 4 other people that worked with her, one of them being her former Foundation director Ian Kelly who provided a lot of proof of her fraudulent activities and lies that she didn’t own her home”. But I guess you don’t like truth Dee so you attack when one of your own gets caught with their pants down. And you call yourself a light-worker?  What exactly do lightworkers do other than spread the truth and ask for donations?

“Andrew says:January 6, 2015 at 5:48 PM
BP, thank you for this great blog.I have been sent many crazy requests and demands from different audiences i have been apart of over he years. When i read the section that this person wants to rate via donations and all that other big brother garbage i realized this is just another form of Domination and control.
Meow meow, If you only knew what the other side of the blogOsphere was like… So here we have the great Andrew Bartzis, without even bothering to check out the blog, calling it domination and control. I think Andrew is dominating and controlling his audience with bullshit. I thought you were a great guy until now Andrew, it’s a shame because you always tell people to do their homework, I can see you didn’t do yours. And you call yourself a lightworker? Oh right, You’re the Galactic Historian that wanted to buy that huge piece of land in Ireland with Veronica Keen, then all of a sudden you bailed out. What happened Andrew, you figured her out like everyone else did? How come you never told people the truth about what actually happened? And you call yourself a light-worker? Shame on you.
January 6, 2015 at 5:11 PM
gee dude–Ines thanked me IN ADVANCE for my COOPERATION–LOL–is that like the freemasons and dirty deeds crowd warning me in advance that they are going to hose me-but it is ok because they warned me and i did not object? Sorry Ines, i will not contract with you for anything but the highest good of all concerned-and your game plan to take over the blogosphere just does not sound like it has anything to do with the highest good of all concerned.
So this must be the person I sent the first email to. She calls herself Mac ..I guess light-workers don’t like to give out their real names. Yes, I always thank people for their cooperation which includes saying no thanks if you’re not interested PAT. You call yourself a light-worker? I even sent you a follow up email, I apologized after you attacked me, I even made changes to the blog because there were some terms that didn’t fit into the scheme of things, but you see, I have no problem admitting to being wrong or making mistakes. You didn’t even bother to answer that, you didn’t even bother to let your readers know that I made some changes to the Donation Detectives because you made some really valid points. And despite you attacking me, I still let you know that it was ok, and you call yourself a lightworker?  I won’t publish the email I sent you, because I don’t consider that an ethical or moral thing to do, but  you can be assured I will post it on Donation Detectives, to show your double standards, you call yourself a light – worker? What exactly do you shine your light on? It’s not truth that’s for sure.
If this interests you, just go to the link and read the garbage these people write, they nothing about me, they never bothered to visit the blog, they took the post as truth and have a great time attacking me, they know nothing about me.
So the moral of this story is this: Be what you claim to be. I don’t attack anyone, I mind my own business, and I find it very interesting that when I question a post that these light-workers posts, they accuse me of being negative. So, from now on I will just lie and tell them how wonderful the post is. Most of the lightworkers that I know, they just post anything and everything, so, I assume that they allow the reader to pick and choose what “resonates” with them. So, why attack me? What is wrong with questioning? We should all be doing that. I don’t just take something that someone said it was so and believe it, I ask questions, but Light-workers get upset, you know, everything is love and light, everything is just perfect, everything is the way it should be, sit back, relax, don’t worry, our Savior will arrive shortly and we will Ascend. Well good luck with that!
Here is another light-worker writing a loving message: “
“Ana says:
January 6, 2015 at 3:14 PM
I love reading your blog. Especially the little comments you add to each of your posts.
What it sounds like is Ines is another government shill trying to play vaccine and preventing information from going viral. Much more powerful groups have tried the same thing and all have failed. Get out the fly swatter because she is nothing more than another bug”.
Ana, I don’t sound like anything, if you bothered to read my blogs, maybe, just maybe you might read some truth, but I guess you light-workers don’t like truth. You’re blinded by light literally, and speak like you come from the dark.  Look who is calling the kettle black.
If anyone wants to make a comment on this, first go to the blog, see if you can find the word “police”or “domination and control”.

Thanks to Ines at:


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