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Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions

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Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions
November 13, 2014 2 Comments

After a few years of doing this, I am comfortable presenting some of what I have learned to be true, some of
what I have learned to be false and some of what I have come to believe could be, but has yet to be proven.
Here is a compilation of what I have learned. Remember: Some of what falls under the “could be” category is
what I am convinced to be the case due to hundreds of confirmations from members like you, but unless a scientific
study presents something, I am not likely to call something fact unless it has been strongly researched.

What is Rh Negative fact:

1) Rh negative people are more likely to have red or reddish hair than rh positives

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Beautiful-redhead
One of the reasons: Where there is a high percentage of people with red hair, rh negative blood tends to be
high as well. Somewhere there is a common ancestry link or a mix of groups with red hair and rh negative blood.
Examples: Scotland has up to 29% rh negatives depending on the region and Ireland up to 28% .
However: According to recent studies , some nations do not show a difference in percentage of red hair according to
rh factor.
But what do you define as red hair? If someone has a reddish shimmer like many of the rh negative people that I know,
does it count as having red hair when the dominant color is black, blond or brown?
More research has to be done, but there is definitely a link. The question is where the link originates and if
the original group of people which was 100% rh negative did in fact have a high percentage of red haired people or
if that particular group somehow started mixing with a population that was high in red hair but not in rh negative blood.

2) Rh negative people tend to be more sensitive in terms of having allergies

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Rh-negative-food-allergies-300x205
This is something that has been proven time and time again. People who are rh negative are more likely to suffer from food and other allergies .
Do not look at this as a bad thing, because allergies often are protecting us from consuming or exposing us to
what is bad for many people in general. This can be the reason for point 3:

3) Rh negative people maintain a higher level of energy up to a higher age

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Clint-Eastwood
People who are rh negative often look a lot older than their age when young and tend to stay fit until they become older.
This is one of the many reasons we do attract people as we keep our energy up. Having sensitive reactions may contribute
to preservation while those not noticing what is bad for them are often affected badly by their environment and what comes with it.

4) Rh negative people don´t waste time on small stuff, but like to look at the bigger picture

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Seeing-the-bigger-picture-300x175
This is one of the reasons there is a different vibe within the community of rh negative people. Less stress over nothing, but more in terms of noticing dangers that others often miss when obsessing over topics that keep them running around in circles (e.g.: politics, religion, favorite sports teams).

5) Rh negative people hate arguing

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Calvinarguing0-300x216
Which is a result of probably both: Looking at the bigger picture and sensitivity. I have noticed that when for example there is a conflict and it doesn´t seem worth the battle, rh negative people tend to keep their energy intact by leaving the scene rather than involving themselves in pointless debates. Overall, people who are rh negative tend to be very solution driven and not so much willing to visit and revisit certain problems.

What is likely fact:

1) Intuition

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Intuition-einstein-300x190
Or let´s call it: Sensitivity. Or being able to pick up on energies.
Whatever it is, rh negative people seem to be able to “feel their way through life”.
And that is something that you cannot train. You either have it or you don´t.

2) A desire to know more and a tendency to look outside of the box

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions KM-Goldfish
It is as if being lied to is not an option to us. We don´t always know what it is we are being lied to,
but tend to be able to detect when someone is trying to lie to us.
Best advice: Listen to nobody unlike you “feel it”. And if you feel it and nobody agrees, take your time if you need,
but don´t stray away and allow yourself to be convinced otherwise.

3) Lower blood pressure and body temperature

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Kck_f20-300x250
This is according to lots of feedback.

What is false:

1) The Neanderthals were not rh negative

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions 08b-Hunting-300x266
As the Max Planck institute [url= %E2%80%8E]confirmed[/url].
There are artices online making the claim, none of which has a proper reference or study attached.

2) Rh negatives do not have a higher tendency to believe in extra-terrestrials than the general population

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Polls_CropCircles_in_chest_hair_1840_904190_answer_4_xlarge-246x300
According to many survey conducted, the numbers of rh negatives and rh positives believing in aliens visiting us or
claiming to have had contact with alien beings are not higher on the rh negative side.
As a matter of fact: Rh negatives tend to express more doubt in the stories promoted that people have come in contact
with non-earthlings.
Warning: There are sites and pages making the claims that rh negative blood comes from aliens. But it is a small group of people
with a high drive to promote this claim which has never been met with anything substanciating it.

3) Rh negative people are not “Starchildren”, “Starseeds”, “Reptilians” or “Shapeshifters”

Rh negative facts and fiction – truth and contradictions Hydrocephalus-baby-202x300
From a psychological standpoint, the reason those types of theories are even entertained is basically the same for all of the above:
The creators of myths appeal to the desire within every human being to feel special, powerful and unique. The problem is that none of us have properly figured out who we are yet which makes it possible for some to incept their own fantasy world and keep some of us sidetracked.
The starchild :
The Starchild skull DNA was found to contain both an X and a Y chromosome.
This is conclusive evidence that the child was not only human (and male), but both of his parents must have been human as well, for each must have contributed one of the human sex chromosomes.
Reptilians :
The idea of reptilians on Earth was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies. Icke has claimed on multiple occasions that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, reptilians.
Just like many modern religions, the origin of this fantasy is in fact science fiction.
My advice: Find yourself within yourself and turn off all channels which do not respect your ability to think for yourself and do not allow you to see the lines between facts and fabrications easily.
And as for “shapeshifting”: It is sad we even have to address this. Which is why I won´t. Enough already!

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