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Theories Of Reality

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Theories Of Reality

by Elle - Jan 14, 2015
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Theories Of Reality Unreality-700x437

Anna Lemind
Learning Mind
Reality is not real. Life is not as simple as we think. Although most of us accept what we see and hear as ‘the truth’, scientists and philosophers are trying to make us change this perception. Below are some of the theories put forth by these good fellows.

  • 1. Great Glaciation

This is a theory of the final stage of our planet – one we are destined to reach. This theory assumes that there is a limited supply of energy within our universe and that someday this energy is going to run out. When this happens the universe will freeze and everything will just stop.

  • 2. Solipsism

A philosophical theory that states nothing exists but our own individual consciousness. Think of your dreams. Do they exist? Yes, and, no. They exist for you, and no one else. Although your senses alert you to your physical surroundings, your experience in this world only exists within your mind. When you think along these lines you cannot help but doubt what exists and what doesn’t. All we can really be sure of is our own thoughts.

  • 3. Idealist Philosophy

When George Berkeley put forth his idea that everything exists as an idea within someone’s mind, most of his comrades thought his theory was pretty stupid. Berkeley argued that there is an omnipresent and omnipotent God who is aware of everything we do. Is this realistic, or not? You decide for yourself.

  • 4. Plato and Logos

Plato, the world’s most renowned philosopher, argued that beyond what we actually see of our world lies a world filled with “perfect” forms. By studying philosophy we may actually glimpse how the world really is behind the facade we see – we will witness perfection. He also said that everything is all made of one single substance, just in different forms, which scientists have proven to be the truth. Imagine, diamonds and dog poop contain the same basic materials.

  • 5. Presentism

Time is something that is man-made. Although we usually divide our time into the past, the present and the future, only the present really exists. Presentism argues that we can only imagine the past and the future, and they don’t exist because time cannot exist before or after something has happened. It happens in the present.

  • 6. Eternalism

Eternalism is the opposite of presentism – this philosophical theory says that time is multi-layered and all times exist simultaneously. What we see depends on where we are. Thus is can be argued that dinosaurs, all wars, and your current life all exist at the same time – just on different levels of time. This view of reality can make our future seem hopeless, and seems to rob us of our own free will.

  • 7. The Brain in a Jar

If you were reduced to nothing but a brain in a jar, controlled by mad scientists or aliens, how would you even know anything beyond this reality? Most of us believe that our human understanding of reality depends on our own personal feelings; so how can we deny that we are anything more than our consciousness?

  • 8. The Multiverse Theory

This theory speculates that there are parallel universes (or multiverses) existing at the same time. Each world is similar to ours, with changes – big and small – making each different. But, what is the point of this kind of thinking? In one world you may be dead, in another you may not even exist. Makes you wonder.

  • 9. Fictional Realism

Fictional realism is a most fascinating part of the multiverse theory. This theory contends that because there is an infinite number of universes then it stands to reason that every fictional character we know of can actually exist in an alternate universe.

  • 10. Phenomenalism

Phenomenalist philosophers believe that solid objects only exist as a phenomenon of our consciousness. When we stop interacting with an object, this object just disappears. Think of it this way, when you are at your computer the computer is real, when you walk away from it, the computer ceases to exist in this world. In other words, there can be no existence without perception.


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