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Delay of Disclosure ~ SaLuSa 5/30/2012

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1 Delay of Disclosure ~ SaLuSa 5/30/2012 on Wed May 30, 2012 3:42 pm


Delay of Disclosure ~ SaLuSa 5/30/2012

By Mike Quinsey

The way matters are shaping up, it is likely that Disclosure will
occur later than we would have liked. There could be a point reached
when we will have to wait for the governmental changes to first take
effect. Do not worry however, as we have always allowed for such
possibilities. One thing you can be sure of is that all changes we have
promised you that will take place before Ascension, will be duly
completed. Clearly afterwards there is so much more to follow, to
totally change your present way of life to on that is fitting of
Galactic Beings.

For quite some years we have been preparing you for the inevitable
end of the cycle. Through us and many other sources you have been made
aware of your true destiny, and in such a way that you have had a goal
to set your sights upon. Without it the end times would have been a
frightening prospect for so many people whereas it is seen for what is,
as an opportunity to leave the cycle of rebirth. Not only that, the
continuance of life takes place in the higher dimensions.

There are still many souls who cannot grasp the significance of
Ascension, but be assured there will be much attention given to ensuring
that the truth is publicized. Many inwardly know already, but it is a
matter of waking them up to it. Therefore it should come easy for them
to accept the truth, and its promise of a New Age, indeed a Golden Age.
Your development has been guided to grow at a pace that allows for
steady progress, but at each step you have had to deal with the attempts
of others to lead you off the path of truth. You were not supposed to
realize your potential, and held back so as to make you dependent on
others for your knowledge. Thus religion and politics have largely
dominated your lives, for their benefit rather than yours.

You had no one to turn to who could guide you to the truth, until you
were encouraged to look within. Slowly but surely you became discerning
and followed your intuition, even if it went against accepted
teachings. This way you created a new path for yourselves that lifted up
your level of consciousness. You became an independent thinker and
found the truth within. Gradually the consciousness levels of Mankind
increased, attracting more Light to Earth and speeding up the
vibrations. So here you are today rapidly rising to a point where you
are ready to ascend, with many Guides influencing your thinking to carry
you through the experience.

Now the cleansing is well advanced to remove the negative energies,
that abound in some areas that have been the sites of war and hatred. As
they are cleared so the Light can return, and no longer will the people
be subject to the influence of the lower energies. There is no going
back and those who would cling to the old paradigm, by doing so have
effectively made their choice and will stay in the lower dimensions. The
parting of the ways is necessary to allow those who go on to ascend, to
do so with complete freedom knowing that it is the right time to fulfil
their own desires.

Events continue to speed up and in next to no time, you will find
that much that has been happening without your knowledge, will come to
light. Already you are beginning to notice a change in the way that
worldly matters are being reported, and more openness is taking place.
Individuals are finding more courage to stand up and speak their truth,
and it is not going unnoticed. There is a new mood of optimism amongst
you, and a real feeling of anticipation that something great is about to
happen. You are moving into the month of the year that is going to be
the time of a new beginning. You will read the signs and see the outcome
and know that your long wait is over. Events will suddenly take off and
you will know that a new period of activity has started.

Your current understanding regarding the changes is clouded by the
number of different ones that are expected. Also the timing is now
becoming so tight that no sooner will you witness one event, when
another shall immediately follow. They will be hectic times but also
most welcome, as you will witness events as they occur. Coverage of them
will be extensive, as we wish for all people to be aware of what is
taking place in your name. The aim is to bring you into the picture so
that you can inform others of what is transpiring. However, we will
eventually install a system of communication that covers everyone’s
needs. In the long term we wish to see services centralized and
available free to everyone. That will include transport of many types,
that will differ according to your needs. Behind these intentions is the
use of free energy that positively abounds everywhere in the Universe.
One day in the future you shall cease to compete with one another to
exist, and neither will you continue to have a need for money.

All of those bothersome things that bring about difficulties in your
lives will gradually vanish, particularly with the changes in your
physical bodies. They will leave you with a one that always remains
healthy, and not subject to the same needs as your old heavy physical
body. Much will be done instantaneously through your power of thought,
that will ever keep increasing. Life will become full of excitement and
happiness, and totally fulfilling. You must however give time for these
things to be developed, but be assured they will be yours.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like you looking forward to meeting with
you. It has been such long time since we were together, that our
celebrations will match the occasion. It must be said that large numbers
of you have joined the Human Race in more recent times, and volunteered
to help the civilization and Mother Earth to rise up. You have come
from all over the Universe, desiring to be present for the great
transition that you know as Ascension. It is a very special occasion
that you will be privileged to take part in.

Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey.


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