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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY » Ines Radman » IT is not Unity Consciousness That We NEED to Move Forward, It Is Expression of our Dreams and Desires That will Unite Us

IT is not Unity Consciousness That We NEED to Move Forward, It Is Expression of our Dreams and Desires That will Unite Us

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IT is not Unity Consciousness That We NEED to Move Forward, It Is Expression of our Dreams and Desires That will Unite Us

January 23, 2015 Ines Radman self awareness, self expression, unity consciousness3D REALITY, freedom of expression, new cage movement

I am so pleased to share the work of John Fowlds as this blog was the purpose for being a place where all of us could share their expressions and truths or realities. We are all good writers because we all have different realities even though we believe that we all wake up to the same time-space reality, our multidimensional self is expressing itself in different timelines and realities.
Some of you leave such deep and inspiring, soul-touching comments it deserves a post all by itself because you have perhaps not yet realized that it’s not about “writing’ per say, but more about expressing your moment of contemplation.
To write means to appease to a specific audience and to hold it’s attention, it’s about choosing a subject and writing to an audience that is interested in your subject while struggling with topics and format.
To express yourself means sharing what you feel with others and this expression is what my readers appreciate because I have always tried to post whatever it is as an expression of myself regardless whether I wrote the post myself or found a website where the author also shares my thoughts and beliefs; that expression is part of my current belief and being-ness.
This is why a lot of the New Cage movement bloggers don’t respond well to my comments because when I come across some new age crap I ask them if they really believe this or not. Often, I am attacked for being negative, hahahaha.
They post these channels from ARCH angel Michael, St. Germain, Metatron, someones’s Mother/Father God, Ashtar, the list goes on; information and when I ask which one of these do they believe in, they accuse me of being negative again, in fact, as you know one blogger called me a venomous person who viciously attacks yet this blogger is the one that attacked me first and in my defense I got called venomous. hardy hardy har…is that how those Pirates laugh?
What is wrong with asking? If you are posting 20 different angelic entities or some higher dimensional beings, don’t I have the right to ask which one you believe in? And what is so creative about posting everyone’s crap but not supporting it or believing it or attacking the person for making a comment that they don’t want to post because they are afraid of negativity like Vampires are from garlic?
I consider these types of bloggers to be extensions of the very same disinformation agents whose material/channeling they post. I mean come on folks, they can’t ALL be right. I also consider these bloggers as lost and confused souls because I don’t buy the bullshit answer: “Well, we post everything and readers can choose which bullshit they want to believe”. This tells me one of many different possibilities, but I will list just a few that come to mind right now:
1. Maybe the blogger is in ‘awareness’ but feels he/she has an obligation to post everything just in case their ‘awareness’ is wrong.
2. Maybe the blogger is another disinformation agent/dark entity posing as an open-minded light-worker who truly believes they are doing work for humanity. (But wait a minute, I thought light-workers knew the truth?)
3. Maybe the blogger is still in the awakening mode so is posting all the bullshit to see which ones are the most read and that will help them decide what is truth, what the majority thinks or are reading.
4. Maybe the blogger is a “Light-worker” which most of us now in ‘awareness’ know they are working FOR and WITH the dark and feel they have an obligation to post all the bullshit and let the reader “discern” or “choose” or what “resonates” with them. Let me be clear that not ALL light-workers are bad, I think they are just misinformed as to who they are. We are ALL of the light, there should be no special status on this planet.
5. And last but not least my opinion and that is that most of these bloggers don’t have a fucking clue what is going on so they want to “believe” SOME THING or SOME ONE is going to come and save them. No thanks, I am saving myself for holding Gaia’s energies and feeling Source connection.
Personally, I would rather share with you my perceived “truth” (my truth cannot be yours, in order for my truth to be yours you must be witness to my truth). Never do I claim to know what is going on, but what if I am right? What if I am wrong? It doesn’t matter because I’m not trying to prove a point, I’m simply sharing someone’s expressions or writing my own.
My expressions come at moments of time when I am ‘contemplating’ my reality, in the now. It’s mine, it’s not yours, and so I can’t be wrong or right, I am simply expressing it. This is what I would like my readers to do as well, to spend a few moments of contemplation then express that contemplation and send it to me so I can post it and share it with others.
What is “Unity Consciousness”? Is it not expressing ourselves together? It’s not about believing in the same theory or reality. We can’t do that because of our uniqueness of being, existing and reasons why we are here. We can never unite our thoughts together as one, we can only UNITE our expressions of how we want our world to be because as Co-Creators, we must “think/desire/believe” what it is that we want, by Uniting our expressions we create the realities that we want in Unity, bringing our awareness together which in turn creates  “Unity consciousness”. Consciousness IS Awareness but not of what will happen or the future, that doesn’t exist. Consciousness is Awareness of what we desire and how we want the world to be.
The light verses the dark bullshit movements want us to believe that our future has already been decided for us and that’s bullshit. I believe that we all have to connect together regardless of what we believe to be true, it is our Expression of desire that creates our future, we decide that future by connecting to each other and to mother Earth.
Let me give you an example of how I create my own reality: I find a quiet place, that’s all I need, I can sit, lay down, kneel, it doesn’t matter, the quiet is needed so that I can go inside and sit in front of a huge movie theater screen and I create the movie I want. I virtually visually design what I want to happen in my life. When I first started this realizing how creative I am  and how I can create anything, I started to think on a larger scale. I have created all that I want in my life, but how do I create what I “think” the world wants? Who am I to decide what the world needs and wants? I then received a message from higher self and it said:”the world will be whatever the world puts in front of them or on that movie screen, and once we become a majority of thought or expression, it will be”.
So express yourself! Not what you believe to be true because each one of us has a different belief and perspective, how the hell do we unite that? Express what you desire to be and this is our True Path to ending the Control and Domination that the dark uses such as the New Cage Movement, the bullshit of light verses dark, you can’t become light unless you confront the dark. We are of both, there is no such polarity inside of us, only outside of us, that’s the bullshit they teach so that we don’t express our desires.
So now, when I sit in front of that movie screen I see pastures of green, animals grazing while the children running around the animals and not being afraid of them, I see humanity free from bondage, exchanging goods and services for energy, this is a vision of the world that I want to see and experience, and this is what we need to do in order to change our current reality. It’s not about predicting a future, it’s not about waiting for a savior, it’s about HUMANITY expressing itself in what it wants to become.
The documentary I was in aired a few days ago on TV, I received so many emails, in fact the producers called me and asked if they could give out my contact, but the emails I received across Croatia all used the same word “LUCKY”. You see, when you believe in a God that orders all firstborn to be killed, you think that good things happen only if you get lucky and God gives it to you.
I’m not feeling lucky, I contemplated my desires of how I wanted to live my life and created it, that’s how the Universe creates and responds, by collecting our ‘expressions’ of desires and that’s how our Mother Gaia creates by hearing our thoughts of expression and desire of what we want for humanity, NOT what the future (which doesn’t exist in space-time, it’s a false construct to keep us waiting for it) holds, rather what our thoughts through heart mind expressions communicate.
The false Light/Dark wants us to believe that polarities are causing the problems amongst us. We ARE polarity, we are both dark and light, without them we would have no desire for change, we would not be able to recognize that Love Unites and fear separates.
WE can’t create our new reality without us coming together and accepting the Goddess Gaia as our mother/creator. Without her we would not exist. She provides us with air we need to breathe, water we need to drink, food we need to eat, do you honestly think someone else created us and then planted a seed here? Gaia Sophia created us, but first the Earth was created, it’s all written in the ancient Gnostic texts, do the research. Who do you think created the Archons? The Aeon Sophia who plunged into the pleroma, and during her fall in becoming the planet itself, the Archons were created. It’s all in the Ancient texts and of course I have mentioned John Lamb Lash many times as being the foremost scholar on this subject.
Yes, there is deception, yes we have been invaded by alien races, yes we have been genetically altered but one thing they were not able to do was disconnect us from Gaia’s energy and from Source. They created this bullshit story of light verses dark and duality so that we would not figure out our true connection as Souls attached to Source and only Source can disconnect that,
Expression of love, of desire that love pervades the planet, expression of what we want our reality to be is the key to the next leap in our evolution. Expression means going inside, sitting in front of the huge movie screen and seeing what you want to be and what you want our planet to be. We came here at this time to figure this out, not to figure out what the future holds (it’s a false construct) but to figure out that our expressions and desires of how we want our world to be will change our current paradigm and remove this false construct.
Think about it! I have often written about poverty consciousness, if we think feel poverty, we will have poverty. If we see ourselves in abundance-we create abundance in our lives. Isn’t it logical that if we see ourselves living as free sovereign humans that we will become just that?
When I first started reading this about many years ago, thanks to Stuart Wilde, I was afraid to change my thought process, not because I didn’t want love and abundance in my life but because I was afraid of feeling another disappointment if it didn’t happen.
One day, I had an epiphany (I love those!), “Wait a minute, what have I got to lose if I change the way I think? I don’t have anything to lose anyways, I don’t have love or abundance so what the fuck am I afraid of?
As you can see, through my blog, I have all of the above and have had for many years and NO it’s not easy because of the genetic manipulation, the mind control, the etheric implants, the false constructs and all the bullshit beings of Light telling us not to worry they will help us.
But once you realize that you have nothing to lose, that FEAR energy you hold on to unconsciously just disappears and you can express in your heart mind (movie screen) what it is you want to be, you are connecting to mother Earth and to Source by recognizing that they are waiting for you to realize that you, only YOU are the Creator of your expression and desires.
This is what Unity Consciousness is about, it’s about all of us, regardless of our different beliefs expressing our desires of how we want our reality to be. Nothing more, nothing less.
WE have tried the positive thinking, negative avoidance, we have waited for Cobra and the Event, for every fallen dark angel a new one shows up, but the truth is, we have not moved an inch. I’m not talking about political/socioeconomical changes, I’m talking about you and me, we are still sitting around waiting to figure out the truth, so, instead of trying to figure it out, it’s much easier to create that movie.
We must realize something, another epiphany happened, that UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is impossible according to the current rules that we must all think the same, or be aware of everything together. This is not about recognition of truth, it’s not about becoming conscious or aware, this is about expressing what you want in your life by seeing it and feeling it.
How the hell are we going to unite 7 billion people? How the hell are we going to unite uniqueness and different languages, cultures, etc? Hey, it’s not about Americans, it seems that the whole bullshit movement is coming out of the US, this is not about coming together in awareness, it’s about expressing our desires and creating them together.
This is the real easy part because we ALL want the same thing. We ALL want peace, we ALL want prosperity, we ALL want freedom, we ALL want justice, we ALL want to love and be loved. It’s so easy and it was staring us in the face the whole time but the light/dark bullshit agents kept telling us we must come together in aWAREness, well, good luck on that one.
Do you see how simple it is? Do you now understand when I say how powerful of a being you are? This is not about creating unity in belief systems, it’s creating UNITY in our expressions for what we want and desire, we will be heard then, and things will finally start to move forward.

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