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Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others

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Healing By Hand

How to heal your self and others

 Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others Chinese_meridians
How to apply acupressure
What is acupressure?

Acupressure (sometimes written as "accupressure") is a technique related to acupuncture, where the energies of the body are regulated by manipulating points on the body. This has effects on the emotions, tension and physical conditions.

The points are commonly called "acupuncture points," "pressure points," "acupoints" or "acupressure points."

Acupressure techniques: Pressing and reducing points

There are two ways that acupressure points are manipulated: pressing (reinforcing) and reducing them. Most are probably familiar with the first, but not with the second method.

Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others SI5To press points, use something blunt. Usually the fingers are used to press, but I find that for many points the fingers may be a bit too thick, so you'd have to press quite long and firmly. Ideal would be something 3 to 4 mm thick, like a (preferably used) pencil eraser that's on the other side of a pencil. Some points can be pressed using a fingernail.

Pressing points for less than half a second can already have a distinguishable effect. So for just trying out a point you could press it only briefly. To get a full effect however, pressure should be applied for at least half a minute, but preferably longer. One to two minutes should do.

Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others LIV3To reduce a point, turn a finger over it in counter-clockwise direction, also for one to two minutes [Some practitioners aver that this should be reversed in the Southern hemisphere - N.I. Ed]. (What happens when you do this is explained in "What manipulation of points brings about.") Clicking on the picture of points that need to be reduced displays a video showing how this is performed (clicking again stops the video).

I think it's a good idea not to get into the habit of doing the same points every day. Do them when you feel you need them, don't overdo it. Pay attention to what effects points have on you.

If you're weakened (from age, disease or whatever), be sure to not reduce points more often then necessary. You could also additionally press these points for a few seconds.

Do a point on both sides of the body.

Feeling if it works

When you are not feeling any effects from pressing points, several things may be the case.

You may not be pressing on the exact right spot (acupuncture points are about 0.5 mm diameter, so you'll have to be precise). Try different spots around the location you first tried.

You shouldn't press lightly, but you shouldn't hurt yourself either. Also, don't press for just a few seconds (although if you're very sensitive you might already notice effects then).

To feel if acupressure is working (for knowing that the location of the point is accurate), I usually sense what's happening in my face. Almost all points in the list on this site have some effect here. Many of the points also have some subtle effect on the quality of vision. You may see more clearly and more colors. Meditation will develop your ability to feel the effects.

If you're using a point quite often, or if you don't need a point, the effect may become very little or unnoticeable.

If you're tense, you may not feel much, although usually you'll become less tense by using the techniques on this site.

Using information from other sources ("cun")

To be able to use information from other sources for locating points, you'll need to know what the "cun" is.

Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others 1cunThe "cun" is the standard unit of measurement for the body used in acupuncture. As everyone's body has different dimensions, it is defined according to the person whose body is to be treated.

1 cun = width of the thumb, in the middle, at the crease
3 cun = combined breadth of the 4 fingers, at the level of the pinky finger's first joint above the palm of the hand
12 cun = the distance from the elbow crease to the wrist crease.

What manipulation of points brings about

Acupuncture points can be manipulated in various ways. To keep things simple, acupressure books usually just mention pressing the points.

If you've ever seen an acupuncturist you may have noticed that he will turn needles after inserting them or do other manipulations. Acupuncturists also apply heat by burning stuff called "moxa" or using a laser, or apply electric currents.

By simply pressing a point, you are reinforcing it. You, thereby, increase energy in areas that the point influences. Reducing a point is actually not the opposite of reinforcing it. By reducing, you remove a blockage of energy. A blockage may be felt as tension, pain or heat. Energy accumulates there, which starts moving again after removing the blockage. So if you reduce a point after you reinforced it, you get reinforcement and removal of energy blockage. They don't cancel each other out.

In acupressure, you can reduce a point by continually moving a finger counterclockwise over it. An acupuncturist will turn his needle immediately after insertion.

It's also possible to apply heat to a point to warm it. This is an advanced technique that may injure your energy system, so it's best to stay away from this.

Why you shouldn't use needles

As for using needles, I've tried that, but have been discouraged to continue using them by both an acupuncturist and a healer. The acupuncturist thought it was dangerous because you can damage tissue, and difficult as you can't access points that well yourself. You may damage blood vessels, nerves, tendons or bone, which can all be quite painful. On the breast or shoulders, you may puncture the lung.

On an energetic level, the fear that comes with using needles on yourself may damage the First Chakra. This may worsen your problems.

Using needles as an amateur may not even be legal.

I found that I feel more clearly what's happening in my body from acupressure than from acupuncture, whether administered by a licensed acupuncturist or by myself.

Using little balls and tape

I devised a safe and effective way to press acupuncture points for an extended period of time. I use adhesive tape for use on skin to press ball-bearing balls on points. It doesn't work with all points (e.g. it does not work well for ST-36, the point beneath the knees) but for many it's quite good.

Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others LU9ballThe metal balls I use are 4 mm diameter and I apply nylon rings (also bought at a hardware store) on top of them to supply a larger surface to the tape. The inside diameter of the nylon rings should be 3 mm. Perhaps you could also use the more common metal rings, but for some indefinite reason I prefer the nylon variety. The rings avoid bulging and thus press the ball a bit deeper into the skin.

Keeping the balls in place for 5 - 30 minutes should do.

A similar method is sometimes used for ear acupuncture. Little seeds are then taped to the ear.
From Eclectic Energies @
Zu San Li – A Point of a Hundred Diseases On Your Body: Here is What Will Happen if You Massage it!
A Japanese myth tells us a story about one happy man who received valuable knowledge from his father – information about the point of a hundred diseases. Taking after his father’s advice, the child kept massaging this point consistently, and he lived to see the birth and death of a few rulers.

The massage of a few points is one of the most established systems for treatment in the East, which has been utilized for a great many years. In general, the human body has 365 points and 12 primary meridians, which is the same as the quantity of the days and months in one year.

Healing By Hand - How to heal your self and others Zu-san-li-a-point-of-a-hundred-diseases-on-your-body-here-is-what-will-happen-if-you-massage-it

The impacts of these massages (pressure point massage, finger weight to specific focuses), are focused around the hypothesis of the meridians and channels that are joined with specific organs.

In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as a vitality system, and hence, the massage can influence the stream of vitality and the useful action of the organs.

The initiation of the Zu San Li point causes a lasting reviving and mending impact, postponing the maturing. In China, this point is known as – “the point of longevity”, and in Japan – “the point of a hundred diseases”.

Where is that magic point (Zu San Li) in our body?

The point of longevity is placed beneath the kneecap. So as to discover it, you ought to cover your knee with the palm of the same hand.The point is found between the ends of the little finger and ring finger, as a little scratch between the bones. You can discover in an alternate way, too.

You need to sit on the floor, solidly press your feet to the floor and force them towards you, and don’t raise your heels from the floor.

You will see that beneath the knee there is a higher zone. Detect the highest point, put your finger on it, and take a beginning position. The point on which your finger is pressed is called – Zu San Li.

What’s the role of this point why do the Japanese call it – A point of a hundred diseases?

- It conducts the work of the organs that are placed in the lower part of the body.

- t conducts the work of the spinal cord in the parts that are in charge of the best possible working of the gastrointestinal tract, processing tract, genital organs, kidneys and adrenal organs.

By rubbing the Zu San Li point you can build the movement of the adrenal organs, the most capable organs that go about as the principle guard of human wellbeing.

They discharge adrenaline, hydrocortisone and other essential hormones into the blood.

On the off chance that you massage “the point of longevity” constantly, you can standardize the work of the adrenal organs, which perform the accompanying capacities in the immune system:

  • – Normalization of the blood pressure

  • – Normalization of the glucose, the insulin

  • – Regulation of the immune system

  • – Elimination of the inflammatory processes in the organism

Also, by rubbing the Zu San Li point, you can:

  • – Improve digestion

  • – Treat the impacts of a stroke

  • – Heal illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract

The rubbing of this point will help you to expand your certainty, kill the anxiety and pressure and discover internal concordance.

By rubbing this point, you can cure numerous ailments, including hiccups, constipation, gastritis, incontinence.

In what capacity would you be able to influence the “point of longevity”?

It is ideal to rub the Zu San Li point in the morning, before having lunch, 9 times in a roundabout movement in a clockwise way on each leg (9 times on one and nine times on the other leg). You ought to do this for 10 minutes.

Before you start rubbing, you ought to take an agreeable, loose position (sitting). Quiet the breathing and focus yourselves on your emotions. Place yourselves in a condition of amicability and comprehension that you are starting the mending procedure. This rub has an empowering impact.

You can rub the point with your fingers or with any grain (buckwheat, oats, rice, and so on … ).

Additionally, you can place half a garlic clove and let it stay on for 1-2 hours (until the skin turns red). The rubbing of the Zu San Li point at night is suitable for weight reduction – they say, 400 to 500 grams every week. In any case don’t rub it right before going to sleep, in light of the fact that it can result in a sleeping disorder.

You can rub the Zu San Li point consistently, yet the best impact is accomplished during the time of the New Moon.

1.    Eight days after the begin of the New Moon, make certain to rub this point in the morning, on the or on each one leg in the clockwise way. This is the best time for rub keeping in mind the end goal to fortify the immune system, enhance the work of all organs and ease the aging procedure.

2.    Before lunch, rub the point on each leg in the clockwise way, so as to enhance the general tone, the memory, the work of the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.

3.    After lunch, rub the point at the same time on both legs – against anxiety,nervousness and irritability, against migraines and sleep disorders.

4.    At night, rub it in the counterclockwise way, then again on each leg, keeping in mind the end goal – to enhance the digestion system and assist weight loss.

Go for it!

From Healthy Food House @

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