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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Why The Economy Is Actually Preventing Us From Prosecuting The Elite From Prince Andrew To Jimmy Savile: An Untouchable Hierarchy

Why The Economy Is Actually Preventing Us From Prosecuting The Elite From Prince Andrew To Jimmy Savile: An Untouchable Hierarchy

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Why The Economy Is Actually Preventing Us From Prosecuting The Elite

From Prince Andrew To Jimmy Savile: An Untouchable Hierarchy

By: Steve Thresher  |@steventhresher
 on 23rd January 2015 @ 5.59pm

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Are the global elite beyond reproach? The amount of allegations surrounding them do not seem to matter at all.
Why is it the elite seem to be surrounded by scandal and allegations of paedophilia? But more so – why is that when these allegations are brought to the public eye nothing really seems to be done about them, are the global elite above the law? Are they beyond reproach? Whether they are guilty or innocent it would seem that that is the case.

One thing that has to be made clear is that this is not about witchhunts, it is always innocent until proven guilty but when you are found with an apparent smoking gun it stands to reason that a thorough investigation would take place. But this is simply not the case if you are a member of the global elite, by this I mean incredibly wealthy with a position of influence and power.

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Virginia Roberts claims she was a sex slave under Epstein’s control and that she was forced into have sex with the Duke Of York.
Today (23 Jan) the Guardian published an article entitled “Wake Up People: Without Prince Andrew The UK Economy Would Collapse,” is this why he has been immune to any formal scrutiny? Is this really a reflection of the world we live in; who cares if he may have been involved in a “sex slave” scandal with a convicted paedophile he helps our economy and he is in the Royal Family.

That headline encapsulates the point of this article, from the 1980’s Westminster Elm Guest House paedophile ring allegations too George H. W. Bush’s alleged child prostitution ring the testimonies are there, apparently the evidence was too but it disappears or becomes classified.

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Jimmy Savile's victims were in 28 hospitals across the UK ranging from five-year-olds to pensioners and included men, women, boys and girls.
It took decades for Jimmy Savile to be exposed for what he was, many were aware and it had been brought up multiple times, but every time the allegations were brushed aside and ignored. Its at this point that it must be made clear again that this is not about a witchhunt, it is about having a clear and open inquiry into any and all claims against any individual.

With the current inquiries into the Westminster paedophile ring into its 200th day we seem to be no closer to any results, no statements issued its all seemingly being dealt with internally. It’s a joke, because of the secrecy and the delays the inquiry will face cover-up claims no matter what they say.

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This‘Unnatural Sex Acts’ file clearly shows evidence that it was presented to the then UK Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher.
Evidence recently surfaced in the form of a document that contained allegations against many key public figures that was seen by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, this file has now been handed over to the Cabinet Office where it can now be buried.

The people who need to be investigated are doing their own investigation into themselves. The corrupted are investigating their own corruption, and we think we will see conclusive results…

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An enquiry has been ordered into how a file on VIP child abuse passed to Leon Brittan when he was Home Secretary in 1984 was lost.
It’s a difficult state of affairs as the numerous accused individuals may well be innocent - but absolutely no attempt is made to see those accusations proven false. Lord Leon Brittan who passed away recently was implicated in the 1980s Westminster child abuse scandal and police questioned him and that was it, still to this day many believe he was guilty but the investigation never went anywhere.

This is where what that Guardian article said may ring true, the economy would collapse if these people were found guilty, the jobs they do keep the system ticking over, imagine the damage it would do if Bush was arrested and sentenced in relation to child prostitution ring.

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How many chairs in the House of Commons would all of a sudden become vacant if this inquiry was done thoroughly?
If it happened it would cripple the world’s opinion of that country, same for Westminster – a former social service officer said the claims against Westminster were “ignored because there were too many to deal with.” Does that make it right? No, it really does not at all.

That would directly imply that these accused are beyond reproach, how many chairs in the House of Commons would all of a sudden become vacant if this inquiry was done thoroughly? It is not likely we will ever know, it would appear that the people involved would likely die long before any sort of truth is revealed.

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It is not likely we will ever know the truth, it would appear that the people involved would likely die long before any sort of truth is revealed.
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