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Light Technology ~ The Art of Levitation

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1 Light Technology ~ The Art of Levitation on Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:48 am


Light Technology ~ The Art of Levitation
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Another great find from DP, mahalo!  Enjoy…
Technology should be used for healing and environmental purposes so that Earth does not suffer from the adverse consequences which could affect the energetic field, same as for all beings living on, whether human beings, plants, or animals. Light Technology is a technology working on etheric level to manifest into physical level, which means the results should be seen and concrete.  That’s one of the major part which could bridge Science and Spirituality, as Science requires concrete experiments working and beneficial for everyone, the major current field is Energy, and Spirituality asks to respect Nature, any beings with love and compassion whilst being centered into the heart. Light Technology is both an Ancient Technology already known from the Ancient civilizations, and an Advanced Technology known in the Universe. Since it is important to consider the body as a temple, a sacred placed to protect and to cherish in which is honored the sacred flame one is made of, light from the heart, and energy connected to the Universal Consciousness. Environment is to consider as the same as one is living in a connected Universe, an energetic grid supporting Interconnectedness.
There is a great mystery on Earth. If one analyzes each monument built on Earth, the first question arises. How the Ancient civilizations lifted and moved massive stones, some weighing several tones ? Simple and logic questions can help to rise above the slavery of one’s conditioned mind. That’s why it is important to question oneself and to use the logical part of the brain and good sense.

  •  At Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, 13,000 feet above sea level, stands an impressive monument called Puerta del Sol, or Sun Gate [1]. The object is approximately 9.8 ft (3.0 m) tall and 13 ft (4.0 m) wide, and is constructed from a single piece of stone. The weight is estimated to be 10 tons.


How the great Pyramids of Egypt were built has been the subject of debate for millennia. There are so many theories about its construction, but the fact is there, this is an extraordinary achievement behind, even defying technology of today. Today, with all our modern science and engineering, we would not be able to build a Great Pyramid of Giza.

What is the purpose of these stone spheres, this is another great Mystery. Did the Ancient civilizations had the knowledge of the Music of the Spheres (cosmic sound) ? (cf. The Harmony of the spheres of Consciousness)
After writing many articles about Sacred Geometry on this website, the different manifestations of Energy (sound, geometry, light, etc), and according to my inner knowledge, I can tell that sound and geometry are the keys to unify all the expressions of Consciousness, whether gravity, electromagnetism or even the art of levitation defying gravity. It’s about being aware that the Universe is constructed with order and pattern, an energetic connected grid, and that there is no difference between sound and geometry. They are different manifestations of energy as one could interpret through eyes, but a sound has a certain information, same as geometric pattern. A certain sound frequency will be related to a geometric pattern, consequently, is there a difference in the Information ? Sound or geometry is the universal language of Consciousness. Light is also another way of interpreting sound by a difference of octaves in frequency, but the information is the same. There is even a sound for the cosmic background, the planets, Earth. Sound could be visible, and we just started to understand deeper the connection of the universe through sound and geometry.
The Science of the CymaScope [4].

Sound is found in any fields : astrophysics, Music, Art, Biology, Geology. In Geology, the crystals have a certain geometry in their structure, then they vibrate at a certain frequency and are making a sound. In physics, the particles have been described as the microscopic elements of Nature. They have obviously a certain geometry, then vibrating at a certain frequency and are making a sound as well.
Vibration is the key, and it is a set of different frequencies called harmonics. Vibration is about how an object moves in space-time. When an object vibrates, it will definitely move and take some space, but also take a certain time to move from another place to another. That’s how movement could be defined, and without movement, there is no life.
Sphere vibrating (cf. The Divine Proportion)

Then, did the Ancient civilizations know how to use Sound so that there was a certain resonance with the planet Earth itself ? They assuredly worked with the Planet Earth, the other planets and the stars. It means that those who held such an Advanced knowledge in Astronomy had a perfect connection with Earth and the stars, and ensured that Light technology had no adverse consequences for themselves and Environment.
How to resonate with Earth ? From within first by respecting Nature, and any beings living on it. Resonating with yourself is resonating with Earth, or resonating with Earth is resonating with yourself. Once one will consider Earth as a spiritual and conscious body, there will be a big paradigm shift from within. Light Technology should work with the golden ratio 1.618 one finds anywhere in Nature, blueprint (spiral) left by the Universal Consciousness. It contains the information of the structure of space-time, and how all the levels of consciousness are connected, then how to be in resonance with the Universal Grid itself.
There are two natural modes of opposite spiral motions. One mode is when the motion is excentric spiralling (centrifugence), and the other one is concentric spiralling (centripetence) (cf. The vortex path of Consciousness).
There are two natural modes of opposite hyperbolic spiral motions [5] :

In the image of a vortex of water, water is pulled down and forced toward the drain hole in the center by gravity (implosion). At its surface, spiral waves form will appear and eventually move in slow motion as they travel upward, at the opposite direction as the downward flowing water. Those waves showed the existence of a medium called the ether, a substance in which everything in Consciousness was coming from : galaxies, snail, tornadoes, stars, planets, etc.  The waves traveling upward are supported by the forces of the subtle substance the ether giving birth to levitation. The ether is the subtle substance enabling the perpetual motion of Earth, planets, stars and universe, and explains the origin of spin. (cf. The origin of the spin). Without the driving force, everything would be collapsed into a hole. Henceforth, the concentric spiral is governed by the forces of gravity, and would be naturally behind levitation. A motion outwardly expanding can be used by Nature to encourage decomposition, breakdown, whereas a motion inwardly spiraling can be used to build, energize (levitate).
Today, most of the technology is using matter (or energy) through the motion outwardly expanding as the effects are the explosions (the combustible engine works with repeated explosions based on a destructive nature that is not harmonized with Nature), temperature rise, increase of frictions, pressure, biological and geological deterioration. There could be a disaster for environment and living beings for manipulating matter (energy) in that way.
Vortex of water by implosion

The art of levitation using sound
The art of levitation using sound, is the art of being in resonance with the sound frequency of Earth so that the driving force being behind its motion applies to the stone as well, although the stone is located on Earth’s surface. The planet Earth has a zero point energy (singularity or core ‘zero’) at its center and it is driven by the subtle substance : the Ether moving in spiral motion upward. Then, did the stones have to be stimulated to a certain frequency so that they was in resonance with Earth ? The Ancient civilizations were able to manipulate the stones with ease through Sound ? In order to counterbalance gravity forces toward Earth’s center, the ether had to manifest itself, self organizing to levitate the stone on Earth’s surface. Are we living in a self-organizing universe made of a quantum subtle substance called the ether that mainstream science does not reckon  ?
Further information about the “ether” and the self-organizing universe in the previous article : The vortex path of Consciousness.
Then, the great questions are :

  1. What material has to be used, it requires the knowledge of the geometry of microcosm (especially the chemical elements of the stones) ?
  2. What information (sound frequency) was applied to the stone, it requires the knowledge of cosmic sound, the Music of the Spheres, therefore an advanced knowledge in Astronomy.
  3. Does it depend on a location on Earth ?
  4. Does it depend on the dimensions and geometry of the stones ?

The geologic structure of Earth was probably a part of the answer. Indeed, Earth could be considered as a huge crystal of quartz ( Silicates comprise the majority of Earth’s crust) , with the existence of certain energetic lines and possibly favorable locations to experiment anti-gravity or levitation. That’s why by the way, the temples were probably built on the nodal points of Earth, reckoned by the dowsers. The natural low frequencies of Earth, known as Schumann resonances, was probably another part of the answer as it would concern the field of cosmic sound.
© Sal
References :
[1], [2] and [3] : Pictures taken from Wikipedia
[4]  Cymascope research
[5] From the book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid
You will find the article in pdf here :

Thanks to:


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