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BANKSTERS SHUT DOWN by WtP, Lawfully, in Truth and honor

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Some references to help any who wish to stop paying mortgage and or credit card payments:
"Radical though it may seem, we believe the only way to stop the chaos of fraud and the breakdown of the rule of law in our courts, and most importantly to ensure that we ourselves are not participants in the fraud, is for homeowners who can afford their mortgage to stop paying it..." Wording for letter is given, plus much more….

Another method to consider: “Offer to Settle Letter” credit cards or mtgs: “I would like to make arrangements to settle the amount owing on the above referenced credit card/ mtg. Please provide me with your statement of the amount owing as of [date], together with your assurance that you will accept payment in direct and immediate exchange for the original instrument(s) of indebtedness in its original form. Thank you very much.” offers more details & follow up letters for this.
The following five are NOT the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form: 1.A copy; 2.Something purported to be signed at a later date; 3. A copy from a fax; 4. A certified true copy; 5.A sworn affidavit claiming lost note does not issue. Anything produced that does not contain your DNA is not the original instrument of indebtedness... When you signed it you had your hands on it, didn't you? Ex.: ORIGINAL Application for credit card/ “loan”; Promissory Note AND Deed of Trust or mortgage Contract for home/ “real estate” “loan”

After Letter is sent the bank usually sends you an accounting of the total including any penalties. But,....99.99% of the time, the bank never gives you their assurance they will return the note/contract in exchange for payment. Pursuant to the laws of the USA that is known as "refusing to accept payment" Now I don't know about you but, if I owed you a $100 and I signed a (iou) note to pay you back and a week later I offered to pay you in exchange for the evidence of indebtedness (iou) whereby you, refused to return the note upon accepting payment then do you think you could come back in a month and demand payment?
Reform must come from the side of dis-satisfied customers, because the “lenders” have NO motivation to move away from their current position of power and influence. If people who favour the customer over the lender are able to use the law to stimulate change, any imbalance created by giving people their real estate for free will best correct itself through a change in banking laws and practice, NOT through perpetuation of the present system of GRAND THEFT of the entire wealth of society by the banking cartels. Down with the money changers!! Primary display of Jesus’ anger: Y’shua threw them out of the temple in righteous anger. Do we have the courage to throw them out of our lives as violators of “equal weights and measures” Biblical law???!
Under the present system, someone HAS to get something for NOTHING. There is no other way. Either the bankers continue to get interest payments for NOTHING at risk, or customers get free real estate after "borrowing" money that was created out of NOTHING and having the "loan" either cancelled for fraud, or discharged in bankruptcy, or the lender gets the real estate from the customer for NOTHING, following a foreclosure on the “loan” that was created out of NOTHING but our belief we received it from bankers’ funds (which we did NOT!).
The banker endorsed the Promissory Note by stamping the back of it thereby converting the mortgage into a bearer bond. This is why the bank never brings the original blue-inked signed note to is no longer a mortgage conversion (it becomes a security). It is evidence the banker is no longer the holder in due course. What banker is going to bring evidence to court showing you do not owe him anything?
Very few understand money or the nature of banking and law; that’s why they pull the wool over nearly EVERYONE’S eyes (FRAUD, DECEIT) via our un-informed consent. The difficult hump to overcome by anyone attempting to comprehend money and banking is laid bare in the indisputable fact of truth that no financial institution has ever lent a consumer one single $1.00 of its own “money”, as that’s against their own banking guidelines. --------------------------------------------------------------
Deed of Trust (DoT) refers to “loan” we “received” in consideration for granting interest in our property, which “loan” we never received from Bankster’s own funds. We were tricked into believing we did “receive a loan” because Banksters can “create money” from OUR Promissory Note autograph (evidence of Biblical “unequal weights and measures”). WE ARE THE ACTUAL CREATORS of the “money” via our living autograph (Au=gold, yes your autograph is “good as gold” to banksters), the TRUE CREDITOR, NOT the Debtor we’ve deceitfully been led to believe. Our DoT granted our property interest to Banksters & assigns in exchange for a “loan” from Bankster’s own money which they NEVER PROVIDED TO US; we just believed (by deceit, fraud, shell game con) they did. So this means we performed on the DoT contract and Banksters DID NOT! Fraud (no equal consideration) destroys validity of all contracts!
From recent RECISSION OF DEED OF TRUST filed with county recorder. Remember, WE are the Trustor/ Grantor- (Know Who (and Whose) you are!) This Truth will set you Free… if we learn, know it in our heart, and act thereon…. “…As DoT was executed based on promise of receipt of “loan” from “Lender” …. and Trustor has never received said “loan” from Lender’s own funds (apart from Trustor’s own contribution), there exists NO LAWFUL BASIS for DoT, and Trustor herein RESCINDS the DoT, confirmed by execution of this verified instrument, to be recorded in and for the public record. Trustor was unaware of “Lender” deception and fraud perpetrated upon them at time DoT was executed, having discovered it since, and hereby declares DoT null and void ab initio. Fraud vitiates all contracts [U.S. vs. Throckmorton, 98 US 61, at pg. 65].” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Another solution to lawfully & simply discharge “debt”: Great ministry work- documented over $135Million debt discharged, so far! Also cutting-edge work on God-given & Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and lawful enforcement re: public servants’ compliance with their sworn Oath of Office! ------------------------------

Please check this out & USE what you CHOOSE--- The Truth will set you FREE, if you learn, comprehend, BELIEVE, and ACT thereupon!! Pass this on to others, far & wide—We The People (WtP) standing for Truth and Justice WILL WIN!!! Smile


Thanks, Purple, for sharing this here in this manner. WtP CAN take proactive part in setting ourselves & others Free with this Truth.. :D


No... thank you! :)



Everyone is welcome to learn & use these Truths to set themselves & others FREE from "debt" slavery;
It's important to learn there's two distinct types of "money": 1) WtP view it in terms of the time, talent, & effort we expend or trade for it; 2) banksters can "create" it with computer keystrokes as "digits", based on consent of living People (signing checks, notes, credit applications, etc. creates it- WtP are the True Creditor, not the "debtor" we've been "taught" to believe). It's actually corporate U.S. that's bankrupt, holding WtP hostage for its debt, using our sweat equity to fund & support them, because we've allowed it by our ignorance of who we are and the Supreme Law's rights that protect us, when we choose to lawfully, peacefully assert same.

Just want to help folks "see the light" and be set Free from bondage... :)

Herb Lady

This is all very arguable. But the fact still remains - Until the arrests happen, this could easily be turned around against a person as defimation of character (or facility) or some form of fraud, that in itself could cause someone serious loss and jail time. Most judges and attorneys do not know about the history of how the fraudulent banking system was set up. And unless you have an attorney who works for pennies on the dollar, who sees this as a mission, because most people would not be able to afford these legal fees, then the average person, as well as the poor, do not have a leg to stand on, OR unless they are backed by some rebellious celebrity who knows what the hell is going on and is willing to help, I don't see this happening. Not to mention the fact, that was stated as a warning on one of the sites listed, that small or private banking facilities are almost always able to produce the original loan for which a person has signed.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


When one employs an attorney, one admits to being incompetent to handle one's own legal affairs and places oneself as a "ward" of the "court"; America's so-called judicial "courts" are instead just ADministrative, applicable ONLY to those persons that are "government employees" and agencies, which most certainly IS NOT We the People. living men/women choosing to CLAIM our God-given unaLIENable Constitutionally-guaranteed rights & AMendments, which is The Supreme Law of the land. WtP are in authority OVER "government", as Creator is always greater than created for purpose of serving Creator. We have been well "taught" (programmed) to instead accept "govmt" rule over us, & use of ALL CAPS NAME, erroneously believing it to be the same as our given name, has been used to trap & ensnare is "into their jurisdiction", where they are able to rule over us, but NOT without our consent! When one learns WHo (and Whose) one IS (and is not), and acts accordingly, they have no more jurisdiction over one... Truth sets one Free! There is to be no fictional created entity between a living People & The Almighty Creator, certainly not "govmt" which is to remain in service TO THE PEOPLE, its beneficiaries.

If one has a private investor or small bank who has not participated in the rampant banking fraud, then of course you perform honorably with them; as long as they retain BOTH ORIGINAL Promissory Note and Mortgage (or Deed of Trust), they are lawfully "owed", otherwise NOT!!

"Another solution to lawfully & simply discharge “debt”: Great ministry work- documented over $135Million debt discharged, so far! Also cutting-edge work on God-given & Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and lawful enforcement re: public servants’ compliance with their sworn Oath of Office! " Up to $150Million discharged ... check it out... Truth can set you Free, but it will cost some time, attention, open mind & heart to Truth that may challenge one's paradigm and most certainly require some changes. As always, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without effort which one can choose or not... but consequences of one's choices each must bear. Can one make an intelligent choice without checking the available info first?

Blessings to ALL seekers of Truth, Justice, Peace, Forgiveness, Love, Abundance... :) ☀


HerbLady the courts are so clogged that hearings are said to be at a 4 year calendar. That is how many people are in foreclosure and bankruptcy. My last court date, the lawyers were literally lined up out the door into the hallway. Crazy!
7fm is correct regarding the passing of mortgage docs not being able to be produced in original copy are being dismissed. MERS.

I do understand that some of this will not be applicable for some that own their own businesses for example. Every person has a different financial level. You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot. But you can decrease and eliminate and distance yourself from the traps.

For those that are losing it all, this may be a lifesaver.


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