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Synchronicity: When It All Starts Coming Together

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Synchronicity: When It All Starts Coming Together

Jade Small | January 30, 2015 | Metaphysics | No Comments

Do you ever have those coincidences that are too specific to be a random happening?  It’s like the universe is sending you a message, or somehow you are telepathic, or predict the future in your dreams. Something is at work here.. Have you ever wondered if that could be the result of something out of the range of rational reality?
I consider myself to be pretty rational. I am a “see it to believe it” kind of person, and I rarely let my imagination or emotion overtake my logic. But sometimes there is just no explanation for coincidences other than magic, God, supernatural powers, or alternative universes – all of which are not what I consider logical. My mind isn’t closed to such things though. I do believe that things happen for a reason, and a large part of that reason is that we are all connected. I believe that each action creates a ripple-like effect on our world, and when we are emitting more positive energy it is more likely that we will receive positive energy in return because there is more of it in our immediate presence. I also think that because we share this world it connects us all in more ways than we could ever imagine. We are all made out of the same stuff, and we all live relatively similar lives, so it’s no wonder that ironic similarities might take place.
The universe is a complex combination of unique energy and actions that are contributed from every single life source on the planet and beyond. It is impossible to explain, rationalize or totally understand.
But we can listen, pay attention and learn.
When you are aware of the cause and effect between your thoughts and your circumstances, you become more attuned to synchronicity – the process of things coming together just as you designed them.
Carl Jung was the first one to assign meaning to this term. He used it to explain the unusual coincidences that somehow occur and link our psychological and physical worlds. Have you ever thought about someone you’ve lost touch with and then you run into them somewhere totally unexpected? Or sometimes you dream of an event right before it happens and get that weird deja vu feeling and have to ask yourself, how did I know that would happen? These coincidences hold some level of meaning to us, and can provide lucidity in times of doubt or confusion.
The magic lies more in the way our minds link events that hold a particular meaning to us. No two people could derive the exact same meaning from any given situation, for it takes personal experience in addition to personal perception to fully understand the reason for the coincidence.

When you have a specific thought that is in the spotlight of your subconscious, your brain is likely to associate things with it and look for similarities, or evidence, all around you. We experience these for a reason, and they do have meaning in our lives. They can highlight thoughts that we haven’t yet fully processed and understood, or bring to attention an important similarity that may trigger warning signs and save us from harm or deceit. Recognizing the significance of the links between our world and our minds can offer more insight than a fortune teller.
You can make this powerful phenomenon work in your favor by allowing the ripples of the universe to take place in their natural flow and intricate synchronization.
Experiencing and appreciating the cause and effect of the energy your actions put out into your world allows you to have more control over the affect they have and the level of meaning the is attached to certain events in your life.
Basically, synchronicity is EVIDENCE of the effects of your predominant thought patterns as they begin to manifest in your physical life.
As all of our energy constantly merges and intertwines, it reveals deeper meaning, and we are able to reach a higher understanding of the impact our actions have on our universe, on our lives and most importantly, on our minds.

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