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Oh, What a Fool Believes!

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Oh, What a Fool Believes!

Posted on January 31, 2015 by talk2momz

From what I hear, there are human beings in the world who are profoundly knowing, radiating love and light, evoking tremendous reverence, and battling the darkness on a refined level, sometimes simply by being. We may not realize that we benefit from these ‘living blessings’ being here, but we do benefit, greatly.
I am told that people at this level of development will have worked through the pain and grief that everyone encounters in this inside-out, upside-down world. They did the work by living in a dedicated way, with the intention of awakening to true self, comprehending the origin and purpose of pain, and transforming it.
Also, from what I hear, what’s really going on in our experience of ‘life on earth’ is so much more and so much greater than we can comprehend. There are very great forces at work and many dimensions of life: so vast that even the true mystics can only get glimpses. Not only is life so much more, we are so much more. We are each a unique, individual hologram – a spark of the Force, or All That Is – a multi-dimensional universe unto ourselves.
These things are what I ‘hear’, and what I have ‘been told’. By offering it to you in this way, you can go back and see how one person will read it and scoff, and another will read it and say, “Yes, of course.”
I’m one of the ‘yes’ people, never to leave the knowledge because I’ve glimpsed enough to know it’s true. ‘Yes’ people are increasing in number as minds have been opening to previously hidden information for some time now. We’re opening because we have to! It’s time.
I’ve spoken about it a number of times, how pain pushes us to expand our consciousness. It’s the great wake-up call: face it, or repress it, or medicate it. Even if this pain manifests as anger, or resignation, self-pity or some other emotion, in my experience at least, these things come from grief… the grief of loss. Eventually that’s what I realized: this is grief. Face it.
So you face the grief without objection, as it is coming from you and a part of you. What have I lost, you ask. The answer might be really deep, of the essence, and still you don’t fight it. An essential part of yourself needs love. I don’t know of any other way to transform grief – let ‘you’ receive your love and then keep on, with faith.
Remember: those human beings I mentioned in the first paragraph, those who are living blessings? Every one of them went through pain, and that’s it – they went through. Pain is part of the ‘come to earth’ package. We are here getting experienced, polished and refined… all to manifest the Divine within. Will expanded consciousness really bring understanding and peace? Yes it will. You know it will. Keep on.
Now let’s switch up a bit, and talk about our collective pain and grief.
The other day I read an article in a political magazine, written by someone who was addressing the plutocrats at Davos. In the article he warned his billionaire pals that the pitchforks are coming out. Yes indeed… collective pain is bringing the pitchforks out. This guy wanted to persuade his friends that they could avoid being killed and get even richer by letting the people have a little bit more money; enough to keep them pacified.
In Davos we have stunning examples of ‘inhumane': these are human beings who will see people suffering, know that they are causing the suffering, know that they could easily relieve the suffering, but choose not to.
By looking at this straight in the face, knowing that there are many, many more humans like this, and we are in their grip… what do we grieve for? We grieve for all of the suffering people who prayed for the human heart to prevail. Although our childhood may have cost us our innocence, we still want to trust that there is something supremely powerful in existence; something that is pure truth and love, something that will awaken the cold heart, something that will make this all make glorious sense.
The plutocrats will scoff, of course, at the ideas in the first three paragraphs. I imagine they might say something like, “The poor fools invented another God that they call the ‘One in All’. They claim there are forces at work, and we’re ignorant of them. And some of them even claim that the end is already written, and we’re going down.”
Yes, and that’s not all the ‘fools’ claim. We also claim that the true nature of the human is to be upright. That’s the world we intend, that’s why we work to uncover our true nature, that’s why we live in a dedicated way, and that’s why we have faith in ourselves. Faith is a spiritual power that makes very great things possible. It is also the partner of love and the healer of grief.
With regard to the near future, who knows? The writer of that article, basking in his ability to see ahead, may be right about the pitchforks.

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