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1 Settlements and RVs - the reality on Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:12 pm


OWoN Exclusive | Settlements and RVs - the reality canauzzie Monday, February 02, 2015

What is NOT Happening out there and why. What they do NOT want you to know. One World of Nations 2 February 2015 As our long suffering world disintegrates, the Cabal and Zionist Banking Scum still will not stop until forced. It's extremely dangerous timing as our poor world is fast turning to non Liquid Excreta quickly. We will try to sum it up for you. Global pressures inside the hot house are enormous. We stand on a precipice of melt down, but Scum in control will not back off and keep their snouts and hands out of the trough. Reason is pointless, they truly don't care. Nothing it seems, than a few well placed Fast Track Trials and their Lawful Executions will stop them. All the talk of a Global currency reset and the like, ran out of steam on Wednesday. The deal pending was that China would redeem 80% of its historical bonds issued in the early 1900's (securitized by Customs Excise Revenues, land holdings & Gold) to provide USD liquidity to the financial system, followed by a reset of currencies. The U.S. has frustrated the attempts to reach this level at every turn, preventing the actual receipt of funds into Sellers' hands through their control of both the ABA and SWIFT systems. There is money sitting today in Escrow, in Banks and Lawyers' Trust Accounts in USD that cannot be moved to the actual hands of willing Sellers. All this money - you might consider it dead money - that has left the hands of agents for the Chinese government doing their part to fulfill agreements signed and promises made. All trying to help you all. In other cases, Bagmen / frontmen for the U.S. Government contracted to buy Bonds, tying them up, but then did not complete the transactions by then paying for the Bonds, but used every trick imaginable to delay things again, and again, and again. The US has exploited these Funds to manipulate the stock and commodity markets to preserve and inflate asset values, and keep its crooked Bankers solvent, despite their massive derivative loses. In so doing, the US has now, again, not abided by Agreements made to re-proportion the USD's share of the IMF's Special Drawing Rights in an attempt by responsible parties to avoid a great deal of strife and turbulence for Global trade (think of the re-proportioned SDRs as a sharing of Reserve status). These changes would have prevented the Cabal criminals from printing money freely, lying and cheating, and would then have forced them to admit that their cupboard is empty. They have STOLEN America and Mass Hanging them for Treason must be a high on anyone's wish list. The plan was to have the Chinese use the redeemed historical Bonds as the basis for new MTN creation (value) to backstop USD and other currencies, establishing a more balanced split of a Global Trading Platform of co-existing currencies. Time and trade would have balanced out the winners and losers as industrial output and capability would have ruled the day. But instead, Bond sales contracted with the Chinese government and its agents have been delayed for over 18 months pending the re-proportioning of the SDRs. What happens now to all these deals is an unknown at this time. And frustrated Bond sellers wait to be sorted out at some future date as a result. Instead of the planned solution, a liquidity crisis has developed while the drums of war beat against Russia in an attempt to weaken or collapse Russia so that it can fall under U.S. cabal control with its assets exploited and America's problems swept under the rug. Similar attacks on the Yuan and the Real are all indications of an escalating currency war between the U.S. and the BRICS. The BRICS realize this and if the muscle in the group falls or is sufficiently weakened, they will be picked off one by one at a time of the Cabal's choosing. The world needs to wake up, Man up and bring this scum Cabal to a global Nuremberg trial in The Hague facing world Justice not corrupt US Judges. This scum ALL need to be facing Death Sentences. Nothing less will suffice. Late Wednesday, a hurried meeting was arranged of which Russia, China and India will attend, in Mumbai on Monday, as the big dogs have run out of patience and must resolve their own issues. Joining them will be Korea and another country likely from the Middle East. Other BRICS nations have already been consulted and are on board. This is a currency meeting, not a trade meeting, where the true might of various Gold holdings may become apparent in days ahead. It will not surprise us to learn, that the BRICS will shortly after this meeting announce a new joint currency to be adopted by the BRICS members as the formal exchange mechanism between their national currencies. This will be their way of launching a new Reserve Currency, backed by the BRICS Central Bank and cleared using the Russian system already used now by the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union Pay credit card system of China. It's well overdue. If Russia, and any other major oil producer were to announce they will price and accept this currency for oil purchases, the USD would immediately face a major crisis as a real reserve currency, and the demise of the Euro, through its own problems would occur only now much faster - soon. If Korea is on board, and they have sown up a major Gulf producer, it will give them a dominant position in both oil exports and Global trade. This will allow them to effectively slam the door on the West who will be forced to compete with a limited manufacturing capability and oil control. They might also refuse to accept USD not on balance sheet as a further blow to the Western banking system. This will be a multi-tiered struggle. Note the story about an American bid to build Subs for Thailand, which was undercut by the Chinese, who were not prepared to have them gain an order. The game of trade wins at your competitor's expense is far more intense than you realize. The Cabal's game is to create only diversions, while desperately seeking a way out of being found to be dishonest, and worst of all, without any real money that belongs to them. Past promises have left the world long standing quietly by, awaiting fulfillment of said promises, only to receive yet another promise to replace the last lie. Nothing true passes these thieving Dogs lips. The lack of the Settlements is just one example in a list of so many more. People forget that what drives all Fiat currencies is confidence, not some intrinsic value of the currency itself; so when you lose their confidence, the game is over. This is why Gold has yet to take off. People still retain unwarranted confidence in the Dollar until the day they wake up. Then Gold will shoot for the stars. Only expect Greece to wait until they formalize their Trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union before they announce their departure from the EU, which is close. This will possibly be at the end of February or sooner. If nothing else, the actions of the Cabal, corrupt Bankers and Cronies in Government, have demonstrated what to expect from the promises of these individual dirtbags. Could it be a surprise that the remainder of the world would come to see no value in waiting for their next broken promise? No doubt, the good guys and the Cabal will also be in the mix of events already in motion, so expect collisions to occur and diversions of all kinds as the players compete on a board of play. As for the Chinese Elders, they have no regard or interest in speaking to, or funding anything, that will assist the Cabal. Their goodwill simply no longer exists. It was squashed by the Cabal's prior actions with lasting effect. They will fund and focus on Asia and Africa, and leave North America and Europe to stew and rot in their own mess, without assistance from them. Who can blame them for the feelings they have? Self-serving fools seldom have empathy for what their actions do to others, or until they experience the resulting consequences themselves and are humbled. New alliances are being made weekly, even as the the old ones fade. But these are not always announced until the time is right. As we have said, tomorrow's news is often known, yesterday. So a wild card is when Germany walks first on the Euro and then perhaps even on NATO, and joins the BRICS. Good for Germany. It simply is what the world must do to move on, out of need for US Hegemony, to avoid sinking into an economic abyss which is fast tracking. What happens to the hapless people entrapped, who really are unaware, remains to be seen. However, it is quite clear that certain better run nations are choosing a different fate and route for themselves and their citizens. Who can blame them? This is why certain so called Elites are panicking. Only a complete Fool will now take American rule. The world is turning to a new course on yet a distant horizon not fully understood but being committed to for better or for worse. Only time will tell whether choices being made and actions taken will lead to the promised land for either side. The struggle to survive will no doubt push the Cabal to levels we have not yet seen, but imagine their consequences now should they fall. Then be prepared for chaos at all levels. The world needs to quickly reflect on whether we want Russians or Chinese telling the West how to live our lives, or do we want the imbalance of wealth and poverty as India has? Do we want the shadow of a nuclear Iran? As in the end the BRICS will only be ruled, and not rule. If none of this is acceptable, we have only a short time to voice our concerns and ask for changes now to create the world we want to live in, if not for ourselves then our loved ones, young and old. We owe a responsibility to them and ourselves to awaken, and cry out for Ethical Leadership for a better world, that has eluded us, by our acceptance of mediocre Politicians who serve other masters, than the people. Each of us must lead in whatever small way we can to mold a world we want to live in. Otherwise one will be imposed upon each of us, and it may well be something we do not want. The real excitement is just on a horizon barely seen yet . "Voltaire" "there is no constant other than change" link

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