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11 New Age Movement Lies

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1 11 New Age Movement Lies on Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:43 pm



11 New Age Movement Lies

Heaven's Gate a Dangerous New Age Cult
I have wrote and talked many times about the origins and problems of the New Age Movement. I am writing this post to bring them all together, plus go into more details about why it is so dangerous for those who get involved with it.

The New Age Movement of Lies

1, We are all one, therefore we are the bad people in the world, we are our enemies, hating them is hating ourselves. - This is dangerous because it allows psychopaths, tyrants and dictators to get away with everything and anything. Those taken in by the new age actually believe that nothing is bad, everything is acceptable because we are here just for some kind of experience, as if this is a virtual reality game and poverty and murder are acceptable and normal. We might all come from the same source if you go far enough back, but we are each individuals who are responsible for our actions.

2, We live in a holographic Universe, nothing is real - I can assure you, we are real and so is the Universe. Again this is putting the idea into the seekers head that none of this real, and therefore they have no responsibilities.

3, Ignore everything negative, and bury your head in the sand when anyone says something about all the suffering in the world, just focus on the positive. - Where as we should not dwell constantly on negative things, to remain balanced we must not ignore the negative. Things cannot get better if we don't think about solutions and to come up with solutions we must spend our time thinking about the negatives from all angles.

4, You must control your anger at all times, never express your anger about something, just walk away and avoid the thing or person who made you angry. - This means you can never learn about why something makes you angry, you can never heal, you just keep it all bottled up inside and will start to become a bitter and nasty person. This will kill your spirit, that inner fire, that fire that makes great people achieve great things. If you feel angry about something, never be afraid of expressing that. Don't allow yourself to become a passive and very bitter person.

5, Truth is relative, there is no one truth, everyone's truth is different - I am calling BULLSHIT on this one, this is said by "Gurus" who are spreading lies and when questioned about it they come out with some rubbish like this. There is the truth and there are lies, learn to know the difference. Use your intuition, learn how to and you can never be misled. So long as you keep on looking for the truth from others, you will be deceived. Truth is within, learn how to find it and trust it.

6, Truth doesn't need to be defended - Oh yes it does. For thousands of years you and your ancestors have been successfully lied to, and anyone who was found to be a protector of the truth has been either burnt at the stake, turned up dead (and everyone is told they committed suicide or it was an accident) or publicly humiliated (constant attacks on their reputation in order to scare people away from listening to what they have to say). The truth has been defended by the Serpent Bloodline families for thousands of years. The truth does need defending or it wouldn't have survived.

7, You must always forgive, be non confrontational, non violent - Why? This has always been peddled by religions, and the New Age Movement is no different. Sure, do forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, but if someone murders your child or does something else completely UNFORGIVABLE then don't forgive them. The Government is robbing you blind right now, as are the Bankers. Don't forgive them, and don't forget. Don't just accept your slavery to the system, even though it is exactly what religions and the new age movement try to brainwash you into doing. Don't be a passive weak slave to them! Yoga and meditation are misused this way too, as the new age victims are taught to meditate their negative thoughts away, instead of using it to connect to your Higher Self.

8, Law of attraction - This is all about psychopathy, all about ego, selfishness and me me me mentality - A child who is born in a war zone, who tries the law of attraction, gets no help from anyone. Middle class and rich people who use the law attraction are much more likely to achieve their goals, and that is because they are surrounded by opportunities. However the law of attraction tells us to believe we already have something, and when we do that, we think we already have it so give up trying, so are less likely to achieve our goals. Sigils are much more effective than the law of attraction can ever be. The dangers of believing in the law of attraction are the same as believing in reincarnation, which creates unfair caste systems. We arrogantly think that just because we were born into a wealthy family, it must mean we deserve it and people who are poor and live in terrible conditions, do so because they are paying for all the bad things they have done in another life. These myths are created to control us, and stop us getting ideas above our station, and they make us heartless towards the suffering of others. But it sure does make the rich westerners feel better about all the poverty people have to put up with in other countries.

9, For safety, give up your freedom. - All religions teach you to give up something for others, much like governments and dictators will say they will look after us, so long as we do as we are told, follow their laws and work like slaves to feed their system. Religions and the new age movement teach you to follow their rules then you can go to heaven, or activate your DNA, enter the 5th dimension or board the mothership. Dangerous ideas like this can lead to life of slavery, and even worse to mass suicides, see Heaven's Gate for example, a typical new age alien worship group.

10, Earth is not our home. - I have heard people say they feel like the Earth isn't their home. It makes me so upset. Religious people are told to breed and breed, because it doesn't matter, as they will be going to heaven soon, this life is just a test for their real life later in heaven. Just like new age followers are told they are star seeds, indigos, special moonbeams from another planet and they will be going home soon. Again, therefore they don't need to worry about the way this planet is going, it isn't important, they don't belong here. You do belong here, this is your home, like it or not and this planet is the only one we have. So please stop treating it like stop gap and start treating her with respect and help heal her. Your life is not a rehearsal. This is the only life you will ever get here on Earth and she is a beautiful planet.

11, Enlightenment is about being special and always happy. - Being enlightened is nothing to do with being adored or feeling more important than everyone else. It is simply being able to have the fun and carefree nature of a child, who can laugh and make others laugh, while also being adult enough to have compassion for others and wanting to make the world a better place for all. Enlightenment is the beginning, not the end, it is a responsibility. Before we can change the world, we first must change ourselves. It is not enough to just find inner peace for ourselves and then do nothing, there needs to be action too.

~ © Tau Tia L Douglass 2015

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