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February 5, 2015 Ines Radman Ascension , Spirituality Archons , disinformation agents , Sananda

Relay Relay Relay Sananda and Forber 2/1/15

My comment: This messenger from the link above (blog owner)  gets upset when I ask him questions. How do we learn if we don’t ask questions? If someone gets upset at you for asking questions, write them off, they are not working in your interest because if they were, they would gladly answer them and help you as best as they can. A Light Worker as they define themselves are here to teach us who we are and “share” truth whatever that may be, this light worker/shaman doesn’t like being asked questions. I don’t give a damn how many visitors he has on his blog, he’s not defining his belief system, he’s just filling up his blog with crap and then expecting you to donate to him. From what I see through his photos, he’s enjoying a great life without working.
Sananda: This pain you have been experiencing is, as you know, from past physical and emotional Trauma. It is in your Body’s cellular memory and though you have forgiven, that forgiveness hasn’t extended to your cellular memory. This pain is in the releasing of that which is “held” in your injured places. This is enabling you to release the traumas and pain of the past.

This is bullshit science. Each cell does contain memory, but memory related to that cell’s function, in other words if the liver’s cells die off and regenerate they will transfer the memory of the liver functions. Releasing traumas have nothing to do with cellular memory as a general statement, I’m not a biologist, but do the research before accepting this explanation.

 In order to Ascend, All must be released and forgiven.  As you all Know, your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are all connected as a Whole you!

What exactly does Ascend mean? There are so many explanations as to what Ascension is. The second sentence is insulting to the whole human race as if they don’t know this already. Body, mind, soul is a common knowledge today and we need a “divine” member explain this to us now after 30 years of knowing this?

When you forgive, the anger of resentment is released from your emotions, but it can remain in places in the physical body as Trapped Emotion. The emotion that is trapped within your Cell’s memories, is there, sometimes, even after you have released the experience and forgiven the person.

First of all, cells live for an average of 7 years and so does the memory, once that cell dies off, a new cell replaces it. What is not common knowledge and scientists are lying to you is that they are saying they don’t know why we age if our cells die off and form new ones, as our bodies are designed to regenerate. Originally they were, but someone tampered with our genes and so when the old cell dies off, the new one that replaces it is not new, it contains the memories of the old one therefore the behavior of the old one, therefore, we age and get sick. The original design with all 12 DNA strands activated , we could live for many years, even Adam lived to be 900 if you believe that, but we were designed to be ageless. What 10 DNA strands De-activated and cells retaining memory from the dying cell, the process just continued on to disease rather than regeneration. This is the bullshit science wants you to believe, the same bullshit this Sananda character is trying to sell to you.

When you have dealt with a issue freely, move on to the next adventure awaiting your Light, Free of the past and Cleansed and in harmony with the new adventure awaiting you on your Path To The Stars.
I got my bags packed, but I’m not heading toward the light, that’s the trap. Cleansing takes place as our bodies start to transcend into higher vibrational bodies, it is impossible to cleanse a body living in a toxic world, it’s impossible to cleanse the mind and heart when we are bombarded with garbage like this, poisoning us with this bullshit.

     I am Forber. You Know Me as a Kofutu Master. I am a Healer from Atlantis and used the Healing modality called “Kofutu.”     Because Earth’s people and all Lifeforms upon Her are ascending with Her, your bodies are transforming into higher dimensional bodies.

I don’t know you so please don’t refer to me that way. Atlantis never existed on Earth, that was another lie and that’s why it’s never been found regardless of the technology we have today. There are lost cities under the ocean, but they are not Atlantis, that happened in another time/space/reality.

This process can be painful at times as you release the past and its’ traumas your bodies are releasing from many lifetimes, not just this one. In order to Ascend you have to be willing to face and Transmute and then to Transcend the past. Owning everything you have lived over lifetimes.

I disagree with you mr. archon sananda. After each death or the soul leaving the body, our memories are erased, by your heavenly crew, therefore we come back with clear and empty memories of our past lives. You have conveniently erased our memories of past lifetimes because that would lead us to truth, it would lead us to discovering the deception on this planet.

Do remember that you are the best that you have ever been in any Lifetime because you are at the Threshold of Ascention! You are all Loved! YOU ARE ALL SOULS THAT ARE CHERISHED!  THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS impossible for you! Just Be Love, Forgive Self and others, after all, this is not an easy “school.” You are all connected! You Are All Loved!

Yeah, yeah, save the compliments for yourself, you speak to humans as if they are worthless piece of shit and you must say these things to them to make them feel better. Forgiveness is not mandatory, this the new cage clap trap, when someone has harmed you, you don’t have to forgive them, you will let them go and understand that we all make mistakes, but you are not required to forgive, not forgiving does not result in resentment, not forgiving results in understanding that we choose how we want to feel, and LOVE is what we should be focused on, not cleansing, forgiving and ascending. It’s that funny, you have not mentioned that at all, that we should love ourselves first.

Awaken To The Beauty Of Who You Are!

I have awakened a long time ago, I know who you are and it’s not working any longer, your propaganda is finally starting to be rejected by many as humans realize that there are no saviors and that only they can create their reality and their future. Your time is almost up though, sorry you failed in convincing us that you are nothing more than an archon minion and that because LOVE is spreading, you are getting weaker.

Thanks to Ines at:


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