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Divorcing myself from the Straw man

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1 Divorcing myself from the Straw man on Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:12 pm



Divorcing myself from the Straw man

Posted on February 8, 2015 by arnierosner

commented on Source Documents.
in response to anticorruptionsociety:

This page was launched on January 13, 2014. It is a work in progress.

If you look you will be sure to find one also nestled inconspiculously within your state and county…
- arnie

Articles of Incorporation – UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY (1925) Banker’s Manifesto – 1892 Bond vs. UNITED STATES by Judge Dale, retired Case Monetization (CRIS Report) July 2003 Clearfield Doctrine Congressional Record (June 1932) Congressional Record (June 1932 – copy of […]

A letter to my friend Steven Pattison –
Having known you now for approx. 5 years you know that I am cautious in many ways and not so much in others.
After gaining and then losing about 130 lbs. four times in my life, I believe the message finally sunk in. Leave the excess baggage behind. Carrying that extra weight didn’t have to but I allowed it to affect my thinking on matters outside of personal concerns.
It took a conscious effort to do what you’ve always suggested, divorce myself from the Straw man, and now that I have a new perspective has emerged, along with the disappearance of the extra weight. One that has me thinking more in terms of what can be done to improve the lot of my fellow man. The answer came easily but mainly because of the influence of people like you, who give their time and knowledge, freely and without hesitation, to those who are hungry for the truth. In this regard I must now take your que and begin to return what I can to those who travel the parallel path.
We each have a purpose for being here. My mother used to tell me this all the time. She also said that everyone I meet along the way will have something important to share and it will be up to me to figure out what that something is. It was that and the constant reminder that I must learn patience that she instilled in me.
The patience part took the longest to learn and whether or not it fully sunk in I’ll leave for her to tell me when next we meet. As for the part about everybody having something important to share, she couldn’t have been more correct but it remains an elusive goal for most because without the patience you’ll never truly get the message.
Things like regional differences in dialect, tonal inflections and sometimes even body language become signals to try harder or pay a bit more attention, while at the same time signaling the desire to leave that situation as expeditiously as possible.
All of this comes into play when interacting with what I consider the friends I now have. Many share one commonality which is the desire to affect change for the betterment of mankind. The only separation is in the methods used to get there.
So, after all that bloviating, let me get to the point. My research into the criminal cabal we call government has led to revelations and wonderment. Most you’re already aware of but here’s one thing you’re not.
In going through the exercise of having my public servants provide their Oaths and Bonds I ran across something that you need to be aware of. Risk management companies. Why they are now important is because of what they’ve turned into. Where once the term conjured up images of consulting firms now they’re being pawned off as insurance brokers. Specifically for governments of every kind from FED to local. Problem is, they’re not registered as such. It now appears that the move to privatize public agencies has spawned yet another growing cottage industry tailored for the slightly more astute government criminal.
With checks being drafted, each year, for rather large sums designed to secure liability coverage for certain elected and appointed individuals a whole host of former government employees have peeled off and formed these risk management companies. With previously established relationships in government, they have a leg up on competition to secure bonding money dollars and from what I can now reveal, most every State now uses these entities. Seems they’ve had this little niche market for at least as long as private jails have been around but how they operate is what’s real interesting.
From what I’ve been able to uncover, it works like this… Here in Georgia it’s really two companies. One, the parent, is locked into David Rockefeller’s America 2050/U. N. Agenda 21/I.C.L.E.I., siphoning off tax dollars I’ve yet to identify. The sub or sister company deals mostly in taking in Bonding money. The Association County Commissioners of Georgia was established in 1914 and has patiently worked its way into every aspect of Government/business. The number of private sector jobs they’ve displaced can only be guessed at but their assumptive role as insurance for the State, self insurance that is, has lent itself to offshore funneling (in the case of Colorado) of huge chunks of this recurring revenue for reasons one can only guess at. That and how liability cases concerning State and local governments are now handled is quite alarming. We hear of very few government liability cases these days because the circle of those providing and those needing this coverage comes complete with an Army of Attorneys and Law enforcement personnel that are being used to terrorize those who would dare file such suits ( have witnessed a local experience with this M.O.).
From what I can now report, using Presidential Executive order 13132 nobly titled Federalism, Agencies are either born or spun off using seed money provided by unreported assets realized every year through the use of double entry bookkeeping proudly on display in every CAFR I’ve seen regardless of the organization. The very first and telling discrepancy will be found in the declared net worth statement of each year. Taking long term bond obligations in total and writing them off in the liabilities section to substantially offset assets is but one of many clever little tricks they use. They may even go as far as to re-sign, the way we would commercial paper balloons every three years so they could more easily explain this anomaly. Then use those funds for any off books capers that get conjured up. Seed money to start such a venture would have necessarily been high. Higher than the meager savings of some former County/State employees. Now, these funds are beginning to get so fat that they may be getting ready to burst at the seams. Or should I say disburse. But I digress,
The subsidiary called Interlocal Risk Management Agency:
From their web site –
ACCG – IRMA is also a self-insured pool that members join to provide insurance coverage for property, automobile, general liability, law enforcement liability, public official’s liability, crime and boiler and machinery exposures. It too is owned by its members and managed by a Board of Trustees whose members are from participating counties. The fund began in 1987 with 14 members and today has 157 members with assets of approximately $102 million. ACCG – IRMA has returned over $17.6 million in dividends to its members. Because county governments operate different types of agencies from the private section – such as law enforcement, jails, and roads – their exposures are unique and require specialized coverage. View the ACCG-IRMA Board Members – See more at:
Is the one that has my attention because it provides the bonding for Sheriff’s and the like. Problem is, when you ask for them to produce their bonds, they cannot. All they can do is show you who they wrote the check to. I’ve been working with a couple of guys in Colorado, Jim Porter and Steve Curry who have the same setup and that group is about to get to know what a hammer to the head feels like when this busts wide open. That or Jim will again have a shot taken at him by an as yet to be indicted shooter known to the Montrose County Sheriff.
A few calls on Monday will provide me the final pieces needed to go back to my Sheriff and request him to either bond up right then or I talk to every Deputy I can find until one of them shows and interest in immediately becoming the interim Sheriff by securing his personal bond. At that point I’ll carry my happy butt down to a few of the bigger banks and put on deposit my Bill of Exchange, along with my sworn affidavit letting them begin the process of collecting on the already made out one for the max of the liability coverage required by law and as soon as one of them agrees to my 50/50 split it will be Katey bar the doors. Granted, that part has a large part of wishful thinking involved but it won’t take many such BOE’s being filed before the stuff really begins to hit the fan. Having already filed an un-rebutted affidavit of truth in regards to the state of treason and sedition on the part of my County Commission Chairman (yes, more than one signed on to it) that accompanied my official charges submitted on the 20th of Jan.
So just think about it Steven, even though this is something you haven’t talked about, at least to my knowledge, you had a hand in playing simply because of your unending dedication to the pursuit of truth. For that, I salute you and as I look towards the heavens, will now ask, is there more I need to learn from this man?
Your friend in the pursuit,
carl alfred: The house of Swensson

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