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February 9, 2015 Ines Radman disinformation agents, FraudBittersweet Records Co., Jean Haines, Scott Pollack, The Critical Post Chicago

It’s one thing to have something happen to you that is out of your control such as an attack in the dark, being abused as a child, being conned by some really good con artists (even though I don’t agree but many psychologists do), car accidents, identity theft etc., basically events that you did not choose or desire to harm you.
I’m also getting tired of reading how Jean is the victim here. She had a choice, she chose to send money to Neil, she’s not a victim, she made a bad decision.
If you hand your retirement money over and even in small increments as I understand from this video, I call that stupidity. Although I don’t know this Pollack guy, he sounds like someone with a very arrogant and condescending attitude, who he really is and what his agenda is, there are several issues here that raise red flags for me.
Who is Scott Pollack? I have tried to find something on him other than his website :,
there is not much about him. It seems his father was in the music business, the website also is flavored in music, but his name is nowhere to be found. That should raise a red flag for anyone, why is this Pollack character not sharing who he is, where  he came from what he does for a living? He just shows up out of the blue and start acting like the professional investigator using words to impress. Something fishy is going on, so far, I have not been wrong about people I have doubts about and this guy is bad energy, like someone dug him out of a grave and gave him this job.
Before I continue, I want to remind the reader that the people mentioned in this video such as Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey and Benjamin Fulford, I have last year written about them and they were also the reason I left Jean’s blog because she’s not very nice when she doesn’t agree with your views. Had SHE taken the time to feel them out, perhaps she might have caught on to the fraud earlier, but as I said in a previous post, intellect alone is not enough to read someone, you need to have a certain instinct and connection to higher self to feel their energy.
The red flags are as follows: Pollack claims he’s got 4 CD’s in his possession, plus a myriad of emails and files. Let’s not get caught up in the details of what is in them, I no longer research for veracity or accuracy of information, that’s not my game and I don’t really care about that, you see, nothing changes. What I am questioning is “Why did Jean save all this crap? Does this not tell you that she didn’t trust anyone? And if you don’t trust that person you are recording, why are you sending them money? I understand that statistically, the fact is that the US is most litigious country in the world, therefore, Americans live in fear of being sued, or it could be that she felt she needed to keep the evidence “just in case”. Just in case for what? If you were knowingly handing over money to Neil for some quick money schemes, doesn’t that make you just as guilty?
So, this man she claims to have “known” for 2 years, who at times she showed feelings or expressed a more than just business partner relationship, who is obviously a   Man being accused of using her money for  “shady/questionable” deals doesn’t that make Jean an accomplice rather than a victim? Just asking. I’m posing questions because I find it odd that someone you promote, compliment, support, admire, collect funds for their cause is being recorded and all communications saved. I guess I am just different in that sense that I don’t record and save anything from people I trust and work with, to me I would feel betrayed if someone who considered me a friend or business associate saved every fucking communication, so I question this whole HainesGate saga. You admire the man, you trust the man, you glorify the man but you secretly tape and record him? People that investigate or infiltrate or try to discredit people also copy, save and record everything but bottom line is, how many of you out there save all your communications for years from friends or business associates?
I’m sure Jean has her own reasons for saving everything and I’m not disputing or disagreeing with the fact that Jean did give Neil all that money because I don’t know and don’t care, but I just question the course of events that if you give/lend someone money with a promise of a financial again a few times and nothing happens, is it not common logic or common sense or intelligence to realize there is something going on? I mean if my friend came to my door and asked me to invest into something and it didn’t work out the first time, I would never consider investing in anything with this person, not because this person is bad but because this person obviously is not able to make good judgements about the opportunity or the people involved in it.
I regret that I didn’t save my comments on Jean’s blog when I suggested to her last year in June/July that David Wilcock, Kevin Annett, Drake Bailey, Kathryn E. May, Veronica Keen were frauds ( not in that order and not all at once). But when she would post something that these folks said or did I would comment on them and with common sense and logic explain to her if someone is giving you a pile shit for a few months and nothing happens, then they are a pile shit, period. I didn’t call them a pile of shit, I called them “paid shills” or frauds, but come on folks, isn’t it just logical and common sense, can’t you think for yourselves and figure out that if someone says something and it doesn’t happen or they make predictions that don’t happen a few times, isn’t it just common sense you can’t trust these folks?
The Goldwater Report

Here is a quote from the video regarding why she believed David Wilcock: “She put way too much faith in the research of David Wilcock’s work “Financial Tyranny” because she was a fan of David Wilcock’s other works, thinking that if he did such a good job in that wheelhouse, how could he not do a good job of this?, and that’s what led her to believe David Wilcock.” (Faith, fan and believe is not enough to trust someone, you gotta FEEL them).
Ok, I understand her reasons, but again, she used intellect and brain functions to determine if this guy is for real or not. Right from the start I stated that he was really good when teaching our human history but after closing his Ascension blog because Ascension never happened in 2000, basically whatever he’s said or dreamed about never happened and when he tried to explain why  he claims that he probably misinterpreted his dreams or that his intel was wrong. BULLSHIT! Try me once, try me twice but the third strike, you’re out. I don’t care how intelligent you are, I don’t care how well of a researcher you are, you have NO integrity, and a man without integrity is dangerous.
As Jean can attest to now, researching people will not give you answers you are looking for because the Cabal is so intricately interwoven within every segment of our lives/society it’s difficult if not impossible to discern using the brain, obviously Jean’s intuitive and instinctual and higher self connections don’t work because she has failed many times, just with the names mentioned above or could she have other motives?
I’m not trying to make Jean feel worse that she already is, I am sorry that she misjudged Neil and lost all that money, I truly am, but had she been more open minded to her readers and more trusting and instead of attacking us because she didn’t agree with us, she could have asked questions on how we came to those conclusions rather than going on the defensive righteous side, perhaps she never would have put herself in that situation, but that is now a moot point, obviously it was a lesson she needed to learn and it’s time to move on.
Mr. Pollack is basically disclosing “details”of the fraud that many of us already knew and this is why I believe that it matters not anymore, the details are not going to change anything for Jean and all the others that were deceived by these people.  This Pollock guy is now trying to get credit for uncovering these folks, but they have long been questionable and so far there is no HARD evidence any of them are disinformation agents, we can only guess, so Mr. Pollack who are you really and what is your agenda? You come out of nowhere, just like Yellow Rose For Texas and expect us to trust you? In order to trust you need to be around for a while, so I have a not so good vibe about this guy and so far, I have not been wrong about anyone.
As I said, I don’t make the judgement by researching them or comparing notes, I look at their results, their accomplishments and so far, these folks above, have been going on for years about things to happen and nothing has happened, that is what I go by. They have no more intel or sources than you and I do, they just guess things and hope like hell it happens, and anyone can do that. Name ONE event that has happened that the above people predicted? This is what we should go by when discerning in a logical way, follow, listen, observe and wait for results, reasonable time results, you can give them 1 or 2 opportunities but after that, you write them off. There are literally thousands of messengers our there right now confusing people, that is the goal, to confuse you, to fuck your mind up with all kinds of bullshit and unless you are connected to higher self you have no way of knowing who these people really are, and this is what I write about a lot.
You need to go inside and work on yourself, you need to go inside and connect with your higher self, and your intuitive abilities, only they can save you from this madness right now and any future decisions you need to make.
Even the best of researchers can be disinformation agents, it doesn’t make their work any less important, it doesn’t make them credible either, it’s their motives for doing what they do, it’s the results they want to achieve and believe me, nobody spends a lifetime doing something for nothing. They either truly love humanity and want to help which in that case they will give out all their information and not save it for a later date, they will give our their sources and intel and allow us to cooperate with them.
Most are paid to sell 97% truth and 3% lies because they can sleep good at night counting their money and feeling that 97% of the truth is a good percentage and they will use that as their way of keeping the conscience clean. Remember though, that 3% can be the most important information of all, it can be deadly, it can be life changing, so when judging someone, when you want to know if they are credible, look at their track record and ask yourself, did they achieve any results.
All these folks mentioned above confused the hell out of a bunch of people, created disunity, fragmented our movements and created separation and mistrust amongst us. Think about it.
The Moral of this   story is that no matter how smart we think we are, no matter how educated we are, no matter how good of a researcher we are, it’s no longer good enough to judge people, we need to be higher level vibrational beings, we need to be connected to higher self, we need to listen carefully to our intuition because the disinformation agents use it against us, they know this and anyone that cannot “feel” another person energetically, is in big trouble cause Yellow Rose For Texas, and Cobra will have you leaving this planet very soon, and yet neither can PROVE a damn thing or accomplishment, both have missed out on predictions and dates, that’s what it’s all about.
I want to make clear that I am not in the business of researching details on what was written or said, I find that this is a waste of time, it creates friction, disunity, writing up long posts that are miles long trying to prove a point doesn’t persuade anyone of anything because in the end we should do our own homework. This game is used against us to waste our time in the details of who did what and who said what and who is the bad guy.
I don’t give a crap who is right or wrong, I am only interested in finding people that have integrity, that do as they say, who produce results and who truly have a humanitarian heart to help people. Jean spends every waking moment managing her blog, she has to, with a few thousands followers and moderating EVERY comment, that is full time job and more, not counting looking for material to post, research and whatever else, in the end she still made some mistakes so let’s not get caught up in the details and honestly I don’t need to know what Lab has a patent on Ebola, what is important to know is that it was intentional, because knowing who owns the patent doesn’t change the fact it’s killed a lot of people. Instead of working on finding solutions, we are wasting time writing and posting about everyday crap that only lowers our frequency, I tend to stay away from websites and blogs like that, I prefer to look for sites that provide education, how I can be a better human while here, what I need to do to transcend, the history of this planet and how we got here and best of all, how do we end this slavery.
Someone said to me the other day: “If you don’t believe this or don’t believe that, what is your solution?”
I answered: I don’t have a solution because we all need to work on that solution together, and until we get to that point, these  paid shills, disinformation agents, evil spirits, channels, ascended masters, gurus, Mother and Father Gods, Hilarion, Metatron, Eve, One, Enemy Forces, Allied Forces will keep fucking with our minds to keep us separated. So I can’t create a solution alone, but if I could this is what it would be: Decide that as of a certain day we stop spending money, withdraw whatever funds we do have in the bank, not go to work, not spend money for a week and watch how everything crumbles in a few days, not to mention stock market crashed globally. Imagine what we can do in just one week together? We can’t even agree on what to teach our kids in school let alone coming up with a solution on how to create peace on this planet, because PEACE is the foundation of everything else, without PEACE, we continue to pick at each other, we’re pimpled humans constantly picking our pimples and new ones keep growing, we can’t seem to get rid of them.
We are our own parasites, and yet we think we are ready for mass landings? Hell we can’t even talk to each other let alone with some higher dimensional beings. Nobody in their right mind would even want to land on this planet, we are barbarians at best, killing each other over fiat money, fake paper, false religions and we think we are so smart and advanced, so Mr. Pollack, whoever you are, to me you’re just another pimple picker.

Thanks to Ines at:


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