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Clif High Must be Stoned! Saturday, June 2, 2012

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Clif High Must be Stoned!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A couple weeks ago, a belligerent and quite angry Clif High form Half
Past Human.com appeared on Red Ice Radio to give his take on
the rumors regarding the United States Military and U.S. Marshals taking
the lead in mass arrests of highly placed untouchables within the
United States government and it's financial sectors.(link to podcast)
Henrick Palmgren from Red Ice Creations joined in the slam fest that
these rumors were far fetched and should be ignored. The stance that
these journalist took laying down with such distain for the
counter possibility to be real was given very little credence.
Alternative media journalist David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have
been reporting on a broad spectrum of behind the scenes movement and
speculations concerning a host of issues in global finance and
geopolitics centered around a massive law suit filed in the
Hague against the Federal Reserve Banking cabal. Recently this year,
David Wilcock interviewed a military insider who goes solely by the name
of Drake who was making bold predictions of a military take over in the
United States to act on the behalf of the American people, who are on
the brink of facing a complete collapse of their economy,
infrastructure, food and gas supplies. A series of internet radio
podcast were given by this military insider Drake who was delivering
explicit and provocative details about a so called "Plan" to peacefully
and quietly restore the United States back to a Constitutional Republic
and the steps, no matter how painful or uncomfortable they might be, for
this necessary change to take place.

This so called military insider was not asking for donations, selling
survival gear, or anything else of the sort. The man was simply making
quite impossible to believe predictions and forecasts that the average
every day American citizen would call crazy and too good to be true, to
say the least. But if that same average ordinary everyday citizen were
asked how would you change the world overnight and end poverty and bring
the world back from thermal nuclear disaster even a seven year old
would say "round up the bad guys in one fail swoop and put them in
jail." The Drake question gets it's traction from the deadlines for
these so called mass arrests to take place and a banking holiday that
would last for several days where at the end of, we would see a new gold
back U.S. Treasury note being circulated to replace the defunct Federal
Reserve Note. These deadlines that were laid out by Mr. Drake have all
but come and gone, though he did on more than one occasion did give a
disclaimer that the execution of this plan was contingent on certain
climates and conditions that could delay the mass arrests and bank
holiday from taking place.

Regardless of whether Drake was honestly and factually informing the public to
prepare them for a major and unprecedented event to happen in this
country that the broad scale social shake up would make 911 look like a
Sunday morning Easter egg hunt. The flip side would indicate that this
alleged Military insider Drake was an agent provocateur sent to build up
the false hopes of desperate Americans and concerned citizens of the
World looking for an end to this dark cabal, only to see their hopes
perish in the wake of another fraudulent U.S. election cycle
driving pessimism and negativity to an all time high. On either side of
the coin concerning the authenticity of Drakes intel and it's point of
origin, is the living ideal behind the claims that counts. Only the
United States Military has the training, muscle and fire power along
with the lawful authority to bring this country back from the brink of
disaster. It is the idea, that not matter how extreme, how over the
top, how incredibly mind bending the possibility, that the number one
institution in this country that is viewed as being just as corrupt and
broken as the government it serves could ever be reformed and
turned around before it is too late, is not as far fetched of an idea as
it may seem. Unlike the our municipal, States and Federal Governments
the United States Military has it's written laws and codes but what
makes our military special is that it has an honor code of it's own
who's tradition goes back hundreds of years and more. That honor code is
to fulfill the oath to the Constitution of the United States of
America, to defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic. There
is not government agency or poll, no statistic, no
computer algorithm that can quantify just how sincere and valiant our
honorable men and women serving in uniform are. No political pundant or
internet drive by critic can predict or calculate just how willing and
prepared they are to fulfill their oath. And absolutely no one has any
insight or genius to make a judgement call to forecast just how far
those Patriots serving our country are willing to go defend
the greatest country ever to exist on the face of Earth. With
all probability, a realignment of the chain of command to restore the
United States militarily, from the private on the ground to General
Dempsey, and further on up, is more than likely on the move.

So when a one hundred and eighty degree turn around concerning this
subject mater by Mr. Clif High , who we all love and respect, regarding
the intervention of the U.S. Military to bring in the bad guys, makes me
wonder is Mr. High just stoned? (Link to Clif's most recent post) http://www.halfpasthuman.com/summertime.html I
am not here to throw Clif under the bus, he is one of the shining
lights out there in the alternative media helping us to think and use
our brains. It is quite compelling to see Mr. High release a report that
is obviously about 95% spot on with what Mr. Drake has been saying for
months now concerning a very welcome Military intervention to stop the
Dark Cabal's plan that could most certainly ruin my weekend plans for
the next 150 years. Well regardless of whether Mr. High is actually
hitting the chronic or his super duper computer that he uses to make all
of his interesting predictions is on the fritz, I personally would
like to ask, Hey Clif, do you know where I can score some of what ever
it is your smoking?

Fix-It Man

Posted by ohn MacHaffie at 4:41 PM

Article Link Here: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/06/clif-high-must-be-stoned.html


This begs the questions....does this explain the 'Game Changer' post from him just a couple days ago? Is he a dark plant to cause false hopes, chaos, confusion, discord amongst us?

Maybe we should be a bit more careful about this guy. I for one, haven't been comfortable with his last posts at all...yes I'll go on the record stating that!

Something is up with this guy...more than meets the eye! Just my 2 cents though....think for yourselves!  Clif High Must be Stoned!   Saturday, June 2, 2012 Icon_question  Clif High Must be Stoned!   Saturday, June 2, 2012 Icon_rolleyes


hitting the chronic! LOL LOL LOL

that was awesome


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